+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10
+ Offline: Around 10-15 hours
+ Online: Again, around 10-15 hours
+ Approximate time: 20-30 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+ Glitched/Missable trophies: N/A
+ Cheats: No Cheats

This game contains a total of 47 trophies. These include 2 Golds, 9 Silver and 38 Bronze. There is DLC for the game in Rob Drydeks Fantasy Plaza, however, it is important to note that this does NOT have its own set of trophies, so bear this in mind before purchasing. You’re looking at between 20-30 hours to gain platinum, however, this is a target probably geared towards the higher skilled players due to the learning curve with the controls and getting to grips with the various moves.


– On Top Of The World Bronze Trophy
Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode

Easiest place to do this would be the SV Peak, just invert (R1) approaching a ledge up a vert anywhere on top by the housing and you’ll get it

– Skater Evolved Bronze Trophy
Get off your board in career mode

Very simple, asked to do it in tutorial. You cannot miss it as you’re requried to do it as part of the advancment of the story plot.

– I Like To Move It Bronze Trophy
Move your first object in career mode

Very simple, asked to do it in tutorial. You cannot miss it as you’re requried to do it as part of the advancment of the story plot.

– That’s the Way Bronze Trophy
Beat all of Danny Way’s film challenges

Danny Way offers about 6/7 challenges in the game headed under the bonus section. Completing the final one unlocks the trophy.

– GVR Champ Bronze Trophy
Win the GVR Contest

Winning all the Street Contests eventually allows you to enter the Goofy vs Regular competition. Win that and you’ll unlock the trophy. There are around 6 street contests before you enter the slam.

– Big Air Champ Bronze Trophy
Win the San Van-a-Slamma

Winning all the Tranny contests eventually allows you to enter the San Vanna Slam. Win that and you’ll the trophy. There are about 6 tranny contests before the slam.

– Still Alive? Bronze Trophy
Win a Deathrace in career mode

Pretty simple, win your first deathrace in career mode. Your first race you take part in is part of the main story so you cannot miss trophy.

– Race Hero Bronze Trophy
Win all races in career mode

Win all deathraces in career mode, there are about 11/12 in total. The races are unlocked after you complete the first one (story related) and are marked with a skull on the minimap.

– Where’s my TV show? Bronze Trophy
Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges

Rob Drydek offers about 6/7 challenges (same as Way) headed under the bonus section. Completing the final one unlocks the trophy.

– Meet Slappy Bronze Trophy
Meet Slappy

Very simple, automatic during the tutorial.

– New San Van Hero Bronze Trophy
Call Mikey 10 times

Call Mikey whenever you see the prompt to un-cap a railing, indicated in the top left with an orange crowbar. Call him 10 times and the trophy unlocks.

– Pull the Plug Bronze Trophy
Drain every pool and fountain in career mode

Call Sam whenever you see the prompt to drain a pool. Can be achieved through career progression as you need to drain pools for Thrasher photo shoots but you’ll need to look for the other fountains and pools a bit harder.

Useful map below.

– Real Estate Mogul Bronze Trophy
Purchase all property in career mode

There are 2 properties to purchase in career mode. One is accessible from the very start of the game but you’ll need to progress quite a bit as it is quite expensive to purchase. The second comes when you’ve completed all team challenges and can then be purchased.

– Fully Sponsored Bronze Trophy
Obtain all sponsorships

This is done through the career mode after obtaining sponsors for Trucks, Deck and Shoes. It will come upon completing a certain number of main story goals so this cannot be missed.

– The Architect Bronze Trophy
Upload a created spot

Pretty simple. Press select and then go to the “Create a spot” option in the menu. You will then be prompted to follow a tutorial to complete and upload your first spot, which is all you’ll need. Follow the tutorial and thats it.

– The Critic Bronze Trophy
Rate 10 community videos and photos

Again, pretty simple. Just go to the community online page which can be found on the main menu and rate 10 pictures and videos from the vast selection. Stick to pictures if you want it quick because you need to watch videos through.

– Pwn some n00bs Bronze Trophy
Win an online ranked match

As it says really. No easy to way a match, you just have to be better. Also depends on the mode, if you’re going for what i recommened throughout the guide (spot battles), just manual in and out of tricks to get a decent score.

– Amateur Skater Bronze Trophy
Achieve Amateur Rank Online

Amatuer rank just requires 1 bronze from any game mode to unlock, vey straight foward. 1 bronze requires 100 exp which can be achieved in as little as 4 games. I would probably recommend Spot Battles for those looking for a fast route.

– Graphically Extreme Bronze Trophy
Add a custom graphic to your skater

Wear a plain t-shirt, press X to customise it when you have it highlighted in the clothes selection screen and you can add a graphic to it.

– Dethrowned Bronze Trophy
Download and own a community-created spot

Press select, then select “create-a-spot”. Choose “Browse” and select “most recent”. Attempt the first one you see, it will most likely be easy to beat. If it isnt, just manaually look down and see any which look easy enough to beat quickly.

– Skater’s Choice Bronze Trophy
Win the Skater’s choice award in an online ranked match

Pretty much out of your control, you get voted throughout a ranked match by the others players. If you get the best rating (Shown by a thumbs up next to your name on the results screen) you’ll unlock it.

You could also mark down your opponents as “weak” on purpose (since everyones rating is automatically set to “OK” at the start). Yes, its cheap, but it works.

– Juggling Chainsaws Bronze Trophy
Wipeout at high speed in career mode

I’d recommend doing this at the SV Dam. Spawn at the top, drop down and you’ll pick up enough speed to bail and unlock the trophy.

