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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10.
  • Trophy breakdown (offline-online-total): 51-0-51.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 25-30 hours.
  • Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 2.
  • Glitched trophies: None.


You collected all the trophies in Wolverine.

 Bar Fight  
Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

Story Related, cannot be missed.

This is earned when you defeat Victor Creed for the first time, in Chapter 1, Level 2 – The Tale of Wolverine.

This is a fairly basic combat boss, use block/counter as much as possible to avoid his more damaging attacks.

The optional  Stick Around trophy can also be earned during this fight.

 Helicopter Ride  
Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero)

Story Related, cannot be missed.

Not really a boss fight, this will occur at the end of Chapter 2, Level 6 – Snipe Me Once, Shame On You.

After defeating the 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes, you will need to take down the chopper where Nord is, and will earn this trophy.

 Fallen Sentinel  
Defeated the Sentinel Mark I

Story Related, cannot be missed.

This is earned near the end of Chapter 3, Level 10 – Sentinel Mark I.

A protracted battle, first with Wolverine squaring off against the Sentinel on a roof. Here you will need to damage his feet and hands, by using the destructible shock pads on scattered around. Once you have sufficiently damaged him, an aerial section will ensue, which is basically a QTE. Once finally brought crashing down to earth, the trophy will unlock.

Note that  Threading the Needle can be earned during the aerial section of this battle.

 Put up your Dukes  
Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob)

Story Related, cannot be missed.

This battle follows close on the heels of the Sentinel take down, in Chapter 3, Level 11 – Put Up Your Dukes.

A slow, but fairly easy battle. Blob doesn’t take a lot of damage from basic attacks, so try to use your Rage Specials (Claw Spin works well). Don’t be afraid to back away from Blob to let your health regenerate if needed. Rage can be gained by destroying the shelves in the store – ultimately you will need to demolish everything for the optional  Clean Up on all Aisles trophy anyway.

 52 Pickup  
Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

Story Related, cannot be missed.

This battle is the end of Chapter 4, Level 4 – 52 Pickup.

Gambit is a projectile based boss, so mostly you will be reflecting his energy cards back at him to stun him, then lunging for a few quick strikes. When up close, the Claw Spin Rage Special works well. Periodically there will be QTE sections, where the letters you are battling on will be destroyed. Eventually you will take him down ending the fight and the trophy will unlock.

There is no optional trophy associated with this fight, but note that it tends to be “glitchy”. Several times I have had Gambit disappear or not engage, and if this occurs you may need to suicide and restart unfortunately.

 The Dead Pool  
Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool)

Story Related, cannot be missed.

The final battle of the game sees you up against the mutated Deadpool. This battle is basically a fist fight. Use Rage Specials and counter moves liberally, and short combos (aerials started with  are quite effective).

The second phase of this fight is essentially the same, although it adds a laser attack which periodically may trigger the destruction of the reactor platform you are standing on. This is particularly annoying, as a misstep at this point can lead to an instant death. This is the most frustrating part of the game, as otherwise the battle is not overly difficult.

Similar to Gambit, there is no optional trophy associated with this battle.

 Spillway Escape  
Escapes from Weapon X

Story Related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the end of Chapter 1, Level 6 – Light at the End of the Tunnel, when you escape the Weapon X Facility.

 Threading the Needle 
Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle

This trophy must be earned during the aerial section of the Sentinel Boss Battle, in Chapter 3, Level 10 – Sentinel Mark I.

This is essentially a free fall section, you must reach the Sentinel while avoiding debris, then pass a QTE to destroy its engines. After destroying the first engine, during the second free fall section there will be a round O-Ring that comes free, you must pass through the middle of it. Note that if you dash to the Sentinel too quickly after the first engine is destroyed, this can be missed. It is best to hang back, and let debris slow you down, until the O-Ring comes free.

Fortunately it takes up most of the screen, so this is relatively easy to do, but if you mess up, you will need to replay the entire Sentinel battle (or try to earn it on your subsequent Hard playthrough).

 The Village  
Completed the Jungle Mission

Story Related, cannot be missed.

The Jungle Mission is the Africa flashback mission that punctuates the main story. This is played in sections across the entire game, so the trophy will not be earned until very late, Chapter 5, Level 1 – The Beginning of the End, so be exact.

 James Howlett 
Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge

The only way to earn this is from the Bonus Menu. There are 4 optional Bonus Challenges. 3 are unlocked by collecting Wolverine Action Figures in the game. You must collect 2 of the same Figure to unlock the corresponding Challenge, which pits you against that version of Wolverine. Defeat him, and you will unlock that Costume for use in Story Play.

