Road Map

-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 9/10
-Offline Trophies: 29
-Online Trophies: None
-Approximate Amount of Time to 100%: 40-50 hours
-Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1
-Number of Missable Trophies: None
-Glitched Trophies: None
-Cheats: None

For a PSN game, and even when compared with full Blu-Ray releases, this game is brutal when it comes to getting 100%. A lot of them can be achieved with little effort, but there are a handful that will leave you tearing your hair out, and they have some of the most complicated requirements for a trophy out there. In order to 100% this game, you’ll need to be willing to do a few things; you’ll have to put up with a fair bit of grinding, several unbelievably difficult in game trophies, and you’ll need to be willing to spend close to 20 bucks on top of the price of the main game. If none of this sounds like it’s for you, delete the game off of your HDD and pretend it never happened. Otherwise, we’ll move on. I’m going to break the trophies down into the main game and the DLC, and for the King of Pain trophy, I’ll be including every in game trophy you need. As for which order you tackle the trophies, it’ll depend on whether you want to get the hardest trophies out of the way first, and if you’ve purchased the DLC. In the main guide, I’ll make note of the hardest trophies, the grinding trophies and the quick and easy trophies, and it’ll be up to you whether you want to start work on the tougher ones first, or if you want to get a handful of trophies quickly with little effort. The trophies will also be coded to indicate if they are difficult (Diff), time consuming (Grind), or if they need additional content to achieve (Add).

King of Pain Gold Trophy Get All Downtown Trophies (Diff)(Grind)(Add)

See the King of Pain thread for a list of all the requirements needed to get this trophy.

This is the closest thing to a Platinum for this game. You get it for receiving all of the in game trophies in the downtown level, as well as having Trill and Grenade-a-Maid, which I’ll discuss later. I’ll be listing each of the in game trophies required, and some idea of how to get them.


Graduation: Complete the tutorial, which you have to do to start the regular game.

-Unlock Ice Tea: Break your groin 50 times. Just fly at a pole or something crotch first over and over again. You’ll see the ripped groin icon come up every time you do it.

Unlock the Dude: Play the bowling multiplayer game 12 times. You can do this yourself with two controllers.

Unlock Ed: In the first map of the Downtown level, when you start, there will be a grabbable exploding crate on the ground to your left. Ed will be walking around on your right, on the sidewalk. Shoot towards the crate, grab it and either throw it as soon as you grab it to send it towards Ed, or ooch towards him holding it. Make sure you see the Ed icon for hitting him. Do this 12 times.

Unlock Aftermath: You need to get a 1.5 million point score in one run. The easiest way to do this is to launch yourself down the stairs to the subway, avoiding the exploding crates and the train, go up through the vent at the back, and ooch your way onto the road. From there, wait until a car runs you over, and then ooch to the opposite side of the road. You should be able to do this back and forth until you get the score.

Unlock Block Party: Launch yourself at the stairs to the subway again, only this time, aim above the granny and grab her by the hair on the way by. Go down the stairs holding the granny and throw her in front of the train, or throw her while you’re on the stairs.

-Unlock Demolition: In the Block Party map, grab the exploding crate on the elevated subway track and ooch towards the corner building where the Hot Hot Hot letters are. The cop and bikini girl are standing together. Hit her with the expoding crate. Reset and do it 5 times total.


Bowling Ball: Grab the giant bowling ball in the far left corner of the first map.

First Grab: Grab something.

King of the Jungle: In the first map, grab the steel girder that is standing on its end on the right side of the map. It’ll start swinging, and you’ll get the trophy.

Grab Master: You get this after your 2,000th grab. You’ll get this eventually.

Blue Hair: You’ll get this unlocking Block Party. Grab a granny.

-Sick and Twisted: You get this after your 5,000th grab. You’ll get it eventually.

Take a Ride: Grab the subway train. Easiest when it is on the elevated tracks to the right of the launcher.


-Ooch: While in the air or on the ground and moving, hit the D-pad in a direction. You’ll get it almost automatically.

Ooch for Two: Grab onto something and then hit the D-pad.

Ooch Adept: You’ll get this after your 100th Ooch. You’ll get it eventually.

The Big Ooch: You’ll get this after your 1000th Ooch. Same as above.

Ooch Master: You’ll get this after your 5000th Ooch. Same as above.

-Super Ooch: after you’ve launched, shake your controller until you see the ooch meter is on fire. Hit the D-pad and you’ll super Ooch. Note: If you have a peripheral like a Guitar Hero guitar plugged in, it may prevent you from Super Ooching. If it does, unplug all the peripherals and turn your controller off, and then try again.

