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-Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10
-Overall number of trophies: 49
-Offline: 39 (29 8 2)
-Online: 9(5 4 )
-Approx time to Platinum: 60+
-Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
-Missable trophies: Spurred To Victory


Land of Opportunity
Complete “The Assault on Fort Mercer”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

Sons of Mexico
Complete “The Gates of El Presidio”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

No More Fancy Words
Complete “An Appointed Time”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

That Government Boy
Complete “Exodus in America”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

A Savage Soul
Complete “At Home with Dutch”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

The Benefits of Civilization
Complete “And the Truth Will Set You Free”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

Into the Sunset
Complete “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed”.
Este trofeu faz parte da historia e não tem como ser perdido.

High Roller
Ganhe mais de 2000 fichas em um jogo de Poker.
Há uma missão no modo história chamada “Lucky in Love” onde você joga um jogo de poker. A compra é grande o suficiente de modo que se você ir em todos e alguém te chamar o pote será suficientemente grande para ganhar o troféu. Eu recomendo você tentar obter o troféu aqui. Se você perder, então você pode reiniciar a missão. Você precisa ir em todos no início. Você tem duas mãos para obtê-lo assim que vai tudo em duas vezes. Normalmente eles vão chamar a segunda mão. Então, só espero que você tenha sorte. Abaixo está um vídeo de como ele é feito.

Spurred to Victory
Complete 20 missões do modo historia sem mudar para um novo cavalo em um estabulo.
You’re going to want to get this trophy out of the way early to avoid having to start a new game as this trophy is missable. This trophy isn’t hard it just takes patience. You need to keep the same horse for the 20 missions. This means that you can’t go out in the wild, catch a better horse and hitch it to your safe house so you can keep it. That along with things like your horse dieing will reset the trophy. Just make sure your horse isn’t in danger of being shot during battles and other precautions like that and you will get this trophy around mission 20. There is a mission early on in the story where you get a new horse and are forced to keep it but don’t worry as that doesn’t reset the trophy.


No Dice
Complete a game of Liar’s Dice without losing a single die.
The point of the game is to take your opponent’s die by calling a bluff or making them incorrectly call you on a bluff. Liar’s Dice can be found in many saloons throughout the game but the first one where you can play it is in Theif’s Landing.

Go in the saloon and play the game. Try to go in and play when there’s only one other player at the table. This will make it easier for you as you won’t need to eliminate as many opponents. Bet the lowest amount you can bet as it will make the skill level of the other player significantly lower. There isn’t much of a strategy you can go by to play this game as this game has a lot of luck involved. You need to guess how many of a certain number die is on the table total, not just what you think he has. Once you guess he can either call you out on a bluff or he could believe you. If he calls you out and you are in fact bluffing you lose a one of your die so don’t make outrageous guesses. You can play at safe and guess smaller numbers as it will increase your chances of getting a correct guess. Don’t call him out on a bluff on smaller numbers only numbers that you know seem hard to get such as 4 5’s or something along those lines. As the game winds down and he loses more die it will be easier for you. Keep trying and in a few games you should have the trophy. Below of a video showing how it should be done.

Nurture or Nature?
Complete “Remember My Family”.
Though it’s not an actual story mission it is a mission that is unlocked after the games completion. Go to Blackwater and by the train station is a stranger. Talk to him and finish the mission and you will get the trophy.

What About Hand Grenades?
Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes.
This is another trophy that requires some luck and patience. Horseshoes can be found in towns and small settlements throughout the world but the easiest one to get to is the one on the MacFarlane Farm. The Horseshoe pit will be located behind your house on the farm. Bet the lowest amount you can so that it will be easier for you. Use to zoom in and make sure that your middle finger is lined up exactly on the post. Now is where you will need a little luck. Move the so that you can get power behind your throw. Move it all the way down and quickly move the back up. Release the horseshoe at the middle line. If you timed it all right and you aimed correctly you should at least hit the post. Continue using this method until you get your ringer. Below is a video showing the strategy to get the trophy.

