Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 2/10
Offline Trophies: 19
Approximate Amount of Time to Platinum: 8-10 hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 (You only need to play through each type of game mode once)
Glitched Trophies: None
Cheats: None

This game is incredibly easy to Platinum, and all it takes is a bit of planning to sweep through this game in no time. There are three main game modes that you’ll need to play through in order to Platinum the game, and the order in which you do them is up to you. I’m simply going to suggest an easy way of moving through the game to get it done as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that you can get any of these trophies on any difficulty level, although the game isn’t difficult either way.

Exhibition Match

Match 1: Make sure that when you select your wrestler that you also select a manager to join you. In this match, you’ll need to reverse five moves (away and Triangle), perform a dive attack from all four turnbuckles (keep track of the turnbuckles the best you can, and make sure you hit your opponent with your attack) and finally winning the match with your finisher (Level 3 Grapple, and then X and Square). This will get you four trophies, including winning the match with a manager in your corner.

Match 2: In this match, you need to only use grapples (X) to win the match. Don’t use your finisher; instead, use a grapple that ends in a pin, like a small package or a bridging german suplex.

Exhibition Tag Match: In this match, you need to win with a Tag Team finisher. With your partner on the apron, hit the finisher the way you always would. Hit the buttons that you’re prompted to and win the match.

Royal Rumble: The easiest way to win this is to play as a powerhouse like Hogan or Andre and set it so you come in at the 30th spot. Clear the ring and you get the trophy.

Wrestlemania Tour Mode

You’ll need to complete all the Relive, Rewrite and Redefine matches next. Write down the list of criteria needed to 100% before the first Relive match, and then beat it without pausing to get the First Medal trophy and the Memory Serves Me trophy. The rest of the matches in this mode just require that you do enough of the requirements to get a gold. Only a couple are challenging, I’ll discuss them below. You’ll get one trophy for finishing the Relive matches, and another for getting all the gold medals for each match.

For most of the Relive, Rewrite and Redefine matches, you are able to miss at least one of the objectives and still get a gold, making them fairly easy. For the final Relive match, you will need to get 100%, making it one of the hardest. The other difficult one is Bret Hart vs Steve Austin. I’ll go over both of them briefly:

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin:
To get the gold on this match, you only need 120/140 points, so if there’s a particularly difficult objective for you, skip it and focus on the others. Make sure you get the Chain Battle at the beginning of the match, and if you don’t, just restart. Try to wear Austin down with the chair early, making him bleed and working his legs over for 40 points. From there, you just need to get 60 more points, and as long as you finish the match with the Sharpshooter, it’s just a matter of picking 2 objectives to get your 40 remaining points. The two turnbuckle attacks should do the trick.

Steve Austin vs The Rock:
This is the most difficult Relive match, as you have to complete all of the objectives for the gold. Start by winning the Chain Battle and get a level 3 Chain Special, then I recommend letting the Rock work you over. Let him get his special and then reverse the Rock Bottom, and then it’s time to beat the hell out of The Rock. Take him to the outside and get the commentary table objective first. As soon as the table breaks, walk over to the other commentary table and grab the bottle of water for one objective, and then grapple him near the stairs for another. Irish whip him to the barricade to the right of the entrance, and get that objective next. Then, walk him over to the aisle and head for the entrance. Hit his head off the WM sign first, and then grapple him on the left side of the entrance to choke him with the cables. While he’s down, taunt him, and then get him up for a Stunner. Take him back to the ring and hit him with another stunner, and then pin him to get the gold medal.

Legend Killer Mode

The first thing to do is to create a Legend. This will get you a trophy. From then on, you just need to move through all of the tiers, beating everyone with your created Legend. On the medium difficulty, you won’t have any problem sweeping each of the tiers. You’ll get a trophy for beating 10 people in a single tier, which will come automatically, another for completing a tier, and another for completing a tier in under 30 minutes. My average time for the first three tiers was around 22 minutes, so it isn’t difficult to get all of these in the first tier. You can also get the Hall of Fame trophy in the first tier, which you should be able to get by using only grapples and your finisher. After your first tier, there should only be three trophies left, excluding the Platinum. You’ll get one for completing every tier (excluding the Smackdown vs Raw imported tier), one for beating the Favorite Legends Tier with your created Legend, who you should still be using, and one for maxing out your created Legend’s attributes. By the end of the last tier, if not sooner, you’ll have enough XP to do this.

