-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 20
-Online: 11
Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 35 – 40 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5 Career
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Cheats: None


Step 1: Learn the basics.
The first thing you should do is the tutorials. They help out a lot for people who are just starting out. They show you how to do the basic moves like takedowns and submissions as well as how to do ground transitions and clinches. When your just starting out you will only need to know the basic controls so you should be able to hold you own in a fight after doing the tutorials. There is a trophy to finish all the tutorials so as you learn to play the game you get a trophy out of it. You should have the Student of the game.

Step 2: Exhibition matches.
Before starting a career or going online you should do exhibition matches and get these trophies out of the way while you are still learning how to play. You can consider these as your first practice fights. Use the techniques you’ve learned in the tutorials and practice. You may find in your first few matches this game can be a bit overwhelming with its learning curve but after two or three matches you should start to find this game easier and easier after each fight. You will find yourself knocking guys out a lot more and not getting to many submission wins. Just focus on knocking people out at this stage because your most likely still learning the ropes of the game. Go through the list of fighters and win matches and you will not only learn new techniques you will learn the differences between the different fighting styles so you know which one to pick when creating your fighter. When your going through this step watch the Octagon Girls cutscene after each round so you can get the trophy for that and create a fighter for another trophy while your at it. While your doing Exhibition matches you can get some trophies out of it. By the end of this section you should have the trophies World Class Striker, Roster Run-through, Two of my favourites!, Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces, Ultimate Knockout, That was easy! and Original fighter.

Step 3: Quick belt careers.
By now you should be pretty good after going through the whole roster of fighters. You should now be ready to start some of your careers. You will need to win the belt in every weight class. For this step though only win it for 4 of the weight classes so you can have one good career to get a whole bunch of trophies. It doesn’t matter what weight classes you choose to get your quick title belts in as long as you do it in a different weight class every time. You can win the title belt in about 10 fights or less if you pick the highest rank fighter you can each time. By the end of this section you should have the trophies Undisputed Champion.

Step 4: Your good career.
After you’ve done the other 4 careers you should start your good career. In this career you should try to be a well balanced fighter so you’re able to get the submission as well as the KO of the night awards. You should also finish this career undefeated. There are a total of 7 years to go through and you need to win every fight. If you lose a fight you can push the PS button and quit the game so the fight doesn’t register as a loss, it may be cheap but it works. If you finish your career undefeated you automatically get in the Hall of Fame so you won’t need to worry about that. In this career also try to get all the trophies in your trophy case. Make sure you get submission of the night early on as that is the hardest on to get. If you get submission of the night the way it says in the guide you should also get another trophy in this run as you should have submitted your opponent without hitting him with striking moves. A trophy case trophy you need to watch out for though is the Striking and Grappling techniques. If you average about 5 challenges completed per camp though you will get it with plenty of time to spare though. By the end of this section you should have the trophies Where’s my bonus check?, Ultimate Highlights, Hall of Famer, Trophy Collector, World Class Grappler, Pound-for-Pound Champion and Call me “No Touch!”.

Step 5: Online.
Now with most of the single player trophies out of the way it’s time for the online trophies. You will see the difficulty to be a lot harder than the fighters you were fighting in single player. There seems to be two type of fighters online, “the mounters” and “the boxers”. “The mounters” will go for the takedown immediately and get into the mount position. Once in this position it is very hard for anyone no matter how good you are to get out of it. The other type of player you generally see is “the boxers”. They favor the stand up fights and just try to punch the crap out of you and go for the knockout. Of course this game can be easily boosted. There thread to find boosting partners can be found here, Boosting Thread. Just get your online wins and boost for the gold medals and these should be no problem. They can be a little time consuming but they are not that hard. By the end of this section you should have the trophies White Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Wax On!, Papa Said Knock You Out!, Gold Digger!, You really like me!, Ooh, in ya face!, Black Belt and Red Belt.

Step 6: Classic Fights and cleanup.
Now with all the others steps out of the way and being so close to the platinum you have only a few trophies left. Start by doing the Classic Fights. Most of these are generally the same just with different fighters and you should find these pretty easy at this stage in the game. I suggest you get the Wax Off! trophy in this section as you need to grind for this one, though you can do it in about 3 fights. If you haven’t already gotten the Ultimate Submission trophy get it in this section. By the end of this section you should have the trophies Ultimate Submission, UFC Historian, Wax Off! and Platinum.