To do the Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge, simply hang back a distance and target the other Wolverine with . If you are far enough away, he will periodically lunge at you – as soon as he does, initiate your own lunge by pressing :l1; (with  still depressed). You should lunge back at him, and if the two of you clash in mid air, the trophy will unlock.

I believe that the 4th Bonus Challenge was DLC, which has now been removed from the store.

 Stick Around 
Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar

This must be earned during the initial Creed fight in Chapter 1, Level 2 – The Tale of Wolverine.

The second phase of this battle moves you outside, and if you use your Feral Senses, you will see a few spikes dotting the environment. To earn this trophy, you will need to grab and throw Creed onto one of the spikes. He is easiest to grab while briefly stunned from a successful counter move.

You cannot really aim your throws, so it is best to stay fairly close to one of the spikes, so that you do not need to be as accurate with your throw direction.

 Getting Started  
Killed 100 enemies

See  What I do Best.

 A Day’s Work  
Killed 500 enemies

See  What I do Best.

 What I Do Best 
Killed 2000 enemies

Over the course of the game you will be killing numerous enemies.

By the end of your first playthrough, you should have roughly 1500 kills. You will need to grind out additional XP Levels for  Fully Loaded, and Enemy Reflexes for  Samurai, so you should be well over 2000 total kills before completing the above.

Note that progress does NOT carry forward to your Hard playthrough, so make sure that you have these 3 trophies before starting a new game.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 You Can’t Hide 
Lunged to 250 enemies

Early in the game you are shown how to lunge to an enemy. You target them by holding , then tap  to lunge. Most enemies can be tackled this way, and weaker enemies can be subjected to a one hit kill with this maneuver.

This will likely be a move you use frequently throughout the game, especially to close the gap on armed enemies.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu, with  Lunge and  Pouncebeing awarded as you work towards the 250 total count.

For the purposes of this trophy, all successful lunge attacks will count, you DO NOT need to have 250 lunge kills. This can therefore be farmed by repeated lunging at some of the stronger enemies.

Lunged to 25 enemies

See  You Can’t Hide.

Lunged to 100 enemies

See  You Can’t Hide.

 Piggy Back Ride 
Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype’s back

W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes are the large mutated enemies introduced in the Weapon X Facility. While you can fight them with brute force, the most effective strategy is to dodge one of their attacks, then immediately target them with  and tap  to jump on their back. You are then free to pound away and take off a large chunk of damage.

Note that the W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype must be distracted for the lunge to work, if you try to lunge head on, they will simply grab you and smash you to the ground.

This trophy will unlock after the first successful lunge attack.

 Quick Killer 
Quick Killed 1 enemy

See  Efficient Killer.

 Efficient Killer 
Quick Killed 20 enemies

Quick kills are performed by grabbing an enemy with , then tapping  This will trigger a time slow down, as Wolverine draws back his claws. At maximal wind up, the screen will briefly flash, and if you successfully tap again, Wolverine will perform an animated one hit kill.

Not all enemies are subject to Quick Kills, so this is best done on the weaker opponents, such as those in Chapter 1.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu. Make sure to do 3 successive Quick Kills at some point (again, best done in Chapter 1), for  Perfect Killer.

 Perfect Killer 
Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row

See  Efficient Killer.

 Drop Dead 
Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas

There will be numerous opportunities to work on this throughout the game. The best locations are in Chapter 1, where you fight a number of enemies along a high ledge, and subsequently during the battles on the top of the Radio Towers in later sections of the Africa Mission.

Simply grab enemies with , and press  in the general direction where you want them to be thrown.

This will probably come naturally as you play the game, but if you finish and do not have it, replay the start of Chapter 1 through to the bridge section, and focus on throwing enemies off the ledge.

Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level

See  Samurai.

Raised All Combat Reflexes to Master Level

There are 5 main Combat Reflexes in the game, relating to the 5 main types of enemies that you face. Every time you kill an enemy you will earn a small amount of Combat Reflex XP. Ultimately you are going to need to max out all 5 XP bars. Unfortunately, you will only have about 50% of the necessary XP after your first playthrough. As stats DO NOT carry forward, you will need to grind out the additional XP BEFORE starting your hard playthrough.