Fightin’ Around the World
Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player.
There are 7 total saloons throughout the world. You will need to have West Elizabeth unlocked to get this trophy as the final saloon is located there. Once you enter a saloon make sure you have your fists out by checking your weapon radial, then punch someone in the saloon by locking on with and punching with . Block his punches with and quickly counter him with punches of your own. After you land a combo of punches try to tackle him to the ground by pushing . This will make it easier as you get to take free hits on him. Continue to punch him until he’s knocked out. Be ready for a fight though as the people in the saloon won’t like your behavior. I suggest you get out of the saloon as quick as possible and ride away. The locations as well as a map for the saloons are below:

New Austin
1. Armadillo
2. RathSkeller Fork
3. Theive’s Landing
Nuevo Paraiso
4. Escalera
5. Chuparosa
6. Casa Madrugada
West Elizabeth
7. Blackwater

Map Locations

Strange Things are Afoot
Complete a task for Stranger.
See People are Still Strange

People are Still Strange
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers.
The Strangers are represented by a question mark on the map. Go to it and talk to the person there to start the mission. These missions can be done at any time. Below is a map and a written out locations list for the strangers. Thanks to tima_13 for the complete locations list.

1. American Lobbyist
Required Mission: “An Appointed Time”
First Location: “Blackwater”

2. Remember My Family
Required Mission: “The Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed”
First Location: “Blackwater”

3. The Wronged Woman
Required Mission: “An Appointed Time”
First Location: “Blackwater”

4. The Prohibitionist
Required Mission: “An Appointed Time” & #3 “The Wronged Woman”
First Location: “Blackwater”

5. Aztec Gold
Required Mission: “Must a Savior Die?”
First Location: “Sidewinder Gulch”

6. Poppycock
Required Mission: “Civilization, at Any Price”
First Location: “Chuparosa”

7. Love is the Opiate
Required Mission: “Empty Promises” & #6 “Poppycock”
First Location: “El Matadero”

8. Eva in Peril
Required Mission: “Lucky in Love”
First Location: “Casa Madrugada”

9. Deadalus and Son
Required Mission: “We shall be Together in Paradise”
First Location: “Agave Viejo”

#10 doesn’t count towards 100%, because apparently if you don’t do all parts
of this mission before the main story ends, then you can’t do it
10. I Know You
Required Mission: “A tempest Looms”
First Location: “Mescalero”
Required Mission: “We Shall be together in paradise”
Second Location: “Mescalero”
Required Mission: “An Appointed Time”
Third Location: “Mescalero”

11. Lights Camera Action
Required Mission: “The Sport of Kings and Liars”
First Location: “Armadillo”
Required Mission: “An Appointed Time”
Second Location: “Pacific Union Railroad Camp”

12. Who are you to Judge
Required Mission: “Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans”
First Location: “Rathskeller Fork”

13. Water and Honesty
Required Mission: “Political Realities in Armadillo”
First Location: between “Armadillo and MacFarlane’s Ranch”

14. Jenny’s Faith
Required Mission: “This is Armadillo USA”
First Location: “Ridgewood Farm”

15. Flowers for a lady
Required Mission: “New Friends, Old Problems”
First Location: between “MacFarlane’s Ranch and Thieve’s Landing”

16. Let No Man Put Asunder
Required Mission: “Obstacles in Our Path”
First Location: Coot’s Chapel

17. California
Required Mission: “Women and Cattle”
First Location: “Gaptooth Ridge”
Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
Second Location: “Cueva Seca”
Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
Third Location: “Gaptooth Ridge”
Required Mission: none; 1 or 2 days in game
Fourth Location: “Tumbleweed”

18. Funny Man
Required Mission: “Exhuming and Other fine hobbies”
First Location: “Benedict Point”
Required Mission: “Man is born Unto Trouble”
Second Location: “Gaptooth Breech”
Required Mission: “Man is born Unto Trouble”
Third Location: “Pike’s Basin”
Required Mission: “Empty Promises”
Fourth Location: “Tesoro Azul”

19. American Appetites
Required Mission: “Political Realities in Armadillo”
First Location: “Armadillo”
Required Mission: “Justice in Pike’s Basin”
Second Location: “Armadillo”
Required Mission: “Wild Horses Tamed Passions”
Third Location: “Armadillo”

Stranger Map

Buckin’ Awesome
Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred.
The only hard part about this trophy is finding the horses. The horses are always in the same general area but they made sometimes be hard to see or not even out at all depending on the time of day. If you look on your map there will also be a horse icon around the same area. If you ride around the following aread however you will eventually see the horses.

Kentucky Saddler – McFarlane’s Ranch in New Austin. The horse is a brown, black, or chestnut, often with white face and leg markings.

American Standerdbred – Beecher’s Hope in West Elizabeth. The horse is all black so I suggest you avoid trying to find it at night.

