Trophy Guide

First Glory
Awarded for your first win

Pretty simple, Just win a game, you will get this during UEFA Champions League.

Winning Streak
Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches

You will also get this during UEFA Champions League, just keep winnig matches, set it to beginner and 5 mins.

Come From Behind
A title awarded when you come from behind and win

See “Last-minute Win” for more details.

Last-minute Win
A title awarded when you score the winning goal in extra time

To get this you will also get “Come From Behind” trophy if you follow my steps, at the start of the match, pass the ball to the keeper and score an own goal, now you score another one which make’s it 1-1, then just pass the ball around, but dont score! When its stoppage time, score a goal, then after the match has finished, you two trophies should follow, if you have any difficulties, set it as beginner and 10 mins.

World Tour
Awarded for playing at all the stadiums

There are 22 stadium’s, you will need to play at all the stadiums, Go to Exhibition then Stadium. Here’s a list of all 22 Stadium’s:

  • Konami Stadium
  • Anfield
  • Old Trafford
  • Wembley Stadium
  • Camp Nou
  • Santiago Bernabeu
  • Estadio Do Dragao
  • Estadio Jose Alvalade
  • Estadio Da Luz
  • Amsterdam Arena
  • El Monumental
  • Saitama Stadium 2002
  • Stade De France
  • Stade Louis ll
  • Estadio Amazonas
  • Bristol Mary Stadium
  • Estadio De Palenque
  • Mohamed Lweis Stadium
  • Ville Marie Stadium
  • Giuseppe Meazza
  • San Siro
  • Stadio Olimpico

Also make a list of all these stadiums, make’s things quicker and easier.

Awarded for an average foul rate of less than 1 per match in your 10 most recent matches

See “Possession Play” for more details.

Possession Play
Awarded for achieving a possession rate of 60% or higher in your 10 most recent matches

You can get this and the ‘Gentleman’ trophy at the same time, its not that hard, just pass to the defenders and goalkeeper, keep passing() for ‘Possession Play’ and dont foul for ‘Gentleman’.

League Title
A title awarded for winning one of the top leagues in (Master League)

Really simple, in Master League, just come first in a league. Eg Premier League, La Liga, or Serie A

European Elite 16
A title awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League in (Master League)

Really easy, Champions League come’s near the start of the season, just win 6 matches and your through!

Pro Debut
A title awarded when you make your Become a Legend pro debut

Easy, You only have to play your first game on Become a Legend mode, does’nt have to be a full match.

International Cup Debut
A title awarded when you play in the Become a Legend International Cup

Same as ‘Pro Debut’ trophy, instead its International Cup, just play in it and trophy should pop-up at the end.

Winning Streak(Online)
Awarded when you have 5 successful Ranking Match wins in the Online

See “High Win Ratio(Online)” for more details.

Hat-trick Hero
Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks

You can get this in one match, all you need to do is score a hat-trick(3 goals) per match or in one match, make sure you set the difficulty to beginner and 25 mins so you can score 5 hat-tricks.

Ace Striker
Awarded for playing 20 matches, scoring in recent 5, averaging 2 goals per match

Really easy, You’ll get this while playing Master League, try to score 3 goals or more per match.

FK Specialist
A title awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks

This is one of the hardest trophy to get in the game.
Set the difficult to beginner and 30 mins, you can get this in one match, follow my steps to get this trophy.
Go to Edit and make your opponents goalkeeper small and his abilities to 1, then go to A.C Milan, and set Pirlo’s Power to 99 and freekick accuracy to 99, then you’ve got two choice, one is hold around the box and the other is just run round the penalty box, good luck!

Conquered Europe
A title awarded when you win the Master League UEFA Champions League

Really simple, just win the UEFA Champions League in Master League.

No. 1 Club
Awarded for topping the Club Ranking in Master League

To get this trophy, you’ll need to become first in the league, you’ll get this with ‘League Title’ too.

European Footballer of the Year
Awarded if a member of your team wins the European Footballer of the Year in Master League

To get this trophy, you’ll have to play a full season(2009 and 2010) and score alteast 4-5 goals and 3-4 assists, after you finished your season, ‘Leave to Coach’ until you get to December, week 1 on your second season(2010 and 2011).

10 years of Service
A title to honour 10 years of service in Master League

This is a very long trophy.
After you’ve got all of your trophies for Master League, this should be your last trophy to get in Master League, to make things quicker/faster just ‘Leave to Coach’ until season 10.

Internation Cup MVP
A title awarded when you receive the Become a Legend International Cup Player of the Tournament

See “Super Hero” for more details.

A title awarded when you play have played for 10 clubs in total in 4 countries in Become a Legend

Again, this is a very long trophy to get.
To get this trophy, you’ll need to play for 10 clubs, with 4 different teams from each country and 6 teams from your choise/random, after you’ve played with 4 different teams from different countries, ‘Leave to Coach’ when you start the 6th seasons, so its alot easier for you.

  • England – Chelsea
  • Spain – Barcelona
  • Italy – Inter
  • Dutch – Ajax
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random
  • Random

High Win Ratio(Online)
Awarded when you achieve a win ratio above 75% in Last 20 results of Online

To get this and “Winning Streak(Online)” trophy, you’ll need a boosting partner, after that, Go to ‘Online’ then you’ll need to win 5 then lose 5, then tell your boosting partner to use a different account, then you win 10 more matches, then rinse and repeat the same to your partner.

Made the Knockout Stage
A title awarded for making the Knockout Stage of the UEFA Champions League

Really easy, this is the first option on the Main Menu, same as the Master league one, Just win 6 matches to go to knockout Stage.

Lone Ranger
A title awarded when you score from 35m or more

This trophy is hard.
Refer to my tip for the ”FK Speicalist” trophy, on how to change the goalkeeper’s abilities, then when your near the half-way line, press twice til the power is half way, or past the middle-line or:

A tip for long ranger, go to edit and make the opposition goalkeeper take all set-pieces, then from kick off give away a corner, the keeper should take it, hit them on the counter attack and score in an open goal from 35M+

another tip for long ranger was change the view to player
this way you can see the goal ahead
i did it twice in one match with the view like this

Abaixo video de como conseguir o trofeu.

World Champions
Awarded for winning the Konami Cup in Master League

Really easy too, Konami Cup come’s in the middle of Master League, Its only one match, win it and the trophy is yours.

Perfect Season
Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League

All you have to do is, win all the matches in Master League, 61 Wins, 0 Draws and 0 Loss, simple.

The Super Hero
Won both World Footballer of the Year and European Footballer of the Year titles in Become a Legend

To get this and “Internation Cup MVP” trophy, you’ll need to win every single match, score 2-3 goals per match, try to play every match, get MVP in all matches and a 8.0 rating per match, you’ll probably get this on your 3rd or 4th season.

European Champions
A title awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League

Simple, just like the Master League one, win the UEFA Champions League, this is the first option in the Main Menu.

Ultimate Player
Ultimate Trophy Collector

Congratulations, You’ve achieved the platinum!

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