Created A Legend – Make A Created Legend

This has got to be the easiest trophy in the game. All you have to do is create your own legend (wrestler). So just go to ‘create a legend’ mode, create and customize your own wrestler and then save the game. From now on you can use this wrestler in most modes in the game such as exhibition matches or legend killer mode etc.

Chain Struggle – Win A Match Using A Chain Struggle

For this trophy you have to use your finisher in any match and then pin your opponent. If you have never done a finisher before then here is a simple way on how to do it:

– Just keep hitting your opponent with any attacks you can muster up
– Keep attacking until you go from grapple level 1, grapple level 2 & all the way to grapple level 3
– Now fill the grapple level bar all the way to the top and you should see the buttons come on your screen on how to do a finisher.
– Grab your opponent and do your finisher. Press all the buttons correctly in the order they come up on the screen.

After the finisher your opponent should be on the floor, so all you have to do now is pin your opponent by pressing circle

Tag Chain Struggle – Win A Match Using A Tag Chain Struggle

This trophy is obtained by using the same methods as in the ‘chain struggle’ trophy. This time when you are setting up a game you will have to be in a tag team match.

So to get this trophy you will first have to grapple level 3 to get your finisher. Once again getting to grapple level 3 is easy and just requires you to constantly beat up your opponent until you fill up your bar 3 times. So once this achieved you will see your finisher buttons come up on the screen, now if you do your finisher your partner should join in automatically. Now once again just press the buttons that show up in the correct order.

I now suggest going for the pin straight away, hopefully as you go for the pin your partner will block your other opponent from breaking the pin.

Grapplemania – Win A Match Using Only Grapple Attacks

Simply make sure you only use grapples (X button) during the match. You can’t use your finisher.

This trophy is easy but can get a little annoying. So as the description says, during a match you are only allowed to use grapple attacks, FINISHERS WILL RUIN YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING THIS.

To do a grapple you have to push your controller towards your opponent and press the X button. Depending on what grapple level you are your moves will be different. You can also keep hold of X for longer to do a stronger grapple and once again perform different moves. You can grapple your opponent when they are standing or when they are on the floor.

I would suggest mixing your grapple moves up and trying all the grapple moves you can think of. Keep doing these moves until your opponents health is down into the red. Now when your opponent is next on the floor use circle to pin him and hopefully you will win.

If he manages to break the pin just do your grapple moves again until he is once more in the red and again go for the pin.

Technician – Win By Using Five Or More Reversals In A Single Match

Once again this trophy is very easy. You have to reverse your opponent’s grapples 5 times within a single match. To reverse a grapple you have to push away from your opponent and press triangle at the same time. Try to look out for when your opponent is about to do a move so you can quickly reverse it.

It doesn’t matter when you do your 5 reversals, they can be at the beginning/middle/end of the match. Just make sure you eventually win the match for the trophy to pop up.

Dive Attack – Successfully Perform A Dive Attack From All Four Corners

This is a simple trophy to obtain. All you have to do is go to all for corners of the ring during a match and perform a dive attack off of it. I think the best times to perform a dive attack would be straight after you have managed to knock your opponent to the floor. This will hopefully make sure you manage to damage him before he gets back up.

Here are steps on how to climb on top of a turnbuckle and then perform a dive attack:

– To climb onto a turnbuckle hold towards it and double tap the circle button
– Now to perform a dive attack press the square button when on top of the turnbuckle
– Your wrestler should now dive off and land on top of your opponent.

After every dive attack you will have to knock your opponent back down, but this isn’t hard at all.

First Medal – Obtain A Medal In WrestleMania Tour Mode
You can obtain a medal in either a relive, redefine or rewrite match. To earn a medal you will have to complete certain objectives within the match, completing most of the objectives will earn you a gold medal. The objectives can be found before you go into the match or by pressing start during the match.Check out the trophy ‘Memory serves me well’ below for the easiest match to gain a medal.
Memory Serves Me Well – Complete Any Match Without Pausing In The “Relive” Section Of WrestleMania Tour Mode

The relive sections in WrestleMania tour mode are about playing wrestling matches that were well known in history. You have to complete certain objectives within the match to earn yourself a medal.

