– Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
– Offline: 0 [0]
– Online: 35 [1000] Must be connected to game server to play
– Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ hours 
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 100 PvE levels
– Missable achievements: None
– Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
– Extra equipment needed: None
– Achievement Tracking: Yes




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World War Z is a heart-pounding co-op third-person shooter for up to 4 players featuring swarms of hundreds of zombies. Based on the Paramount Pictures film, World War Z focuses on fast-paced gameplay while exploring new storylines from around the world.


Abbreviated Walkthrough:
1. Campaign (PvE)
2. Multiplayer (PvP)
3. Miscellaneous and mop up
4. Grind

World War Z features a handful of multiplayer achievements spread across various modes. While simple enough, some may take a little practice and a few attempts to unlock.

Once you have the majority of the achievements unlocked, you will have to spend some time grinding to unlock all the perks and weapons in the game.

World War Z is a fun game with a good mix of achievements. With some dedication to both PvE and PvP, the completion should be in reach of most players serious about the completion.


 Specialist 20
Open and buy all perks in one specialization

There are 6 PvE classes that consist of 30 levels each and there are 10 PvP classes that only have 13 levels each. You must level up your chosen class to the maximum level and purchase every skill in that class’ skill tree for the achievement to unlock. It will cost approximately 8550 credits to unlock all skills in a PvE class and approximately 4250 credits to unlock all skills in a PvP class.

You will gain a lot of credits while working towards other achievements but it will never be enough to unlock all the skills in the game. Whenever you are in need of some extra credits, refer to this video for a quick and easy way to earn 275 credits and 1250 class XP in 3-5 minutes

 Handyman 50
Open and buy all perks in game

For this achievement, you’ll have to level up every class, both PvE and PvP, to the maximum level and purchase every skill in every class’ skill tree. This will cost approximately 93,800 credits.

See “Specialist” for more information.

 There are many guns but this one is mine 20
Open and buy final version of any weapon

Tier 5 is the final weapon version available for any weapon class. You must level up your current weapon tier and then purchase the next tier with credits before you can use that upgraded version and earn weapon XP for it. This achievement will unlock when you purchase your first tier 5 weapon.

This video shows a quick and easy way to earn weapon XP:

 Imposing arsenal 50
Open and buy final versions of all weapons

For this achievement, you will have to purchase all tier 5 weapons under Co-Op Campaign/Customize/Weapon Customization. This will cost approximately 43,200 credits. You do not need to buy all weapon versions, just 1 from each tier and all (1 or 2) from the final tier. Here are the weapons that need to be purchased:

  • 2x Tier 5 Mini-21 Scout Rifles
  • 1x Tier 5 Gal 9 Compact SMG
  • 1x Tier 5 M500 Compact Shotgun
  • 1x Tier 5 1911 Protector Pistol
  • 1x Tier 5 Geist 17MP Machine Pistol
  • 2x Tier 5 ARK-103 Assault Rifles
  • 2x Tier 5 PAC-15 Sporting Carbines
  • 1x Tier 5 TMP5 SMG
  • 1x Tier 5 S890 Combat Shotgun
  • 2x Tier 5 Mk110 Sniper Rifles
  • 1x Tier 5 Senjata PDW PDW
  • 1x Tier 5 S890 Shorty Compact Shotgun
  • 2x Tier 5 HW416 Assault Carbines
  • 2x Tier 5 HAMR-17 Battle Rifles
  • 2x Tier 5 XTAR-95 Bullpup Rifles
  • 2x Tier 5 Keris V10 Advanced SMGs
  • 1x Tier 5 Taiga-12 Assault Shotgun
  • 1x Tier 5 Repeater X Crossbow

 Escape 20
Finish episode “New York” on any difficulty

The New York episode consists of 3 levels:

  • Decent
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Hell and High Water

 Hope 20
Finish episode “Jerusalem” on any difficulty

The Jerusalem episode consists of 3 levels:

  • Brain Surgery
  • Dead Sea Stroll
  • Tech Support

 Salvation of the Motherland 20
Finish episode “Moscow” on any difficulty

The Jerusalem episode consists of 3 levels:

  • A Sign from Above
  • Key to the City
  • Battle of Nerves

 This is just the beginning 35
Finish all episodes on any difficulty

To unlock this achievement, you must complete the New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo episodes.