Where’s my bonus check? – Bronze Trophy
Obtain the KO, Submission and Fight of the Night Awards with a fighter in Career Mode.

In career if you will be awarded trophies for KO, Submission and fight of the night, these can be quite random at times but they shouldn’t be too hard.

KO – Go for a quick knockout that seems to be the best way of getting this or get a KO on the counter.

Submission – This is by far the hardest one. The best way of getting it is when you start a new career make sure your fighter is a wrestler. After your first fight do lots of sparing and you want to put your points on Sub offence and Takedown offence. Then in your second fight go for the takedown then hold L1 then move the right stick up and round to the right and you will pick them up and slam them to the mat which will lower your opponents stamina, then press L3 to get up, you want to keep doing this until his stamina is as low as it will go this should be sometime in the second round, then go for one more slam but insted of getting up transition in to side control and put a Kirmura on them and make them tap. This will get you Sub of the night, a couple of things to remember you have to use the Kimura nothing else will work and the most important thing DO NOT PUNCH OR KICK YOUR OPPONENT if you do you won’t get it. Then thats the hardest career trophy done in the second fight.

Fight of the Night – This is easier to get in title fights because you can fight for 5 rounds, don’t go for the KO early on because you won’t get it try and take it to a decision.

That was easy! – Bronze Trophy
Win in under 20 seconds of the 1st round against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

Try to KO your opponent in less than 20 seconds. I recommend using Brock Lesnar and going against Eddie Sanchez because he is the weakest heavyweight. When the fight starts run over to him and Superman punch him or back fist and hope you can knock him out this will require a bit of luck.

Wax Off! – Bronze Trophy
Escape 20 submissions by technical escape against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode

Simple enough just escape 20 submissions by turning the right analogue stick.

White Belt – Bronze Trophy
Win an online Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.

Win one ranked fight online.

Blue Belt – Bronze Trophy
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

Simply win 15 ranked fights online.

Silver Trophies
Undisputed Champion – Silver Trophy

Win the UFC Championship with a fighter in Career Mode.

The quickest way to do this is when you get to choose your next fight always pick the highest ranked fight that way when you win you rank up faster and earn your title shot quicker. Then just win your title match.

Hall of Famer – Silver Trophy
Enter the Hall of Fame with a fighter during Career Mode.

To get into the Hall of Fame you need to complete all 7 years of the career. The best way to do this is make sure you stay undefeated because they don’t induct losers into the Hall of Fame. When you’re nearing the end of your career you will get an e-mail before your last fight if you got in and will be given the trophy after your last fight.

Student of the game. – Silver Trophy
Complete all tasks from the Tutorial Mode.

When you first play the game it will ask you if you want to do the tutorial click yes if not you can do it later just make sure you do all of the following sections.

  • Navigation
  • Striking
  • Take down& Clinch
  • Transition
  • Submission
  • Others

Trophy Collector – Silver Trophy
Obtain all the trophies in Career Mode with a fighter.

Simply collect all of the following trophies in career.

  • 3 win streak
  • 6 win streak
  • 10 win streak
  • Submission of the night
  • Fight of the Night
  • KO of the Night
  • UFC Title Belt
  • UFC Hall of Fame
  • Striking Technique
  • Grappling Technique

Most of these are self explanatory but for the striking and grappling trophies you have to attend the camps throughout your career and reach level 4 for both you do this by completing tasks you are given for 10 points each and you need 150 points to go up a level. You only need one of each trophy.

UFC Historian – Silver Trophy
Unlock all movies from the Classic Fights Mode.

For this trophy you will have to recreate classic UFC fights and win under certain conditions most are pretty simple for the decision wins make sure you work the body and legs don’t go for the head because you could knock them out.

World Class Striker – Silver Trophy
Win by KO without using any grappling moves against a COM UFC Fighter Exhibition or Career Mode.

Just win using only strikes you should get this at the same time as the “That was easy!” Trophy.

World Class Grappler – Silver Trophy
Win by Submission using no striking moves against a COM UFC Fighter in Exhibition or Career Mode.

Win by submission without using any strikes. I recommend using Brock Lesnar and going against Eddie Sanchez because he is the weakest heavyweight and use throws to weaken him then lock on the submission when his stamina bar is low.

Roster Run-through – Silver Trophy
Complete one fight in Exhibition Mode with each UFC fighter.