Hungarian Half-Bred – Between Escalera and Punta Orugullo in Mexico. The horse is all white except for its face which is black.

Clemency Pays
Capture a bounty alive.
Before you attempt to get this trophy you will need two things. The ability to capture bounties and a lasso. You will get the ability to capture bounties after the mission “Political Realities in Armadillo.” You will unlock the lasso after the mission “Wild Horses, Tamed Passions.” With these two requirements met you will be ready to get this trophy.

In every major town and some small settlements you will find bounties. These are represented by the skull on your mini map. Go to the marker and read the wanted poster. Once you accept the bounty red markers will appear on your map that will take you directly to the criminal you are trying to capture. I suggest you shoot the bounties fellow outlaws first to make it easier on yourself. Now it should be you, your horse and the target. You can either shoot the target in the leg to stun him while you hogtie him or you could simply lasso him. To hogtie him get near him when he’s either on the ground or he’s already in your lasso and push . Once he’s hogtied pick him up and place him on the back of your horse. Then ride to the nearest jail and put him behind bars. Your trophy will appear soon after. Below is a video of what it should look like.

Exquisite Taste
Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith.
There are 5 rare weapons in the game but you only need to purchase one for this trophy. Below are the locations of the rare weapons.

Mauser Pistol— Buy Only From Blackwater, West Elizabeth

Lemat Revolver– Escalera Gunsmith, Mexico after the Revolution

Carcano Rifle — Blackwater Gunsmith

Evans Repeater—- Blackwater Gunsmith

Semi AutoMatic Shotgun — Escalera Gunsmith

Manifest Destiny
Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player.
The buffalo are located just west of Blackwater on the Great Plains. Ride around and kill all of the buffalo in the area. There is a total of 20 buffalo you need to kill to get the trophy. Once you’ve killed all 20 buffalo you will have earned the trophy.

Bearly Legal
Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears.
Bears are found in the area called Tall Trees. This area is in West Elizabeth so you will need to have that area unlocked to get this trophy. Bears are a dangerous foe and not to mention a pain in the butt to find. When you do find a bear however simply shoot it until it dies. I suggest either being on your horse and moving constantly or using Dead Eye as bears will bring down your health to blinking red in one hit. Once the bear is dead skin it by going up to it and pushing . Repeat this 17 more times and you will net yourself a trophy.

He Cleans Up Well!
Obtain the Elegant Suit.
The Elegant Suit can be purchased at Theive’s Landing. The tailor you buy it from is only open during the day so if it’s late in the evening you can either wait it out or go rest up as it advances time by 6 hours. The suit will cost you about $70.

More than a Fistful
Earn $10,000 in Single Player.
You can earn money number of different ways in Red Dead Redemption. The easiest by far however is Five Finger Fillet. To play the game go to a town and go to the hand icon on your map. If you have quick reflexes this should be no problem. Keep putting the bet as high as it can go and you will win practically every time. The patterns don’t change once you reach the max bet of $100 so memorization will help a lot. If you memorize the $100 pattern and you have quick reflexes you should be able to make $10,000 in a couple of minutes.

Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge.
The ambient challenges can be viewed in your journal. Go into your journal on the start screen and then click on challenges. There are 10 levels to each challenge. Complete any challenge all the way up to level 10 and you will get the trophy. Below I have a link to a challenge guide that I made also a list of challenges are as follows:

Master Hunter
Treasure Hunter

Challenges guide

Man of Honor / Chivalry’s Dead
Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank.
You get Fame and Honor in just about everything you do. It goes up when missions are completed and when side missions are completed. Your Fame will can only go up so it doesn’t matter if you choose the good way or bad way your Fame rank will go up. Your Honor rank on the other hand is effected by your decisions. Missions will bring this rank up or down depending on the way you went about the mission. For instance if someone asks you to get them a deed to a house you will have two choices. Pay for it or take it. If you pay for it your Honor rank will go up and if you take it it will go down. Be consistent with your choices and you will get this trophy in no time. If you switch between good and bad then you will need to do a few extra side missions to get your Honor rank to where it needs to be.

Gold Medal
Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player.
This is a relatively easy trophy. You get a medal awarded to you after each mission that’s based off of your performance during the mission. For combat missions it takes into account the amount of time it took you, the amount of head shots you had and your accuracy. For this trophy I suggest you put your targeting skill at casual. To do this go to Options, then Config and then it’s the first one. You can do this on any combat mission so go to Stats, Missions and then pick the mission you would like to do. You can tell it’s a combat mission because it will say your best accuracy, head shots and time on the mission.

