-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
-Offline (breakdown): 48
-Online (breakdown): 0
-Approximate amount of time to : 8-10 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Plus Clean Up Via Chapter Select If Needed)
-Number of missable trophies: None (You can use Chapter Replay to go back to get anything you missed)
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No (In-Game Unlockable Cheats)

Collectible Trophies

Friend of Alexander (Bronze)
Collect 25 Turtles
See “Universe”

Veterinarian (Bronze)
Collect all Turtles
See “Universe”

Friend of Ira (Bronze)
Collect 25 Geodes
See “Universe”

Geologist (Bronze)
Collect all Geodes
See “Universe”

Friend of Judith (Bronze)
Collect 25 Seeds
See “Universe”

Green Thumb (Bronze)
Collect all Seeds
See “Universe”

Friend of Douglas (Bronze)
Collect 25 Honeycombs
See “Universe”

Beekeeper (Bronze)
Collect all Honeycombs
See “Universe”

Friend of the Bull (Bronze)
Collect 25 Skulls
See “Universe”

Hamlet (Bronze)
Collect all Skulls
See “Universe”

Friend of KW (Bronze)
Collect 25 Owl Eggs
See “Universe”

Incubator (Bronze)
Collect all Owl Eggs
See “Universe”

Friend of Carol (Bronze)
Collect 25 Houses
See “Universe”

Real Estate Mogul (Bronze)
Collect all Houses
See “Universe”

Nova (Bronze)
Find 5 Stars
See “Universe”

Supernova (Bronze)
Find 20 Stars
See “Universe”

Star Cluster (Bronze)
Find 40 Stars
See “Universe”

Galaxy (Silver)
Find 65 Stars
See “Universe”

Universe (Silver)
Find 95 Stars
Each chapter has a number of items that can be found. In order to complete all the collectible trophies, you must find all the items in all the chapters, as well as in the Wild Things village area. Collectibles are easy to spot as they have little stars circling around them (except the stars themselves, those are easy to spot on their own). If you pause the game in any of the areas, it will show you what items can be found in that chapter, along with how many there are total to be found. When playing through the chapters, make sure to check everywhere as you go through, break everything possible, destroy all the black goo piles you come across and water every plant you find as there are hidden items in all these spots. If you miss some in the initial playthrough, you can always use the “Replay Chapter” option from the main menu to go back and collect anything you missed.

Here is a link to a helpful guide of all the different collectible’s locations: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/103/1038843p1.html (credit to Jodie Thompson)

Tip: Once you aquire all the Geodes, you will unlock the treasure finder cheat that will show you where all the hidden items are and makes finishing up everything alot easier.

Note: Certain items located in the Wild Things village area are only accessable after you collect a certain number of items in the chapters to unlock things back in the village. It’s best to finish collection everything in the levels, and then getting the ones in village as everything will be unlock there and possible to get.


Stars: 5
Skulls: 30

Road to Nowhere:
Stars: 10
Houses: 30

The Cave:
Stars: 5
Skulls: 10
Honeycombs: 15
Turtles: 15

Canyon River:
Stars: 10
Skulls: 5
Houses: 15

Stars: 5
Owl Eggs: 15
Geodes: 15

Stars: 5
Honeycombs: 10
Seeds: 30

Crumbling Island:
Stars: 5
Owl Eggs: 15
Honeycombs: 10
Geodes: 5

The Old Willow:
Stars: 10
Honeycombs: 20
Owl Eggs: 15

Setting Sail:
Stars: 10
Honeycombs: 5
Geodes: 25

Below The Roots:
Stars: 6
Turtles: 30

A Trip To The Moon:
Stars: 10
Owl Eggs: 15
Houses: 15
Skulls: 15
Turtles: 15

Stars: 15
Seeds: 30
Geodes: 15

Misc Trophies

On Fire (Bronze)
Defeat 250 Fireflies
This will come as you play the game normally as you will have to kill more than that just to get through everything. If for some strange reason you do not get this by the end of the game, just reload any chapter and find a firefly nest where they will respawn from after you kill them.

Greased Lightning (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Lightning Bugs
This will come as you play the game normally as you will have to kill more than that just to get through everything. If for some strange reason you do not get this by the end of the game, just reload any chapter and find a firefly nest where they will respawn from after you kill them.

Note: Lightning Bugs are the ones that look like cockroaches that shoot electricity (There are fireflies that use electricity, those are NOT Lightning Bugs).

The Cleaner (Bronze)
Defeat 100 Shadow Creatures
This will come as you play the game normally as you will have to kill way more than that just to get through everything. If for some strange reason you do not get this by the end of the game, just reload any chapter and find a firefly nest where they will respawn from after you kill them.

Jack of Hearts (Bronze)
Earn 4 Hearts
See “Ace Of Hearts”

King of Hearts (Bronze)
Earn 7 Hearts
See “Ace Of Hearts”

Ace of Hearts (Silver)
Earn 10 Hearts
If are trying to do the game in 1 playthrough and are collecting & killing everything you come across, this shouldn’t be a problem to get by the end of the game. After killing, detroying and collecting things, you get blue orbs, and after you collect so many, you get an extra heart added to your life. Once you get your 10th heart, the trophy is yours. If you don’t have it by the end of the game, you can keep killing enemies that respawn to keep collecting orbs until you do.