The first match you will play is Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy and this is the easiest to get this trophy on. So to obtain this trophy you need to complete 6 objectives, these objectives can be found before you load the match. I would suggest writing the objectives down because you are NOT allowed to pause the game and look at them whilst in the match.

Here are the 6 objectives you have to complete, these can be done in any order you wish:

1) Trading Rights – You need to win the knuckle chain battle at the beginning of the match. For this you just need to press the correct buttons at the beginning of the match when they appear.

2) Busted Wide Open – Irish whip Bundy into the cage. To Irish whip someone you need to hold the directional analogue stick away from your opponent, then tap the X button to throw him into the cage.

3) Keep Bundy Caged – Let Bundy beat you up for a bit until he knocks you onto the floor. At some point he will try to leave through the door, a meter will show up where you need to button bash to quickly get up and stop him.

4) Stop Bundy Again – You need to stop Bundy leaving through the door twice. Just follow the instructions above one more time.

5) Full Power Leg Drop – Just keep beating up Bundy until you reach grapple level 3, now you will be able to use your finisher. Just grab Bundy and press the two correct buttons when prompted.

6) The Great Escape – Win by climbing out of the cage. Obviously you should do this last because it will end the match. Just beat up Bundy until you knock him down, now quickly walk over to the side of the cage and press circle to start climbing up it. When a meter appears you will have to start tapping the correct buttons to climb higher and faster.

New Legend – Defeat 10 Opponents With A Created Legend In A Single Tier In Legend Killer Mode

For this trophy you will first have to make sure you have created your own legend, look at the ‘created a legend’ trophy for more details. SO now after you have created your legend you have to go to legend killer mode and choose any tier you want.

Tier one is unlocked at the beginning, the others unlock as you progress. For example tier 2 is unlocked when you beat tier 1 etc. I suggest going through tier 1 anyway because it is the easiest out of the lot to beat. There are 10 fighters so beat them all for this trophy.

If you are having any trouble just go to the difficulty settings and change it to easy.

Legend Killer – Obtain A Medal In Legend Killer Mode

You will obtain this trophy when you achieve the ‘New Legend’ trophy. All you have to do is beat any tier in legend killer mode. I would once again suggest tier 1 because it is the easiest.

The tier consists of 10 opponents, when you beat the first you will then have to fight the second etc etc. Keep winning all of the matches up to number 10, when you finally succeed in the final match you will unlock this trophy.

If you are finding any match hard I would suggest changing the difficulty settings to easy.

Invincible Created Legend – Max Out A Created Legend’s Attributes

This trophy is very easy and will not take long to get. This requires you to upgrade you created character to the max.

You will gain upgrade points by playing matches, I suggest playing legend killer mode because you will get a lot of points in a short amount of time. Just concentrate on completing as many tiers as you can and you should find this easy.

To use your upgrade points just go to the statue in the middle of the tiers. Inhere is the stats for your player so you can set the stats to the attributes however you want.

Royal Rumble Winner – Win A 30-Man Royal Rumble

To earn this trophy you have to win a Royal Rumble match that consists of 30 players. This is not as hard as it sounds and is actually one of the easiest trophies in the game.

So before you begin a royal rumble match I would suggest setting your difficulty to easy, this will just pretty much ensure you will win with no problems. Now as you set up your royal rumble match make sure you come in at number 30.

You will now have to wait a while until you enter but atleast most of the work has been done for you. To get someone out of the ring throw them against the ropes until he falls over them. Now button bash whatever buttons it tells you to push the person off of the ropes and onto the floor.

Just push all people out to win the royal rumble and earn your trophy.