On the Trail of de Vaca
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.
There are a total of 94 locations throught the world. You can eitehr travel to the locations yourself you you can buy maps at stores in the area. Maps are cheap and they are an easy way to uncover the locations. They also don’t require you to travel to each location. However if you want to rid to each place to uncover it yourself below will be a map showing you exactly where all of them are. Below is a link to a map of every location in the game.

Locations Map

Get 250 headshots in any game mode.
This trophy will come with time. You will have a lot of headshots by the time you complete the game so I wouldn’t even worry about this trophy until after you complete the story. If you do not have it by the end you can replay missions to get more headshots. Getting headshots online also counts towards the trophy though I think it’s harder to get them that way. You can check your progress towards this trophy in the stats screen. Accumulate 250 headshots and you will get the trophy.

Unnatural Selection
Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode.
The following are the species of animal you can find in the game. You will need to kill each animal in the game. You don’t need to skin or take the feathers of all the animals killing them is good enough. Not all of the animals are needed for the trophy however; the ones needed are listed below as well as a guide telling you the locations of all of the animals you need to find.

Bighorn Sheep
Grizzly Bears
Horse (Wild)

Animal Locations Guide

Friends in High Places
Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player.
You can get pardon letters from multiple places throughout the game. Everytime you defeat a gang hideout you get a pardon letter from the local sheriff. You can also get them through numerous amounts of story missions throughout the game. The bounty is the hard part to get. $5000 is a lot of bounty to rack up. I suggest go to a town like Blackwater and enter the saloon. Go upstairs and hide behind the railing and rain down lead on everyone in sight. This should get your bounty up fast. People will continue to come to try and kill you but you should be safe. Get a few medicine packs before trying this. If people stop coming get on your horse and do this in the next town you see. Keep doing this until you get a bounty of $5000. Once you get the bounty ride your horse to the telemarketing stations. They are represented by telephone poles on your mini map. Once there talk to the man behind the desk to pay off your bounty. Make sure to use your pardon letter and you will get the trophy. Below is a video showing a good strategy to get the $5000 bounty.

Heading South on a White Bronco
Evade the US Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-Bred horse in Single Player.
You will need the horse before you can even try for this trophy. The horse can be found between Escalera and Punta Orugullo in Mexico. There are horse icons on the map and that’s where they will be. They stick out as they are all white or light grey with black noses. Once you have the horse ride to a nearby town and start to cause chaos. You will need to work up enough bounty so that not only are the sheriffs after you but the US Marshals are after you also. The magic number is about 1500. You need $1500 bounty on your head so get that in Blackwater. Once you have the bounty sleep as if you were saving but you don’t actually need to save. Once you awake you will get a message saying that the US Marshall is after you. Go back into Blackwater and kill a few more people until they arrive. Then you can either escape on your horse or kill them. If you decide to kill them make sure you’re on your horse. Once you escape US Marshals you will get the trophy. I suggest you try to get $5000 bounty so that you can get this and the Friends in High Places at the same time.

Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train.
We’ve all seen the movies where an bandit ties up a damsel in distress and puts her on the train tracks to meet her death. Well instead of you being the hero you’re going to be that villain. The only requirement is that you have the lasso. Once you have that go into a town and lasso a woman by locking onto her with and lassoing her with . Once you have her go hold onto the rope and go near her. Press to hogtie her. Put her on the back of your horse and ride to train tracks. Look on your map for the closest ones. Once you’ve found some take the woman off your horse and carry her onto the train tracks. Place her down on them and then just wait. It shouldn’t be too long until a train comes and once it does simply watch it hit her and a trophy is yours. The following is a video of how it’s done.

Austin Overpowered
Complete Twin Rocks, Pike’s Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single Player.
See Instinto Asesino

Evil Spirits
Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player.
See Instinto Asesino

Instinto Asesino
Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player.
For these hideout trophies you need to take down each hideout in Single Player. Online will not count for these trophies. The hideouts are heavily fortified areas that are filled to the brim with bandits trying to defend their turf. Each hideout is different but the same type of directions apply. You will need to take out all of the bandits and some other secondary objective unique to each hideout. Below is the requirements for the hideouts as well as a map.

