Unreal Tournament 3 Roadmap

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 41
-Online: 6
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 40-60 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies: None available

Unreal Tournament 3 is one of the most intense shooters on the Playstation 3 today, with massive maps, huge weapons, and even bigger vehicles to kill people with. The trophies in this game are no pushover, while most can be boostable the time needed to plat this game may make it unappealing to those who are looking for a quick platinum. This guide details how to get the platinum in a time effective manner that will involve a ton of boosting. If you are not going to boost, you just need to play online and focus on getting one trophy at a time. If you are ready , then read on.

Step 1: The Insane Campaign Online

This step involves you playing the story mode in co-op. You can play this on insane mode , or you can play in any other difficulty until you get to the last battle of each chapter. At the last battle of each chapter, make sure you are playing on Insane difficulty, this will get you both the regular and Insane Campaign trophies. By the time you finish this step, you will have all story related trophies, and possibly a few of the boost trophies.

Step 2: Untouchable
For this step you are going for the 20 kill streak on a God bot trophy. There are various videos and strategies for this so see the trophy guide for details. Once you’ve finished this act you want to go through every map and look for all of the powerups on everymap. Again, there are videos and strategies for this trophy so check the guide for details. Once you’ve finished this step it’s time for the longest step of them all.

Step 3: Boosting Online and A Bit on Your Own
Now for the longest part… Boosting online. There really isn’t much to say bout this except that you’re going to go through the list of trophies that you have left and systematically take out every single one except for the last two. They’re going in the next step. It should be noted that you can do these on your own and for some it would be easier to do that way. Once you’ve finished this long and arduous task, move on to step 4.

Step 4: 500 Wins and 50 days

In this step you get the match wins trophy and the 200 kills a day for 50 days trophy. You’re going to start with the 50 days trophy. Now you don’t need to spend 50 days on this game to get this trophy. All you need to do is change the time clock on your ps3 everytime you get 200 kills. This will take a while so get ready to spend a few days on this. You’ll get the trophy eventually, so just keep grinding for this one. After this it’s time to go online and start boosting for wins. Do the shortest game types and just keep going as much as fast as you can.

Step 5: Clean Up
Did you miss a trophy? Get it now. Do whatever you need to do to finish getting all of the trophies. Congratulations on the Platinum, this is one that you should feel proud to show off.


Unreal! – Platinum Trophy
Collect all other trophies.

Campaign Trophies

Lock and Load – Bronze Trophy
Complete Chapter 1.

Soldier’s Blood – Bronze Trophy
Complete Chapter 2.

Does Not Compute – Bronze Trophy
Complete Chapter 3.

Not in Kansas Anymore – Bronze Trophy
Complete Chapter 4.

I’m Not on a Holy War – Silver Trophy
Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign.

Just Business – Silver Trophy
Complete Chapter 2 in Insane

Bag of Bolts – Silver Trophy
Complete Chapter 3 in Insane

Open War – Silver Trophy
Complete Chapter 4 in Insane

Fear the Reaper – Gold Trophy
Defeat Akasha and complete the campaign in Insane.

You only have to complete the last level of each chapter to get these and these can be done in Co-op too. For the Insane trophies you can complete the missions in any difficulty until you get to the last mission in each chapter and then leave the campaign. After that resume the campaign and put the difficulty to Insane.
For the last missions in each chapter go here:
Unreal Tournament III – Campaign – FAQ – Game Guide and walkthrough

Co-op Trophies

I Need Some Backup – Bronze Trophy
Complete 1 mission in co-op.

Got Your Back – Bronze Trophy
Complete 10 missions in co-op.

Thanks to All the Little People – Silver Trophy
Complete a campaign in co-op.
You can get this by completing only the last mission in Co-op. You can try to search for Sentinel level in the Join campaign option.

Instant Action Trophies

I See How It Is – Bronze Trophy
Complete an Instant Action match in every game mode.

Spice of Life – Bronze Trophy
Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per match.
You can probably get these in other modes aswell but i think it’s easier getting them in Instant Action. You can get 11 of these in Deathmatch and there’s 1 extra mutator per gamemode for TDM, CTF, Warfare and Duel. You don’t have play a game using the Titan mutator for this one.