Make sure that you have found all 3 Samurai Mutagens, and equip that to gain maximal Combat Reflex XP. You also want to make sure you have Level 3 Experienced equipped, as you will want to be working towards  Fully Loaded at the same time.

1. Machete

  • basic machete wielding enemies, these are found only in the Jungle Levels
  • best location to farm these is either Chapter 1, Level 1 (Unstoppable – play to the bridge checkpoint then restart) or Chapter 5, Level 1 (The Beginning of the End)
  • 1-1 probably gives more Machete Combat Reflex in a shorter time, but gives less overall XP towards Fully Loaded
  • I would recommend 5-1 at least until you have Jungle Mutants maxed out

2. Machine Gunner

  • the most common enemy type, probably won’t need too much grinding
  • I would suggest focusing on the other enemy types, as most levels have some Gunners so you will get these guys maxed as you work on the others

3. Jungle Mutants

  • these include Leviathans, Hunters and Shifter
  • the best location to farm this is Chapter 5, Level 1 (The Beginning of the End), as this also gives decent progress towards the Machete Combat Reflex, and awards a good amount of XP for  Fully Loaded

4. Robots

  • Enforcer Droids, Predator Units and the Mark I Prototypes
  • best location is Chapter 3, Level 2 (Project Wideawake)
  • this location has 3 Predators, and at least 20 Droids
  • play until the elevator checkpoint, then quit and reload

5. Specialized Military Units

  • W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes, Elite Commandos, Goliaths, Ghosts and Grenadiers
  • the best location to farm this is Chapter 2, Level 5 (What I Do Isn’t Very Nice)
  • this section gives you a decent number of SMU’s, including 6 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes as well as some Gunners
  • there are 2 Grenadiers in this section, which will help towards  Boomerang, and this is the section where you can retry  Ultimate Wolverine if you didn’t get it during the initial story play

Progress towards the Combat Reflexes can be tracked under the Character/Reflexes Tab from the Pause Menu.

Optional – you can use the Double Reflex Gain Cheat (            ), which will reduce the grinding. If you intend to use the Cheat, I would direct you to review the work around carefully, as detailed in the Roadmap section of this guide.

 Mutant Lover  
Raised one Mutagen to level 3

Mutagens are collectibles found in the game, which when equipped raise specific attributes for Wolverine. When you start the game, you can equip only a single Mutagen, but as you level up with XP, you will gain the ability to equip up to 3 different Mutagens.

Every Mutagen has 3 specific levels. To reach level 3, you must find all 3 tokens for that Mutagen. Upgrading is passive – collecting the 2nd token for Mutagen automatically upgrades it to level 2, and you cannot equip more than one version of each Mutagen. There are no duplicates, there are only 3 unique tokens.

For trophy purposes, you only need to find all 3 tokens for one specific Mutagen, you do NOT need to find every Mutagen in the game. However, in order to greatly reduce the time it will take to grind Enemy Reflexes and Wolverine Experience, you definitely want to find all 3 of the Samurai and Experienced Mutagens.

Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game

See  Devil’s Brigade.

 Devil’s Brigade  
Found all Dog Tags in the game

There are a total of 95 Dog Tags scattered across the game. While progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu, the game does not track collectibles per level.

Performed 1 Counter move

See  Untouchable.

Performed 25 Counter moves

Counter moves are performed by hitting  just as an enemy attacks you. If done successfully, time will briefly slow down and the screen will flash. During this time, you can counter by pressing .

This is a particularly useful strategy against most of the bosses, so it should come naturally during your playthrough.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile

See  Boomerang.

Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile

Similar to counter attacks, but this refers to blocking with  just before a projectile is about to hit you. If done successfully, the projectile will be reflected back at, and will strike, the enemy who shot it. This can only be done for certain projectiles, and for the purpose of this trophy, the reflected shot must kill the enemy. This limits the trophy to the Grenadier type enemies, as they are the only ones you can kill with a reflected shot.

Unfortunately there are fewer than 25 Grenadiers in the game (that you can realistic use to kill through reflections), so you will not quite get this on your initial playthrough. As progress DOES NOT carry forward, you will need to grind this. I would suggest farming this while you work towards  Samurai, using Chapter 2, Level 5 (What I Do Isn’t Very Nice), as there are 2 Grenadier in that section. You should reach 25 kills before maxing out the Specialized Military Unit Combat Reflex.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 Aerial Assault 
Performed 10 Air Grabs

An Air Grab is performed by grabbing an enemy using  while airborne. This works best on enemies that are downed or stunned. Using the Ground Attack ( then ) or Lift (hold ) to get enemies elevated works well, then just jump up and grab them for a devastating Air Grab attack.