Fort Mercer Hideout:
Requirement: We Shall Be Together in Paradise

Nosalida Hideout:
Requirement: We Shall Be Together in Paradise

Tesoro Azul Hideout:
Requirement: The Demon Drink

Tumbleweed Hideout:
Requirement: New Friends, Old Problems

Twin Rocks Hideout:
Requirement: New Friends, Old Problems

Pike’s Basin Hideout:
Requirement: Justice in Pike’s Basin

Gaptooth Breach Hideout:
Requirement: Man is Born Unto Trouble

Hideout Locations
The Gunslinger
Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode.
First off you need to change your targeting settings to expert. To do this press and go to options. From options go to config and from there change your targeting settings to expert. Now just get a headshot on an enemy whatever way possible. The easiest way would be to use Dead Eye but you don’t have to. This is one of the easiest trophies in the game.

Mowing Them Down
Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode.
You need to get 500 kills with mounted weapon such as the Gatling Gun or Cannon in online or offline. The trophies are not cumulative so you will need to get the trophy you will need to have either 500 offline or 500 online not 500 between them. The best place for this is El Presidio in Mexico. On your map to the left of the words El Presidio you will see a cannon icon. Go there. It’s a jail but it’s more like a fortress with the amount of cannons on it. When you get there get in trouble with the law in some way and have the lawmen come after you. Get on one of the cannons that overlook the main roads into the fort and shoot any that come to you. Once you get your 500th kill with a mounted weapon you will receive the trophy.

In a Hail of Bullets
Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode.
This one is pretty self explanatory. Any pistols or revolvers in the game count towards this trophy. Both offline and online kills count towards the trophy but they are not cumulative. All 500 must be earned either online or offline. I suggest you get them offline as you should have most of the kills by the end of the game if not all of them. If you still need some then go to the bandit hideouts and clear them out a couple of times to get the kills you need. I wouldn’t worry about this trophy until you’ve completed the game because you should have most if not all of the kills by then.

Long Arm of Marston
Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode.
This is just like the last one just with a different weapon type. Any rifles, repeaters or shotguns in the game count towards this trophy. Both offline or online kills count towards the trophy because remember they aren’t cumulative. I wouldn’t worry about this trophy until you’ve completed the game because you should have most if not all of the kills by then.

Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.
You can check your progress in the stats menu or if you’re signed up to the RockStar Social Club then you can check it there. The following are what is needed to complete the game 100%.

Collect all 5 Rare Weapons
1. Mauser Pistol – bought in Blackwater
2. Carcano Rifle – bought in Blackwater
3. LeMat Revolver – bought in Escalera after the revolution
4. Evans Repeater – bought in Blackwater
5. Semi-automatic Shotgun – bought in Escalera
Collect all 9 Outfits
1. Elegant Suit
– purchased from tailor in Thieves’ Landing

2. Rancher
– unlocked after mission “The Outlaw’s Return”

3. Poncho
– you get it after you buy a safe house in Mexico

4. Bollard Twins
– to unlock it, kill a Bollard Twins member
– Scrap 1 can be found in Thieves’ Landing; in a warehouse where the mission “On Shaky’s Ground” took place; in the room where Shaky was held
– Scrap 5 is acquired in a random event in Hennigan’s Stead

5. Treasure Hunters
– to unlock it, kill a Treasure Hunter member
– Scrap 1 can be found in Silent Stead; where the road forks, south of Rathskeller Fork, there is a lone house; its inside

6. Bandito
– to unlock it, kill a Bandito member
– Scrap 1 can be found in Sidewinder Gulch; inside the tent, can’t really explain where the tent is because there are no landmarks; map would be useful
– Scrap 5 is a random event in Mexico

7. Reyes’ Rebels
– to unlock it finish mission “An Appointed Time”
– Scrap 1 is in Sepulcro; in the graveyard; close to where you can choose to kill DeSanta or not

8. U.S. Army
– to unlock it finish mission “An Appointed Time”
– Scrap 1 is in Aurora Basin; in a cabin at the top of the lake which is to the left of west elizabeth

9. U.S. Marshall
– after you pass mission “The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed” you will have to go to all gang hideouts in the U.S. and complete them all in less than 24 hours in game time.
– U.S. gang hideouts: Tumbleweed, Twin Rocks, Pike’s Basin, Gaptooth Breach and Fort Mercer
Play all 6 Mini Games
1. Poker
2. Blackjack
3. Horseshoes
4. Five Finger Fillet
5. Liar’s Dice
6. Arm Wrestling
Discover all 94 Map Locations
– you can get most of these locations by buying maps in stores; after you buy the map, make sure to activate it by going to your satchel and clicking on it