Tokyo consists of 2 levels:

  • Setting Sun
  • Final Call

 Well, what did you achieve? 50
Finish all episodes on hardest difficulty

For this achievement, all 11 levels must be completed on the Insanity difficulty setting. There is no exact strategy for this achievement as the game’s A.I. director spawns special infected enemies and items randomly but playing in a group with 2 Fixers and 2 Medics can make this task easier. Here are some tips that should be applied when playing on Insanity:

  • Stick with your teammates
  • Communication is usually key but not always necessary
  • Allow Medics to pick up and use medkits on teammates
  • Allow Medics to pick up stim paks and use them on teammates
  • Allow Fixers to pick up mask grenades and use them to move undetected
  • Fixers should use their breach charges to acquire more defense items for finales
  • Use silenced weapons and maintain stealth whenever possible
  • Crouch if you’re in the frontline during a firefight
  • If the player uses silenced weapons, A.I. teammates will do the same
  • Always focus on the objective as it can be failed quickly on Insanity
  • If you can hear a Lurker’s wheezing and coughing, be careful approaching corners
  • Bulls are very weak in the high back area
  • You do not need to be alive at the end of a level to get credit for it
  • You can join a level mid-match and get credit upon beating it

 High caution 35
Finish any level without dealing friendly damage

This is best done in Offline mode as human players will usually walk in front of you at some point during a level. Setting the difficulty to Easy and letting your A.I. teammates do most of the work whilst being careful with your shots should allow you to get this achievement within a few attempts. Be careful using explosives and starting fires.

 Strong immunity 35
Finish any level without using health packs

If played on Easy difficulty with A.I. or human teammates this shouldn’t prove too difficult. Play carefully, let your teammates do a lot of the work and try to stay in the backline when facing hordes of any size. Medics can use their stim gun on you and other forms of temporary health will not void this achievement. If another player heals you with a health pack, it will void the achievement.

 The most effective way 35
Finish any level using just pistol

During any level and on any difficulty, only use the pistol for this achievement to unlock. Melee is fine but avoid using anything else such as mounted weapons, setting up automated turrets, grenades, gas canisters, fuel that can be set alight, etc.

 Teamwork 20
Finish any level with full team

Simply finish any level with a full team of 4, human or A.I. teammates.

 Genocide 20
Kill 10,000 zombies

This will come naturally and also rather fast. Most levels have a zombie kill count of between 1500 and 2000 zombies with players each killing between 300-500 zombies per level.

 Sport kills 35
Kill Lurker midair

Lurkers are the special infected enemies that wear red tracksuit pants and pounce on you. Playing on Easy difficulty, shooting one in midair and killing it is pretty easy given the game’s aim-assist.

 Torero 35
Kill Bull during charge

Bulls are the armored special infected enemies that charge and upon impact with you, proceed to pound you into the ground. They are weak on their backs so if you see once charge past, shoot it in the back. Simply firing a rocket at one while it’s charging should unlock the achievement.

 Can’t fool me 20
Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up

After the May update, only zombies laying completely flat count towards this achievement. Crouched or hunched over zombies do not anymore. If you see a zombie laying down, aim at it with  and if the aim-assist grabs it and turns your reticle red, shoot it in the head.

While this should come naturally, you can get it out of the way by loading up episode 4-1, Tokyo: Setting Sun, you’ll be able to find some laying in the streets on the way to the bridge you have to cross to progress.

 Chain reaction 35
Hit 10 zombies with one tazer shot

Using the Slasher class, simply fire a tazer shot with  into a horde of zombies and the achievement will unlock.

 Toxicomaniac 20
Walk into toxic cloud 100 times

The special infected zombies wearing yellow hazmat suits will disperse toxic gas clouds if you don’t kill them with headshots. So, when you see one, shoot it anywhere but in the head and when the gas is dispersed, run in and out of it. You will have to take damage for it to count and can usually run in and out twice per gas cloud. You can use stim paks to help negate the damage but probably won’t be necessary.

 Burglar 20
Open 15 rooms or containers with breaching charge

At rank 7, the Fixer class has a perk that allows you to start with a breach charge. You can also find breach charges hidden around the levels. When you see a door that can be breached (noted by the yellow markings of paint on it and a prompt where the breach charge needs to be placed), place your charge on it and blow the door open. Once 15 doors have been breached, the achievement will unlock.