Note that this is NOT tracked in the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 Ultimate Wolverine 
Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake.

There is only one location where this can be done, and that is at the end of Chapter 2, just before attacking Nord on his helicopter. He will snipe one W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype in a container tank, then a battle will ensue. There will be 3 other W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes in this environment, although they may not be released during the chaos of the battle.

To earn the trophy, you must have all 4 attacking you at the same time. The other container tanks may be broken by a W.E.N.D.I.G.0, or you can free them yourself.

It can be difficult to clear this with all 4 attacking at once. It is wise to try to weaken the initial W.E.N.D.I.G.0 before releasing the second, then weaken it as well. Be careful not to overly weaken them, however, as they will take damage from each other and you don’t want one to die before all 4 are released.

Once all are out, try to take down the weakest one or two, as that will even the fight. If you can’t lunge to them, Rage Attacks will work to some extent, and staying close to them and dodging will result in them damaging each other.

If you are still struggling, you can come back to this section after finishing the game. Once fully upgraded, this battle is much easier as Wolverine does a lot more damage.

If you do need to replay it, the closest checkpoint is Chapter 2, Level 5 (What I Do Isn’t Very Nice).

 Hot Potato 
Light 20 enemies on fire

This trophy is somewhat annoying, as there aren’t a lot of locations where you can light enemies on fire. I would suggest paying attention to this from the start. You will get a couple of these as part of the story. Other opportunities include fights against the Machete Masters – there is a good location in Chapter 5, Level 1 (The Beginning of the End) where you have the Master light you on fire and a bunch of Machete minions spawning. Let the Master set you ablaze, then just grab the minions to light them up.

Alternatively, in a few Levels you will see pipes on the walls (these are best identified by using your Feral Sense). Throwing enemies into these will set them alight.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 Shotgun Epic Fail 
Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon

Ghost are introduced in Chapter 2, and these enemies have the ability to turn invisible. They pack a powerful shotgun, so you want to take them out quickly.

The most effective strategy is to turn on your Feral Senses so you can see them, then run up and grab them with . Tap  to initiate a QTE. Now rapidly tap  to force their shotgun back against them, and blow their head off.

Do this 25 times (there are more that 25 Ghosts in the game), and you will earn this trophy.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

You feel a cold as you examine the sword and skeleton. A rustle of wind in the trees faintly echoes the name Arthas

This Easter Egg is located in Chapter 2, Level 5 (What I Do Isn’t Very Nice). After you defeat the 2 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes you will come to a road with 2 Grenadiers on trucks. Climbing up the ledge on the side to progress, you will see a log on the right that leads up to a cave with a Mutagen and this Easter Egg.

 Aerial Master 
Got 6 enemies airborne at once

In order to earn this trophy, you will need to get 6 enemies airborne at the same time. There are a number of locations where you can try this, but one of the easiest is in Chapter 5, Level 1 (The Beginning of the End). You will farm this location a lot for Combat Reflexes, and will become familiar with a section where a number of Machete Spawners attack. I recommend this location, using your Ground Attack ( then ). Find a spot then just start spamming that attack. Enemies will continue to rush at you and get popped up into the air. Keep repeating this, and you will get more and more airborne enemies at the same time, and easily earn the trophy.

 Fully Loaded 
Maxed out all upgrades

As you play through the game Wolverine will earn XP for kills, and go up Levels. Leveling up gives you more power and more health, and awards Skill Points – 2 for each XP Level.

Skill Points can be used to further upgrade your Character Stats. The Upgrade Menu is located under the Character Tab in the Pause Menu.

Ultimately you will need to fully upgrade Wolverine, which will require you to reach XP Level 39. This will need to be done on your first playthrough, as progress DOES NOT carry forward to your new game Hard playthrough.

This will need to be combined with  Samurai as you grind, and will probably come around the time you fully upgrade all the Combat Reflexes. If you earn  Samurai but don’t yet have enough Skill Points for maximum upgrades, replaying Chapter 5, Level 1 (The Beginning of the End) is probably the fastest option.

 Slice n’ Dice 
Killed 6 enemies with a single attack

The best way to do this is with your Claw Spin attack. This is easiest on weaker enemies, and with an upgraded Spin duration and power. Any area where you can get a group of enemies together will work.