1. Cholla Springs Map – bought in Armadillo
2. Rio Bravo Map – bought in Thieves’ Landing
3. Gaptooth Ridge Map – bought in Armadillo
4. Perdido Map – bought in Chuparosa
5. Diez Coronas Map – bought in Chuparosa
6. Great Plains Map – bought in Blackwater
7. Tall Trees Map – bought in Manzanita Post
Work the 5 Dfferent Jobs
– Nightwatch:
1. MacFarlanes Ranch
2. Chuparosa
3. Blackwater

– Horsebreaking:
4. Ridgewood Farm
5. Chuparosa

Complete Main Story
just play through the great story
Finish all 7 Gang Hideouts
1. Tumbleweed
2. Twin Rocks
3. Pike’s Basin
4. Gaptooth Breach
5. Nosalida
6. Fort Mercer
7. Tesoro Azul
***this hideout is exclusive to PS3 and is not needed for 100%
8. Solomon’s Folly
Catch all 20 Bounties
– there are some posters you can find in multiple cities in a section (new austin, mexico, west elizabeth) of the map and there are some posters that only appear at certain cities

– there are more than 40 bounties; you only need 20 bounties dead or alive for 100%; also 8 bounties have to be from new austin, 8 bounties have to be from mexico and 4 have to be from west elizabeth

8 from here:
Escalera, Chuparosa and El Presidio have 12 bounties

4 from here:
Blackwater and Manzanita Post have 12 bounties

8 from here:
Armadillo has 7 bounties (Moe Van Barr is here)
Rathskeller Fork has 6 bounties
MacFarlanes Ranch has 6 bounties

– Posters are put up every morning. If you go to the town and stay there for a few minutes a bounty will come up.
Complete all Challenges to level 10
1. survivalist
– to unlock, pick a Wild Feverfew in the wild

2. master hunter
– to unlock, skin a coyote

3. treasure hunter
– to unlock, find the 1st treasure map
– the first treasure map is given to you in a random event where 2 bandits are attacking 1 wagon driver, if you kill the bandits and the driver survives he gives you the map; i got this event in my first hour of playing, i was driving from Macfarlanes ranch to Armadillo and saw the shootout; the rest of the maps are given to you automatically after completing the previous treasure hunt.

4. sharpshooter
– to unlock, shoot a flying bird

– after unlocking the challenges, go to start -> journal -> challenges and check the requirements for the current level of the challenge and then get to it!

– survivalist maps, bait, and better weapons make the challenges easier
Buy all 13 Houses
1. Armadillo
2. MacFarlane’s Ranch
3. Beecher’s Hope
4. Thieve’s Landing
5. Mexican shack (you automatically get this once you enter Mexico.)
6. Rathskeller Fork
7. Escalera
8. Chuparosa
9. Casa Madrugada
10. El Matadero
11. Blackwater
12. Manzanita Post
13. Jack’s Bed
Finish all 18 strangers’ tasks
– see People are still Strange


Have Gun Will Travel
Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session.
Join a Public Free Roam game and take a look on the map. The Hideouts are marked as bandit heads on your map. You will need to beat all of the Hideouts in one sitting in the same Free Roam lobby. You can do them by yourself or with your posse it doesn’t matter as long as they are completed. Once you’ve beaten your last Hideout the trophy will unlock.

Hit the Trail
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session.
This trophy isn’t hard but it will take a couple minutes of riding to get. Wait until sunrise and make sure you’re in Blackwater. From there hop on your horse and go to your map so you can set a waypoint to Escalera. Once it’s set simply follow the road it takes you on. Use your horses stamina, don’t take it as a leisurely ride. If you try to move fast you will make it with time to spare.

Posse Up!
Create a posse and get the maximum number of members.
Join a multiplayer Free Roam session and invite the people there into your posse. To invite them push and the to go the the players screen. Then hover over their names and click invite to posse. The posse must consist of 8 members including yourself. They need to be in the same session because when someone leaves the session they leave your posse also. You should enter the room and invite everyone. Wait a minute or 2 until some of the people accept your invite. Then join a new Free Roam room and your posse will come also. Then invite everyone you can in that room. Wait for a few more people to enter your posse and continue to repeat the process until you get 8 people in your posse. Thanks to Mastodon for finding that method. Once you get 8 people the trophy will unlock. Below is the trophy boosting thread to help you.