– Skitched Up Bronze Trophy
Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode

To skitch, stand behind a car and hold R1 and you’ll trail behind it. Just repeat and you’ll eventually unlock the trophy.

– Make it Big! Bronze Trophy
Use Big Black’s service 10 times in Career Mode

As with Mikey, a double B prompt will appear when you can call Big Black. The option only arises when you’re near a public place with police around. Just call him 10 times and it will appear.

– Running Man Bronze Trophy
Escape a chase off board in career mode

This can be quite tricky. I’d recommend being close to something you can jump over so guards will only be able to catch you buy taking a long route around. If you manage to jump over something, you should have a good enough headstart to escape.

– DIY Bronze Trophy
Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode

This can be fairly tedious. Just move things around….for 30 minutes. Hold R1 to move and object. You can actually get alot of non-tedious grab time through certain goals in the main story and certain hall of meat challenges.

– Good Samaritan Bronze Trophy
Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode

This event is usually random so you might need to walk around and you’ll eventaully see a skater being chased. Knock down a security guard chasing him and you’ll get the trophy. It can take a while to find a skater actually being chased but just stick to police hotspots and it should eventually happen.

-Need for Speed Bronze Trophy
Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode

Again, i’d recommend the SV Dam. Just spawn at the top and drop down but be careful because its very easy to bail at high speed.

– Sandbag Bronze Trophy
Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode

Again, i’d probably recommend the Dam. Alot of it is down to chance but you can get a good fall off the top of the dam so keep trying and it will come.

– Gender Bender Bronze Trophy
Change your skater’s gender

Very easy. Press “Start”, select “Edit Skater” and then change gender.

– Grasshopper Bronze Trophy
Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode.

Easy to explain. When you unlock “The top of the E” spawn point through the Hall of Meat path, drop off the top of the spawn point and make sure you air through the electricity pylon when you take the drop. You will unlock it if you land the big air.

– Stairmaster Bronze Trophy
Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode

Trick over any of the stair sets in the area where “The Statue” own the spot is.

– Uninsurable Bronze Trophy
Break 100 bones in career mode

Keep bailing. Keep Hall of Meat’ing. This one is easy.

– Playing Nice Together Bronze Trophy
Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater

In “Online Freeskate” complete one of the set Freeskate activities.

– Cooperation is key Bronze Trophy
Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater

As above but complete 50 activites.

– SBM Cover Silver Trophy
Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag

Complete all Skateboard Mag related goals under the “Career” section. Your last challenge involves airing over a statue and you will unlock the trophy after completing it. Story related and cannot missed.

– Thrasher Cover Silver Trophy
Get the cover of Thrasher

Complete all Thrasher related goals under the “Career” section. Your last challenge will be at the top of the SV Dam and you will unlock the trophy after completing it. Story related and cannot be missed.

– How you like them apples? Silver Trophy
Acquire all phone numbers for the pros

To acquire a number, beat a “Pro” challenge under the “Career” section. Remember to beat Shingo at a game of SKATE too under the bonus section! This causes alot of people problems as he technically isnt a pro, but must be beaten for the pro challenges to be unlocked.

See “Anyone Else?” for actual Pro challenges and what they require

– Anyone Else? Silver Trophy
Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges

After obtaining all numbers, you’ll be told you can face the pros at a game of SKATE. There are 27 pros to beat in total and they can be very tough to beat. I recommend trying the Boneyard as a location and going for triple/quad flips with turn if possible. They cannot combat those 95% of the time.

– Spare Parts Silver Trophy
All Hall Of Meat paths complete

Cracking Guide right here -> Skate 2 – PS3 XB360/Hall of Meat – WikiCheats

– Urban Legend Too Silver Trophy
Own all spots in career mode

There are 22 spots to own, they arent too difficult to own just manual into and out of tricks and you’ll be able to kill most scores. You only need to “own” the spots meaning you dont have to go all the way and “kill” them too.

– Active Skater Silver Trophy
Successfully complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater

Complete all 150 freeskate activites in a “Freeskate Online” session. Take your time, get a good partner too. I’d recommened less people as each challenge needs everyone to complete it before its classed as complete for yourself.

– Online Pro Silver Trophy
Achieve Pro Rank Online

Pro Rank requires 3 bronze and 1 silver. I’d recommend Spot Battle, Hall of Meat and Deathrace as the easiest ways to rank up. 100XP is required for each of the bronze and 500XP is required for a silver.

– Perfectionist Gold Trophy
Complete all paths in career mode

In order to obtain this, you must;

Get both magazine covers
Get all sponsors, Complete all of Danny Way’s Challenges
Complete all of Rob’s Challenges
Beat all Tranny Contests
Beat all Street Contests
Purchased both properties
Win all Deathraces
Completed all Demos for your board sponsor
Finish Team challenges “Streety Mcstreet” and “Air BLAOW!”

Contrary to popular belief. You DO NOT have to complete the hall of meat challenges as part of this goal. The trophy unlocks fine without them.

– Online Legend Gold Trophy
Achieve Legend Rank Online

Legend requires 5 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold WITH 5000XP. I’d recommend Spot Battle as the fastest game type to reach gold in but just keep plugging away and the 5000XP should come soon enough. EA sometimes also run double exp and money weekends so its important to look out for these too and take advantage of them when they come along. It makes the trophy much more easier to achieve.

– SECRET TROPHY Taste The Mongo Silver Trophy
Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode

Easy Peasy, will come automatically. A mongo push is when you push your front foot foward to move on your board. Simply by pressing X, this trophy comes in time.

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