Paindemonium (Must be done on the Paindemonium map)

500k Pain: Get a Pain score of 500,000 points in one run.

1.5 Mil: Get a Pain score of 1.5 million in one run.

500k Points: Get over 500,000 points. See Unlock Aftermath for a good strategy.

2 Mil Points: Get 2 million points. See Unlock Aftermath.

3 Mil Points: Get 3 million points. See Unlock Aftermath.

20x Combo: You get this for hitting 20 different things in one run. The Unlock Aftermath strategy should get you very close, if not very easily. Once the cars stop running you over, aim for mailboxes, or try to slide down the subway stairs.

Block Party (Must be done on the Block Party map)(This is where it starts to get ugly)

Shoot Le Toot: Straight ahead from the launcher, there’s a mime surrounded by panes of glass. You need to hit the mime without breaking the glass first. Aim for the elevated subway tracks to your left and try to ooch over the glass to the mime. The trophy will pop up right away if you did it.

-Shock the Monkey: In the subway, there’s a monkey hanging from the rafters. First you’ll need to launch yourself into something explosive to get yourself going back towards the launcher, to head down the stairs. There’s also a vent at the far end of the construction site that will push you all the way to the stairs. Once you go down the stairs, you’ll see an exploding crate on a pedestal on the tracks. The monkey probably won’t be there, but he moves every time you reset the level. Just keep launching yourself down there, and every time the monkey is over the explosive, hit the crate. Do this 5 times.

Big Balls: Slightly to the left of the launcher, on the top of a building, you’ll see a billboard with 4 sports balls on it: a football, a tennis ball, a soccer ball and a golf ball. Behind the billboard on the ground, there is a dumpster. You need to get all 4 balls into the dumpster by grabbing each ball and ooching them in. For this trophy, you’re able to reset the level if you screw a ball up. You’ll hear a sound every time you get a ball in to know you’re doing it right. I’ll have more help when I get to Harder Dick’s Balls.

Not Not Not: Slightly to the right of the launcher, you’ll see a building with the letters Hot Hot Hot on them. You need to knock them all down in one run. Start by launching yourself at the top row, and grab the roof above the first ‘O’. Ooch left and right to take out the first row of letters. From there, you need to fall, hitting the railings and any letters you can on the way down. You can also try to ooch into the second balcony, hitting the exploding crate.

Demolition (Must be done on the Demolition map)

-Chimney Sweep: This is one of the hardest trophies to get in the game. Start by aiming to your left, where there is an exploding crate sitting on the Dick’s Balls billboard. Hit that, and head for the smokestacks behind the launcher. Try to land on the stairs to the left, or aim for the left smokestack. How high you fly out of the smokestack can be altered sometimes, depending on where the camera is facing. As you’re going into the first smokestack, turn the camera so it’s facing the outside wall of the smokestack on an angle, so if the smokestack was 12 o’clock, the stairs would be 8 o’clock. If you don’t get launched into another solar system, you’re in good shape. You need to now aim for the far right smokestack, which will still be difficult to aim for, thanks to the craptastic camera. Again, aiming the camera so you’re looking at the three smokestacks seems to help. Finally, aim for the center smokestack and pray to the almighty Vishnu that you don’t get launched a million feet into the air. This takes a lot of luck and patience.

EDIT: This trophy is much, much easier to get now, using the new overhead camera. Once you’ve been blasted out of the first chimney, switch to the overhead cam and hit (R3), and then just keep the next chimney in the center of the screen.

Swinger: Start by launching at the flagpole to your left, grabbing it from below so you swing around it when you grab it. Let go mid-swing, and ooch to your right. On the building to your right, there will be another flagpole jutting out. Hit it however you can, and start ooching away from the building once you’ve hit it. There will be a large exploding tank on the ground that you can hit, sending you towards the stairs to the subway. Go down them and out through the vent, and stay close to the wall when you come out. The third flagpole is by the sign you can knock off on the wall.

Sidekick: At the far end of this map, above the construction site, there is a grabbable exploding crate. You need to grab it and throw it at the steel girder that is hanging from a cable. The girder needs to fall perfectly so that it hits the girders on the ground, acting as a catapault which will throw the construction worker into the air. If he goes high enough, you’ve done it.

Truck Tosser: The truck is on the same “catapault” as the construction worker, so you just need to hit this perfectly to send the truck flying.