However, if you want to get this out of the way early, this can be done in the very first Chapter, Level 1. A short way into the game you will reach a bridge and have to lunge over a gap to progress as the bridge falls. A group of 6 weak Machete enemies will approach on the side you start. Do not lunge across, instead stay at the gap and let the group of 6 approach, then activate your Claw Spin. All 6 should die, awarding you the trophy. If you fail, you can hit restart checkpoint, which will take you back to the start of the bridge.

I also got  Aerial Master in this location, although that may have been a glitch.

You found a mysterious hatch!

This is located early in the game, Chapter 1. Part way through the Level you will have to climb a vine wall – this is the first time you climb in the game. Immediate upon dropping, turn around to face a Gunner enemy. Behind him is a wood wall that you can destroy. Walk through the opening and the hatch (and Lost Easter Egg) is on the ground. There is a Dog Tag in this area as well, so you can’t really miss this if you are following the walkthrough.

 Slaughter House 
Dismembered 100 enemies

Cumulative trophy, this should come as you play the game. Finishing enemies with standard combos generally results in dismemberment, so just keep hacking away.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin

Claw Spin is the first Rage Special Attack that you learn. Once your Rage Meter fills up, hold  and press  to activate a spinning attack. This can be upgraded with Skill Points so that the attack lasts longer and deals more damage. This will require a fair bit of grinding, as only kills count.

Nonetheless, you will likely use this attack regularly as you play, so it will come over time.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 Walking Death  
Beat the game on Hard Difficulty

This should be the final trophy that you go for before the platinum. As has been noted, nothing carries over from your Easy/Normal playthrough, so you should try to clean up all the kills, miscellaneous and XP/Combat Reflex trophies BEFORE starting your New Game on Hard.

Enemies are a bit harder to kill, and deal more damage, but otherwise the game is essentially the same, and you should be prepared from your first playthrough.

If you are struggling, you can enable Cheats for Infinite Rage (         ) and Never Die (          ). Please refer to the detailed description on how to activate the Cheat work around if you intend to use this method.

 Heightened Senses 
Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense

Feral Sense is available shortly after starting the game, and activated by pressing 

This can be used almost without limit, and is quite helpful for identifying environmental hazards, as well as seeing Ghosts.

All kills while in this state will count, so this should come naturally as you play.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu.

 Environmentally Friendly 
Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment

See  Whatever it takes.

 Whatever it Takes 
Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment

This game is littered with environmental objects that can assist with kills – ground spikes, tree branches, fork lifts, statues – these all provide one hit kill opportunities when dealing with enemies. Simply grab and throw enemies at them, or chain lunges to propel enemies to their death. Objects are best noted when you are in Feral Sense mode.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu, with  Environmentally Friendly being awarded as you work toward the 30 total count.

Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode

See  Weapon X.

 Weapon X 
Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode

Berserker Mode is the second Rage Special Attack that you learn. Again, you will need to fill your Rage Meter, then activate by holding  and pressing . This gives you a brief surge of power so that you deal more damage and sustain less.

This can be combined with other Rage Attacks and Environmental Kills. Again, something to be aware of, but should not require dedicated farming as you will use this regularly as you play.

Progress can be tracked at any time from the Statistics Tab on the Pause Menu, with  Bloodlust being awarded as you work toward the 150 total count.

 The Cake 
You found the cake, yummy!

This Easter Egg is found in Chapter 3, Level 5 (Bolivar Trask). Shortly after this checkpoint, you will come to a room where you will need to use control panels to move a teleporter. To progress, you will need to move the teleporter to the left, through an energy barrier.

Instead, move it all the way to the right and it will pass through a small hole in the wall to a hidden room. Use the teleporter to reach this room, eat your cake and earn this trophy.

 Clean Up on all Aisles 
Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob)

This is one of the more annoying trophies in the game.

During the fight with Blob (Chapter 3, Level 11 – Put Up Your Dukes), you will need to have Blob or yourself destroy everything in the store. This means all shelves, produce bins, freezers, checkout lanes. Basically other than exterior walls, and the odd indestructible shopping carts (presumably made of Adamantium), everything can be destroyed.

The trophy will unlock once everything is gone, so just keep moving around until you earn it. Blob will help by wrecking things as he chases you, and if you hop on his back you can ride him for maximum destruction.

If you feel you have wrecked everything and the trophy hasn’t popped, check the walls as there are a few items stuck on it that also need to be broken.

CREDITs – diskdocx

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