Three Square Meals (Bronze)
Be eaten by three different Wild Things
Easiest place to do this obviously is in the Wild Thing village. Run up to any Wild Thing, attack it and it will attack you back. Keep attacking it and letting it hit you until you only have one heart left. After that, hit it again and instead of hitting you back, it will eat you. Do this with 3 different Wild Things and the trophy is yours!

Worst King Ever (Bronze)
Allow three different Wild Things to sink into oblivion
During the chapters, you will occasionally have to save certain Wild Things from sinking into a black goo. To get this trophy you have to let 3 different ones be sucked in without saving them. After the third one is down, the trophy should pop for you.

Gymnast (Bronze)
Power-swing from three bars in a row
This will come in the very first level as there is a spot where you have to swing across a gap with 3 tree limbs in order to advance. (I actually got it to pop right before that by swinging across one branch, landing and then immediately jumping up to two more branches, so might get it even earlier).

Allergen (Bronze)
Cause three different Wild Things to sneeze
There are pollen plants located in different areas in the game. When you find one, get a pollen ball from it and throw it at a Wild Thing to make it sneeze. After you collect enough seeds, there will be one in the village and you can use that one since you will have the most Wild Things around you at then. Once you make three different Wild Things sneeze, the trophy should pop.

Demolitionist (Bronze)
Defeat five Fireflies with one bomb
There are many places to get this, but the first place where you meet the fireflies that have bombs is probably one of the easiest since there are 2 bomb dropping firefly nests and two regular ones in the area to respawn them if you dont’ get it the first time. All you have to do is beat a large (bomb) firefly so it drops it’s bomb, run around to attract more fireflies and run back by the bomb so they surround you and get blasted when it explodes. It took me 2-3 tries to get 5 before the bomb exploded as some few away just before it went off, but keep trying and it will come. There is also many other locations with large fireflies and multiple hives around as well, so take your pick of locations to get at.

Glass Houses (Bronze)
Start a Dirt Clod Fight with multiple Wild Things
When you are in the Wild Thing village, find the piles of stones near a group of Wild Things and throw the stones at them. After you hit them, they start throwing dirt at you. Run behind another Wild Thing so it gets hit and boom, your done!

Wild Rumpus! (Bronze)
Defeat 15 enemies in a row in melee without being hit
This is the easiest completed in the first level as the enemies are minor. Just kill 15 enemies in a row with melee only attacks without getting hit (if you block the attack, it doesn’t count as getting hit). If you having problems getting it due to getting hit during your attempts, and easy way to do it is to find a nest (if more than one, destroy all but one) and keep killing the one that spawns out of it until you get to 15. If you start attacking it when it gets out of the nest, it shouldn’t even get an attack off, just don’t destroy the nest.

Captain (Silver)
Complete a Ride Carol mission without crashing
Title says it all basically. Just complete a mission where you ride Carol without crashing (or dying basically). Just watch in front of you to what’s coming up and make sure you either jump, slide or smash accordingly. The only tricky part is determining wether a falling tree is going to end up being a slide or jump, but you should still have enough time to figure it out before you have to do it.

Commodore (Silver)
Complete a Sailing mission without crashing
Same as the last one, only this time you’re on a boat going down the river. The river has rocks, ledges, whirlpools & black goo that can crash you. You can escape from both whirlpools & black goo by moving the right analog stick back and forth when you get caught, but becareful because alot of them are near rocks and ledges and when you breakfree from them, you don’t always have alot of time to adjust course to steer clear of those. There are also stars to collect during them. I would suggest doing 2 runs for these, with one being to collect all the stars and one to focus on not crashing. You can do them all in one run, but it makes it more challenging as the stars are close to rocks/walls/whirlpools/etc most of the time. Also make sure you watch ledges with your mast, one at the very end got my mast and crashed me and I didn’t know it could so keep an eye out for those as well.

Difficulty & Level Trophies

Stranger (Gold)
Complete the game on Easy or Higher
See “King”

Hero (Gold)
Complete the game on Normal or Higher
See “King”

King (Gold)
Complete the game on Hard
Beat the game on Hard difficulty and it will unlock all three difficulty trophies.

Secret Trophies

Follow the Bull (Bronze)
Complete Level “Arrival”
Story related, can not be missed!

Explore the Island (Bronze)
Complete Level “Road to Nowhere”
Story related, can not be missed!
Escape the Cave (Bronze)
Complete Level “The Cave”

Story related, can not be missed!

Plug the Rifts (Bronze)
Complete Level “Plug the Rifts”

Story related, can not be missed!

Rescue Ira (Bronze)
Complete Level “Seasick”

Story related, can not be missed!

Survive the Destruction (Bronze)
Complete Level “Crumbling Island”

Story related, can not be missed!

Find a New Island (Bronze)
Complete Level “The Old Willow”

Story related, can not be missed!

Reach the Ocean (Bronze)
Complete Level “Setting Sail”

Story related, can not be missed!

Find Alexander (Bronze)
Complete Level “Below the Root”

Story related, can not be missed!

Go to Nowhere (Silver)
Complete Level “Rebellion”

Story related, can not be missed!

Leap to the Moon (Silver)

Complete Level “A Trip to the Moon”
Story related, can not be missed!

All Trophies Awarded (Platinum)
All Trophies Awarded


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