Box Snatcher: This can get tricky as you get down to the last few boxes. Start by launching yourself hard at the boxes, grabbing the first few as you pass. Make sure you keep the boxes you grab away from the giant tank on the roof, and you warp back to the launcher before you hit it yourself. Once you’ve gotten a few of them down, you’re going to need to change your speed and direction slightly, because if you keep going full speed at the smaller stack of boxes, you’ll hit them at a downward angle and force them to start swaying. Keep adjusting your height and speed (you should only need to 2 or 3 times) accordingly, and you’ll get them.

Mime Toss

-Painful Bullseye: This has to be done on the Painful difficulty level. You need to get 5 bullseyes in one run. Do this by throwing the mime so that he breaks through the center of the glass without hitting the ground. This, like all the other Mime Toss trophies and Clown Toss trophies, takes a lot of practice, learning when to let go of the mime, where to grab him and when to ooch holding him.

Painful Tosser: This has to be done on the Painful difficulty level. Every launch has to result in a mime breaking a pane of glass. Again, practice.

Painful Flying Mime: This has to be done on the Painful difficulty level. Launch yourself at full speed over the mime, grab him by the head and throw him at the right moment. He should fly over the buildings towards the doctor billboard. This takes practice figuring out when to let go of him.

Unlock Hard: Get a gold medal on Normal mode.

Unlock Painful: Get a gold medal on Hard mode.

Unlock Platinum Club: Get a Platinum medal on every difficulty.

Spank the Monkey

-Limp Wrists: Spank a total of 1,000 monkeys. You’ll get this eventually.

-Chimply Ridiculous: You need to get 20 clean runs in a single game. A clean run is when you hit both monkeys in one launch. The monkeys are always in the same places, so it’s just a matter of practicing. You’ll need to get good at getting clean runs if you want the Buzzmonkey trophy.

Unlock Hard: Get a gold medal on Normal mode.

-Unlock Painful: Get a gold medal on Hard mode.

Unlock Platinum Club: Get a platinum medal on every difficulty mode.

Fun With Explosives: Single Player

-Painful Bangin’: This needs to be done on the Painful difficulty level. You need to blow up 10 crates in 5 seconds. Your best bet is to pinball yourself into the crates sitting on the street.

-Painful Mile High Club: This needs to be done on the Painful difficulty level. You need to hit 5 crates that are 20 feet above the ground in one run. Aim for the hotel roof and hit the crates there, and then ooch for another roof.

Painful Daisy Chain: This needs to be done on the Painful difficulty level. You need to get a 5x bonus in a single launch, by hitting objects. The outdoor patio is a good target to aim for.

-Unlock Hard: Get a gold medal on normal mode.

Unlock Painful: Get a gold medal on hard mode.

Unlock Platinum Club: Get a platinum medal on every difficulty mode.

Fun With Explosives: Multiplayer

-Firecracker: Hit 20 crates in one round. Just work on the street ones, and you should be able to get this.

TNT: Hit 30 crates in one round. Start on one of the roofs, like the hotel, and try to clear out some of the bigger pockets of explosives before moving to the street. Save your super ooch for later on when you start running out of crates.

Hand Grenade: Hit 40 crates in one round. See TNT. If someone has a better strategy, let me know.

Bomb: Hit 50 crates in one round. See TNT.

Payload: Hit 60 crates in one round. See TNT.

Atomic: Blow up 1,000 crates total. This will come eventually.


-Horse Face: This can be done with one person and two controllers. Just beat your opponent without getting any letters.

Whoopin’: Use the Unlock Aftermath strategy here. Keep getting hit by cars until you get 2 million points.

Horsin’ Around: Use the Unlock Aftermath strategy. Keep hitting cars until you get 4 million points.

Close Only Counts: You need to beat your opponent by 100 points (or presumably less). You can do this with one person and two controllers. Just keep the score low.


-Deuce: Bowl a score of 200 or more. All of the bowling trophies are easiest to get with one person and two controllers. Aim for the center pin doing the spread eagle pose, and ooch to hit any pins you miss.

League Night: Play 20 games. You’ll get this eventually.

Turkey: 3 strikes in a row. Do the spread eagle strategy to get this.

Five Bagger: 5 strikes in a row. You may need to get a strike on a mime stage here, but I think you can do it without, using the spread eagle strategy.

Six Pack: 6 strikes in a row. You’ll need to get good at getting strikes on the mime stages, which…well good luck. The rest can be done with the spread eagle strategy.

STRIKE!: You have to get 200 strikes in a row. Like I said, good luck with the mimes. If someone has a good strategy here, let me know.


-Frequent Flyer: This is cumulative, but it’s also a lot farther than you think. It isn’t glitched, so just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually.