 Friend of machines 20
Capture 15 turrets

Machine gun turrets can be captured by approaching them from behind and holding . Episode 1-3, New York: Hell and High Water, has some around the midway point as well as mines which can be defused in the same way and will count towards “Waste of Time“.

 Explosive 35
Kill 10 zombies with balloon explosions

Simply kill 10 zombies from blowing up the red gas canisters that are scattered around the levels. You do not have to kill 10 zombies in 1 explosion.

 The floor is lava 35
Burn 10 zombies with one gasoline puddle

You can ignite gasoline leaking from red barrels by shooting the liquid on the ground. Entice zombies towards you, shoot the gasoline and run around directing the zombies through the fire over and over until it unlocks. If a gasoline leak is in front of a horde’s path, ignite it and the achievement should unlock as they’re all running through it. Note that zombies must die from the fire for it to count so interference from A.I. or human teammates may cause issues with this.

 Builder 20
Build 100 defences

Defense items such as automated turrets, fences, barbed wire, etc, are found in yellow boxes throughout levels and 3-5 around finale areas. You can only carry one at a time and after building 100 across your entire playtime, the achievement will unlock. Using breach charges, you can access areas that may have additional defense items.

 Waste of time 20
Defuse 10 mines

Mines can be captured by approaching them from behind and holding . Episode 1-3, New York: Hell and High Water, has some around the midway point as well as turrets which can be defused in the same way and will count towards “Friend of machines“.

 Veteran 20
Finish 25 PvP matches in any mode

There are 5 PvP modes in World War Z’s multiplayer. Completing a total of any 25 game modes will net you this achievement. You do not need to win any of these matches. The PvP modes are as follows:

  • Swarm Domination
  • King of the Hill
  • Swarm Deathmatch
  • Scavenge Raid
  • Vaccine Hunt

 Winner in life 35
Finish PvP match with highest score in any mode

This might take some practice and/or a bit of luck. During your 25 matches played for “Veteran“, you should take note of the mode you’re most comfortable with and focus on being the highest scoring member on your team. It does not matter if your team wins or loses the match.

 Owner 35
Capture the point and hold it until the end of the match in “Swarm Domination” mode

This will most likely take some effort from your whole team. You will have to defend a single capture point for the entire match and not lose it to the enemy team. Note that zombies can overrun the capture point and you can lose it that way, too, so do everything you can to protect it. Defending the capture point closest to your initial spawn point is recommended.

 Walking bank 35
Gather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode

In Scavenge Raid mode, move around the map carefully collecting resources from supply boxes and fallen enemies. Note that you lose 50 supplies each time you die. Your current amount of resources is displayed on-screen, mid-left.

 First Aid 20
Rescue 30 incapacitated teammates

When a teammate is down, you can help them up by holding  when next to them. This will come through natural gameplay but if you set the difficulty to Insanity and play Offline, you can just quickly down your A.I. teammates and pick them back up.

 What the doctor ordered 20
Heal 30 teammates with health lower than 20% with health packs or stim pistol

This will come naturally while playing on higher difficulties but while playing Offline and as a Medic, you can quickly lower your A.I. teammates’ health to below 20% and then heal them with a health pack or stim pistol.

 Dispenser 20
Dispense 10 explosive ammo packs to teammates

The Fixer class has a perk that allows them to put boxes of explosive rounds on the ground for teammates to pick up. Put these down and highlight them by pressing  when aiming near them. Upon your teammates taking ammo from these boxes a total of 10 times, the achievement will unlock.

 I am safe! 35
Use masking grenade on 3 teammates with zombies near

The Fixer class has a perk that grants masking grenades that conceal you from zombies for a limited time. You must have 3 teammates conceal themselves from a single mask grenade while near zombies. An easy way to do this is to load up Offline episode 3-1, Moscow: A Sign from Above, and when near the unaware zombies at the start of the level, have your A.I. teammates gather behind you and toss the masking grenade at their feet.

 Effective communication 20
Mark special zombies 50 times

You can mark special infected zombies by looking in their direction and pressing  to mark them. A red aura around the enemy will tell you that it’s marked. You can unmark by pressing  again, so just spam  on any special infected you see and the achievement will unlock quickly.

 Madman 35
Finish 100 games in PvE

You must finish 100 campaign levels, Online or Offline for this achievement. Depending on your playstyle and focus on achievements, this will probably be one of your last achievements to unlock as there are currently only 11 levels in the game.

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