Medal Collector – Obtain All Of The Medals In WrestleMania Tour Mode
This trophy requires you to obtain every medal in each game type you play, the three game types are ‘Relive’ Redefine’ & ‘Rewrite’. To earn a gold medal to need to complete certain objectives, the objectives can be found by pressing the start button during the fight. In some fights only a majority of the objectives need to be completed, however in others ALL need to be done. So just go through each match one by one earning a gold and you will get this trophy. If you cannot do some matches, try changing the difficulty to easy.
WrestleMania Tour – Clear All “Relive” Matches In WrestleMania Tour Mode

This only requires you to complete all 7 of the relive matches in the tour mode. To complete a game fully you will need to earn a gold medal. Just complete enough objectives in each match to earn a gold medal. Here are the 7 relive fights you need to complete:

1) Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy (See ‘Memory Serves Me Well’ trophy).
2) Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant
3) Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan
4) Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter
5) Bret Hart vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
6) ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels
7) ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs.The Rock

* The wrestlers in bold are the ones you will be playing as.

If there are any fights you seem to have trouble with you can change the difficulty setting to easy.

True Legend Killer – Obtain All Of The Medals In Legend Killer Mode

By now you should understand what legend killer mode is and how it works. This trophy is easy to get but will be a bit time consuming. It requires you do beat all of the tiers available within legend killer mode EXCLUDING THE SMACKDOWN VS RAW TIER YOU CAN IMPORT.

The tiers consist of:

– Tier 1
– Tier 2
– Tier 3
– Favourite Legends Tier
– All Star Legends Tier

Tiers 1-3 & the favourite legends tier consist of 10 opponents in each and should only take you a total of 30 minutes separately. The all star legends tier however consists of 38 opponents. To defeat all 38 you may be playing for a total of 60-80 minutes.

Your stats will affect these times. This is because if you upgrade your person he will be much stronger/faster etc, enabling you to defeat your enemies quicker.

Super Fast Legend Killer – Become A Legend Killer In Legend Killer Mode In 30 minutes Or Less

This requires you to finish a tier in legend killer mode 30 minutes or less. The best tier to do this on would be number 1 because it has the easier wrestlers. Here is the method how I got this trophy:

– Just keep punching your opponent until he becomes groggy then wait a few seconds
– When he is back to normal keep punching him until he becomes groggy again. Now repeat this method until you are at grapple level 2
– On grapple level 2 you can now choose to carry on with that method or knock your opponent down, climb the ropes & then dive off onto your opponent.
– Do this method until you reach grapple level 3. Grapple level 3 is where you can do your finisher.
– Grab your opponent and do your finisher to get the remaining bit off his life down. Now when he is on the floor pin him to win the match.

When I done those steps each match didn’t take me longer than about 2 minutes 30. This is good because there are 10 opponents so you should be looking to average around 3:00 minutes.

TIP: You may not be able to get this first time on tier one because with your created wrestler his stats aren’t too high. Therefore I recommend doing a few tiers first to build his stats up & then you can attempt this trophy.

You’re #1 – Have Your Created Legend Reach The Top Rank In Hall Of Fame Mode

I’m not really sure of the correct requirements for this trophy but I got it after completing the first tier in legend killer mode. You will have had to create a legend before going for this trophy.

Just follow the methods I posted above for further help on defeating a tier.

Platinum – Obtain all other Trophies

Earn all other WWE trophies in the game to earn this platinum trophy.

Secret Trophies

Manager – Win A Match Using A Manager In An Exhibition Match

This trophy is really easy to get, please note that this trophy doesn’t require you to control a manger.

Simply start an exhibition match with a wrestler of your choice. Now a little screen will come up which asks you if you want a manager with you at your side. Just say yes to this and begin the match.

Now all you have to do is win this game and you will get the trophy.

King Of Kings – Defeat The Favourite Legends Tier In Legend Killer Mode

The favourite legends tier is full of the best/most favourite wrestlers. You will unlock this tier by playing as 10 or more different legends in any mode. Therefore I would leave this trophy until you have completed the rewrite and redefine modes. You can also play exhibition matches to help towards unlocking this tier.

I would also suggest defeating the other tiers before going for this so you can get a lot of practice in. All you have to do when you have unlocked it is to play all 10 legends and defeat them one by one. As soon as you have beaten the 10th and returned your trophy should unlock.

The favourite’s tier is located on the right hand side of the centre tier.

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