Like the Back of My Hand – Silver Trophy
Collect every power up on every map.
For this you have to collect all Health vials(5 HP), Jump Boots, Shield Belt, Helmet, Thigh Pads, Armor Vest, Keg’O’Health (100HP), Invisibility, Berserk, UDamage and Invincibility in the following maps:

Deathmatch/Team Death match/Duel Maps

1. Arsenal
2. Biohazard
3. Carbon Fire
4. Deck
5. Defiance
6. Deimos
7. Diesel
8. Fearless
9. Gateway
10. Heat Ray
11. Rising Sun
12. Sanctuary
13. Sentinel
14. Shangri La
Capture the Flag (CTF) Maps

15. Coret
16. Hydrosis
17. Omicron Dawn
18. Reflection
19. Strident
20. Vertebrae
Vehicle Capture the Flag (VCTF) Maps

21. Containment
22. Corruption
23. Kargo
24. Necropolis
25. Sandstorm
26. Suspense
Warfare Maps

27. Avalanche
28. Downtown
29. Dusk
30. Floodgate
31. Islander
32. Islander Necris
33. Market District
34. OnyxCoast
35. Power Surge
36. Serenity
37. Sinkhole
38. Tank Crossing
39. Torlan
40. Torlan Necris

Make a 1 player Instant Action so bots or other players don’t collect the powerups.
For locations go here: PowerUp Locations on all Maps – Xbox360Achievements.org
And here: Health Vial Locations for “Like the Back of My Hand” – Xbox360Achievements.org
Those are for Xbox360 version so there are a few more maps in there, but just ignore them.

You can check which maps you have completed by going to Community – Trophies and browse down to this trophy and press x to see the list. In the PS3 version you have to get all powerups in a single match so the game doesn’t remember the ones you have already collected. When you have collected all the powerups in a map you get a message “All powerups collected.” at the bottom of the screen.

In CTF, VCTF and Warfare maps remember to collect items in both bases.
Low gravity mutator can be helpful for getting hard to reach items like the vials near the bell in Rising Sun.

Untouchable – Gold Trophy
Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying.
“Easy” way to get this is to set up match in DM-Heat Ray and use the Weapon replacement mutator and put all weapons to Impact hammer so only weapon left in the level is Bio rifle. Now just run away from the bot for about 3 minutes until a Dark Walker is brought by a space ship to a platform in the level and kill him 20 times with it.

Weapon Specific Trophies

For faster awards you can use the Weapon replacement mutator and put all the weapons to the one you need your award for. You can’t use this trick for Bio rifle since the mutator doesn’t allow you to replace any weapons with Bio rifle. Super berserk can be helpful too but i think that for some weapons like the Rocket launcher it makes getting kills against novice bots a little harder.

Brain Surgeon – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Head Hunter” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 headshots per match with sniper rifle in 10 matches.

Don’t Taze Me Bro! – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Combo King” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Shock rifles Shock combo in 10 matches. First fire the orb with alt fire and then shoot the orb with primary fire to make it explode near an opponent to kill them.

Goo God – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Biohazard” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Bio rifle in 10 matches.

Pistolero – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Gun Slinger” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Enforcer in 10 matches.

Shard-O-Matic – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Blue Streak” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Minigun in 10 matches.

Hammerhead – Bronze Trophy
Get the “JackHammer” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Impact hammer in 10 matches.

Strongest Link – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Shaft Master” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Link guns alt fire in 10 matches.

Have a Nice Day – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Rocket Scientist” award in 10 matches and “Flak Master” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Rocket launcher in 10 matches and 15 kills per match with Flak cannon in 10 matches. These can be done in different matches.

Big Game Hunter – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Big Game Hunter” award in 10 matches.
Get 15 kills per match with Longbow AVRiL in 10 matches. You can only find this weapon in VCTF and Warfare maps.

Armadillo – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Roadkill” award in 10 matches.
Run over an enemy with vehicle in 10 matches.