Simply finish one fight with every UFC fighter. For the fighters that are in more than one weight class you only have to use them once. This has to be done against the computer but doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Purple Belt – Silver Trophy
Win 30 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

Just win 30 ranked fights online.

Brown Belt – Silver Trophy
Win 50 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

Just win 50 ranked fights online.

Wax On! – Silver Trophy
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by submission.

Simple just win 15 of your ranked fights by submission.

Papa Said Knock You Out! – Silver Trophy
Win 15 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter by KO.

Just win 15 of you ranked fights by KO, TKO doesn’t count.

Gold Digger! – Silver Trophy
Obtain all the gold medals in a Weekly Mission for Online Mode.

You have to get all 5 medals in a week, after a week you have to do it again if you didn’t get them all.

  • Damage your opponents body an average of 30%
  • Win 10 consecutive matches
  • Win with 1 attack
  • KO opponent while rocked
  • Land 100% strikes and submit opponent first try

Some of these are going to be quite hard to get so I recommend going to the boosting thread and finding someone to do it with.

For the KO opponent while rocked do this with a partner get them to attack you till you get rocked then just knock them out it doesn’t have to be while the screen is grey it can be after as long as you don’t get hit again after you have been rocked.

For the 1 hit KO follow this (thanks to f0xdye for the tip)

Ok, you’ll have to have a boosting partner.
Create a Heavyweight CAF
Make him a Kickboxer and a Wrestler
Put every attribute points to Striking Kicks OFFENSE and Clinch Grappling OFFENSE and Strength.
Now have your partner create a useless Heavyweight without putting any points on
Get into a Ranked match with your partner
Since “slamming or clinching” is not considered a strike, you can actually clinch grab your partner till his health bar is drained. Once RED, and you slam him to the floor he will get ROCKED. Have him stand up and go for that ridiculous 1 HIT KO!!!

You really like me! – Silver Trophy
Gain a million or more fans in Online Mode.

You should get this while going for your 100 wins trophy when you win you gain fans you get more fans if you put on a better fight. If you lose you will lose fans but if you put up a fight you won’t lose as many.

Ooh, in ya face! – Silver Trophy
Win a fight by flash KO in a Ranked Match with a CAF or UFC fighter.You have to win with one big hit like a Superman punch doesn’t have to be at the start of the fight can be at any time.Original fighter – Silver Trophy
Create a Fighter and use the CAF in Exhibition or Online Mode.

Simple just use your created fighter in exhibition.

Gold Trophies

Pound-for-Pound Champion – Gold Trophy
Win the UFC Championship in each weight class in Career Mode.

Simply win the title in each weight class. See “Undisputed Champion” for the quickest way.

Call me “No Touch!” – Gold Trophy
Complete Career Mode and retire undefeated.

Simply win every fight in career. To do this you have to make sure you build you fighter’s stats up by training and sparing if you don’t you will struggle in the later fights. If you do lose you can press the PS button and quit the game and it doesn’t count your loss if you do this before the game saves.

Black Belt – Gold Trophy
Win 100 online Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter.

Just win 100 ranked fights online, this is going to take some time.

Red Belt – Gold Trophy
Reach level 50 or higher in Online Mode.

Reach level 50 online. You will level up quite fast to start with about a level a fight if you win to about level 30 then it takes longer you get more experience for fighting higher levels.

Platinum – Platinum Trophy
Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies!

Obtain all the other trophies to unlock.

Secret Trophies

Two of my favourites! – Bronze Trophy
Watch the Octagon Girl cut scene 15 times without skipping it

Simply watch the cut scene with the octagon girls between rounds 15 times without skipping.

Wanted: Flying Mouthpieces – Bronze Trophy
Mouth piece travels more than 3 meters when knocked out.

Luck based you will get this eventually.

Ultimate Highlights – Bronze Trophy
Dominate the opponent in all 3 scenes of a replay segment.

Make sure you dominate the round don’t let your opponent get any big shots in and make sure you don’t skip the replay.

Ultimate Knockout – Bronze Trophy
From the gassed state, KO an opponent in any mode.

Turn on the stamina bar so you can see if your gassed the bar will be yellow and your fighter will react slower and drop his guard then KO your opponent.

Ultimate Submission – Bronze Trophy
From the gassed state, submit an opponent in any mode.

As above make sure you have the bar turned on and make your opponent tap this will be a lot harder when you’re gassed so make sure you wear down your opponent as well.

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