Most Wanted
Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.
First join an online Free Roam session. Second go around kill law enforcers and innocent civilians until you’ve accumulated $1000 in bounty at which point you become a Public Enemy. The other players in the session will be notified that you are now a Public Enemy and they can come after you. You must survive for 10 minutes and then escape. I suggest you boost this trophy or otherwise you will need to get lucky and hope the players in the session don’t come after you. The following link is a link the the boosting thread to ask for help from people from this site.

Red Dead Rockstar
Kill a Rockstar or someone with this Trophy in a public multiplayer match
This is a viral trophy meaning that if you kill someone that has this trophy you will get the trophy yourself. Eventually the trophy will be so common that anyone you kill will give you the trophy. Continue to kill people online and hope you get lucky.

Slow on the Draw
Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session.
Join a multiplayer Free Roam session and get the people in the session to help you with hideouts. Hideouts are located on the map with a bandit head. You get an assist by weakening a bandit and having someone else kill him with the next shot. Shoot at bandits but leave one shot left on them so that your buddies can finish off the kill and get you assists. Get 10 in one hideout and you will get the trophy. The link below is a link to the boosting thread so you can get the trophy easier with people from this site.

The Quick and Everyone Else…
Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches.
The first thing you need to do is join a Free for All game. To do this go into the multiplayer menu and go into “join public session.” From there push and go down to Free for All. Enter the game and win three times in a row.

There are two different game types in FFA and they are Gold Rush and Shootout

Gold Rush – In this game type you will need to capture bags of gold and bring them to chests scattered throughout the map. Kills don’t matter in this game type so try to focus on the gold and not kills. Go for the gold closest to you as soon as you spawn. You want to get the lead early. To pick up a bag press when overtop of it. When the bag is in your hand run it to the nearest chest to you. When you have a bag in your hand the chests will be an orange dot on your map. You can pick up multiple bags at one time but remember you are more vunerable as you run slower. Get the most bags by the end of the game and you will win.

Shootout – This is your standard FFA Deathmatch. The key to this game is knowing where the weapon spawns are. It’s doesn’t matter if you are an amazing shooter, if you are out gunned you will most likely die. Pistols are better if you have a quick trigger finger as you can kill a person in about a round depending on the pistol. If your trigger finger isn’t so great use a longer range, more accurate rifle and try to go for headshots either way will net you a lot of kills. Have the most kills by the end of the game and you will win.

The mode Standoff does NOT count towards the trophy.

How the West Was Won
Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience.
The highest level is 50. The total amount of XP required to reach level 50 is 337,110. This experience can be gotten in any multiplayer game mode so play the one that is best for you. The fastest one however by far is the gang hideout Solomon’s Folly. You can get around 2,000 xp every 2 minutes if you do it by yourself making it a really good place to grind for xp.

Go Team!
Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public matches.
To start this trophy enter a public multiplayer lobby. Then press and go down to the Gang Matches section. Here you will need to win four straight matches. This can be tough considering not only you need to do good but your team does also. The following are the game types that you will play.

Gang Shootout – This is your Team Deathmatch style game. The team that stays together will win the match. A group of three guys can take down an enemy in seconds so if you have your team stay together and use teamwork you will win with ease. The team with the most kills by the end of the game wins.

Hold Your Own – It’s a Capture the Flag style game. Each team has a side and a bag of gold. your goal is to steal the gold from your opponent and bring it back to your side. Have you ever heard that saying “offense is the best defense?” Yea well use that concept here. The bases are not far apart on any map so you need to run across the battlefield with your team and take the bag of gold as a group. There’s a good chance that there’s going to be at least one guy waiting back protecting the bag. He should be no match for your team if you’re together. The team with the most bag captures at the end wins.

Grab the Bag – It’s like Hold Your Own except this time there’s one bag and it’s placed in the middle of the map. This game type is all out chaos. Since the bag is the only thing you need to grab it’s a constant fight over control of the bag spawning area. Once again teamwork really works in this game so use it to your advantage. The team with the most bag captures by the end of the game wins.

Legend of the West
You’ve become a true legend of the west!
Congratulations! You earn this when you earn every other trophy in the game.

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