Jack of All Trades – Bronze Trophy
Kill an enemy with every vehicle (except hoverboard).
Vehicle locations:

Cicada – Warfare Dusk – Capture both North and South mine nodes and a hole will open between them, it’s in there
Dark Walker – VCTF Sandstorm
Fury – VCTF Sandstorm
Goliath – VCTF Suspense
Hell Bender – VCTF Suspense
Hellfire SPMR – Warfare Torlan – Capture East(or West) road node and it will spawn
Leviathan – Warfare Onyxcoast
Manta – VCTF Suspense
Nemesis – VCTF Sandstorm
Nightshade – VCTF Necropolis
Paladin – Warfare Downtown
Raptor – VCTF Suspense
Scavenger – VCTF Necropolis
Scorpion – VCTF Suspense
Viper – VCTF Sandstorm

Ace – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Top Gun” award in 20 matches.
Kill a Raptor with a Raptor in 20 matches. Easy way to get it is VCTF Suspense and order all your bots to defend and take Raptor in the base and attack the other base. If no one in the opposing team is using their Raptor just massacre them for a while and one of them should jump in it.

Deathwish – Bronze Trophy
Get “Bullseye” (self-destruct to destroy an enemy) award in 20 matches.
In 20 matches kill someone with the vehicle Viper’s alt fire.

Power up Trophies

Seeing Red – Bronze Trophy
Have over 20 minutes of “Berserk Time”.

Never Saw It Coming – Bronze Trophy
Have over 20 minutes of “Invisibility Time”.

Survival of the Fittest – Bronze Trophy
Have over 10 minutes of “Invulnerable Time”.

Delivering the Hurt – Bronze Trophy
Have over 20 minutes of “UDamage Time”.

Berserk and uDamage can be found in most levels and have a 90 second respawn time. Invulnerable can be found in DM Fearless and has a 120 second respawn time. Invisibility can be found in DM Heat ray and has a 90 second respawn time.

Gamemode specific Trophies

Hat Trick – Bronze Trophy
Achieve a Hat Trick in 10 CTF or VCTF matches.
Score the opponents flag 3 times in a single match in 10 matches.

Being a Hero – Bronze Trophy
Return 100 Orbs in Warfare matches.
Destroy the enemys orb 100 times in Warfare matches. To destroy an enemy orb go near it and press square if you’re using a game pad or E if you’re using mouse and keyboard. You can destroy multiple orbs in a single match so you don’t have to destroy only 1 per match.

Flag Waver – Bronze Trophy
Complete 100 CTF matches played to at least 3 captures.

30 Minutes or Less – Bronze Trophy
Complete 100 VCTF matches played to at least 3 captures.

Paint the Town Red – Bronze Trophy
Complete 100 Deathmatch or Duel matches played to at least 20 kills.

Connect the Dots – Bronze Trophy
Complete 100 Warfare matches played to at least 3 points.

Killing Trophies

Serial Killer – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Killing Spree” award in 20 matches.
Get 5 kills without dying in 20 matches.

Sir Slays-a-Lot – Bronze Trophy
Get the “Monster Kill” award in 20 matches.
Get 6 kills within 4 seconds of each other in 20 matches.
Like this:
First kill
4 seconds
Second kill
4 seconds
Third kill
4 seconds
Fourth kill
4 seconds
Fifth kill
4 seconds
Sixth kill

Killjoy – Bronze Trophy
End sprees in 20 matches.
Kill someone who is on a killing spree in 20 matches.

Off to a Good Start – Bronze Trophy
Get the “First Blood” award in 40 matches.
Be the first to kill someone in a match in 40 matches.

Multiplayer Trophies

You only need another person for completing a duel for “Lets Get It On”. All of the others can be done against bots in game with a password so no one else can join in.

Let’s Get It On – Bronze Trophy
Complete a multiplayer match in every game type.

Around the World – Silver Trophy
Win a multiplayer match on every map.
See “Like The Back Of My Hand” for the maps you have to win in.

Get a Life – Silver Trophy
Get 200 kills in multiplayer on 50 different days.
You can move the clock for this one. So get 200 kills and change the date in your XMB settings and repeat 50 times if you want this fast.

Online Champion – Gold Trophy
Win 500 online matches.
Fastest way is probably making a 5 kill Deathmatch with Novice bots and killing them over and over.

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