Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 – Alien Plushie Locations

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has 19 Alien Plushie Locations. Finding all Alien Plushies unlocks a playable secret Roswell Alien skater character and The Truth is In Here trophy / achievement.

None of them are missable. You can replay levels at any time. Each level has 1 Alien Plushie (19 Levels, so 19 Alien Plushies). They look like little Alien Dolls / Toys hidden around the map. They have fixed positions. All you do is drive over them and they’ll go away. They are saved instantly. Once you have found all 19 Alien Plushies in THPS1 & THPS2 Remake, you can select the Secret Alien Costume from the Skaters list. Do note that in order to unlock the last level ‘Skate Heaven’ you need to get 100% in all other THPS2 levels first.

The Alien Plushies are new and unique to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remake / Remaster (2020, PS4 / Xbox One / PC). These did not exist in the original games.

Secret Roswell Alien Character

This is your reward for finding all 19 Alien Plushies – a playable Roswell Alien.

Video Guide

#1 – Warehouse

Immediately after driving through the gate at the start of the level, take a sharp left turn and you will see a ramp in front of you (see image below). At the top of the ramp, on its right-side edge, is the Alien Plushie.

#2 – School

From the start of the level, turn 120° to your right and it will be in the corner outside a building (basically behind you from where you start and to the right).

#3 – Mall

By an elevator in the mall, after jumping down a flight of stairs, roughly in the middle of the level.

#4 – Skate Park

From the start of the level, it’s behind you on the ‘balcony’ of the trailer building (must wall-ride up there).

#5 – Downtown

Behind one of the ramps on the rooftop overlooking the street.


#6 – Downhill Jam

From the start of the level, behind you on the left.

#7 – Burnside

From the start of the level, turn left and it will be on a beam that you can jump up to.

#8 – Street

From the start of the level, go straight ahead and when you land on the street, take a right turn. Look for the building with the neon sign that says “Margo’s Diner”. The Plushie is on the Diner’s roof (wall-ride up there).

#9 – Roswell

From the start of the level, drive through the door in front of you and slightly to the left (leads to a “tunnel” with UFOs). In there, turn left to find the Plushie in the left of the entrance.

#10 – The Hangar

This Plushie involves some trickery. First, smash through the glass windows on the left of the Hangar. In the room behind the windows you find a helicopter. Grind over the helicopter’s rotor blades and a secret door will open up, leading outside to a snowy area. Drive into this newly open area and find the Plushie in the left corner.

#11 – School II

From the start of the level, take a right turn and drive down the path with the long railing. At the end of the path, take a left turn and jump up to the green roof. The green roof has the Alien Plushie on it, roughly in the middle.

#12 – Marseille

From the start of the level, head straight ahead (don’t steer left/right) until you hit a patch of grass with a wooden wall behind it. One of the large posts is held up by a small stick (Screenshot #1 below). If you drive into the stick, the posts will crash into the wall, revealing a cave hole you can jump down to. Do so and the Alien Plushie is located on the far side, near a big gate (Screenshot #2).


#13 – NY City

From the start of the level, jump down the immediate right (it’s a far fall). This leads to an area with white floor tiles. Behind a ramp with yellow flowers on it, sits the Alien Plushie.

#14 – Venice Beach

From the start, turn 90° left and jump over the ramps straight ahead. It leads to the beach (try to land on the wooden beach walkway here). Once you landed, stop and turn around. The Alien Plushie is tucked away behind the ramp you just jumped over.


#15 – Skatestreet

From the start of the level, drive to the large ramp with the logo on it to be able to grind on the lamps hanging from the ceiling (Screenshot #1). This opens the door to the outside part. In this outside area you find the Alien Plushie high up in the right corner (Screenshot #2). Must use the ramp to jump up there.


#16 – Philadelphia

From the start, turn about 30° to your left and go straight until you hit the end of the path. At the end of the path, on the left, are some power lines you can skate on (Screenshot #1). This will crash the power lines and open up a secret construction site / skatepark area. In this new area you find the Plushie in the right corner (behind the Halfpipe, Screenshot #2).


#17 – The Bullring

Straight ahead of you from the level start, you can jump up the outer ring (just one level below the visitor seats). On this outer ring is the Plushie.

#18 – Chopper Drop

Drop out of the helicopter, then go up the left ramp to find the Plushie on top.

#19 – Skate Heaven

You need 100% completion in all other THPS2 levels to unlock Skate Heaven. This is also one of the trickier Alien Plushies to find. You must jump grind a light-blue rail to open up the Volcano (Screenshot #1). Now, you have a short window of about 30 seconds to make a jump into the Volcano itself. To do so, you will likely need several tries to fully make the distance. Doing a “Boneless” jump can help here (see Screenshot #2 for the angle to jump into the Volcano). Jumping into the Volcano brings you to a secret area. There on the left by the cliffside sits the 19th and final Plushie behind a ramp.


Upon picking up the last Plushie, The Truth is In Here trophy should unlock right away. You can now also find the secret Alien Character Costume in the Skater section of the main menu. This skater has all stats maxed out and some cool special effects. Enjoy!

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