Cross Town: Start by launching yourself into the big smokestack. As you’re falling down it, shake your controller to get the super ooch ready, and use it as soon as you get shot out of the smokestack by pressing up on the D-pad. You should get launched incredibly high. From then on, just keep hitting up on the D-pad, using your ooches as soon as you get them. By the time the timer runs out, you should have traveled 2000 feet.

-Moon Landing: This is cumulative, but like Frequent Flyer, it’s a lot higher than you think. Just spend a long time launching yourself out of the smokestacks.

Speed Demon: This trophy is incredibly vague, but the smokestack should be able to get you this.

Super Hero: Same as above. Smokestack time.

You will need all of these in game trophies, in addition to Trill and Grenade-a-Maid in order to get King of Pain.

Affliction Addiction Gold Trophy Get One 100 Million Points in Downtown (Grind)

This is cumulative, and it’ll take a while before you get it. Use the same method you used to get Unlock Aftermath, launching through the subway and out the vent and then rolling under cars, racking up as many points as possible. If you can get 5+ million on a run, it won’t be too long until you get this trophy. This isn’t glitched, so if you don’t have it yet, keep trying.

D-Town Destruction Bronze Trophy Get 2,000,000 score in Paindemonium and Aftermath
The Unlock Aftermath method works here. For Aftermath, you’ll need to do a bit extra work to get to the street because of the different angle you’re facing, but it’s essentially the same. Once you’ve gotten a score of 2,000,000 in one run on both maps, the trophy is yours.

Harder Dick’s Balls Silver Trophy Get all of Dicks Balls in the Block Party Dumpster w/o reset (Diff)

This is one of the harder trophies to get for the game. On the Block Party map, you need to get all four sports balls attached to the billboard the same way you did to get the in game trophy, only now you can’t reset the map if you mess up one of them. Here’s what you want to do, and keep in mind you’ll hear a noise every time you get a ball in the dumpster, telling you if it counted. After the noise, the ball can bounce out, and it’ll still count:

1) Launch over the golf ball, grabbing below you. Grab the ball and head for the dumpster, saving your super ooch for when it looks like you aren’t going to make it. Overshooting the dumpster is really easy to do.

2) Same method for the soccer ball. Grab it from above and head for the dumpster.

3) Launch towards the gap on the right side of the billboard, and grab the tennis ball with your left hand. You should hit the billboard, spinning you around so you land on the roof, still holding the tennis ball. Leave it on the roof, and on your next launch, grab it from above, just like the golf ball and soccer ball.

4) The football is the hardest one to get. You want to grab the ball either from above or below, your choice, and then use the exploding crate to propel you over the billboard towards the dumpster. One important note here is that if you manage to get the football to the dumpster, but you don’t get it in, you are still able to get this. Just bump the football until it’s right in front of the dumpster, and then on your next launch, use a grab from above to grab it, as your character flies into the dumpster. You should be able to pull the football over the side into the dumpster.

Combo Mambo Bronze Trophy Get 15x Combo in Paindemonium, Aftermath, Block Party, Demolition

Once you have all four Paindemonium maps unlocked, this shouldn’t be difficult. Your combo increases by one every time you hit an object, whether it’s a car, mailbox or granny. Use the same method you’ve used to get a big score on these maps, heading through the subway, up the vent and onto the street to hit as many cars as possible, to get this. Once you see that you have a 15x combo, let the time run out, and go to the next map. After all 4, you’ll get the trophy.

Constipated Bronze Trophy Get 100 Strikes in Bowling (Grind)

The easiest way to get this is to play with 2 controllers, and just keep hitting the center pins with a spread eagle, ooching to get the remaining pins, the same way you got the in game bowling trophies. If you’ve already done the in game trophies, this won’t take long. Keep in mind, if you already had strikes on your game from before the trophy patch, the number of strikes it says you have in between games won’t be accurate. It isn’t glitched (the trophy only counts the strikes you get with the patch), so just keep going until you get it.
Pain and Mane Bronze Trophy Play 100 Games of Trauma or Horse (Grind)

This takes a while, but the easiest way to do this is to start a game of horse, and just change the word you need to get to one letter. Then just hit the closest target you can, and reset with the second controller.

Attention Spam Bronze Trophy Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in Paindemonium, Aftermath, Block Party, Demolition.

If you’ve been working on the in game trophies before this, you’re probably close to getting this anyway, but the only other thing to do is just to go through each of the four maps, aiming for specific body parts to injure. Once you’ve seen each of the injury icons pop up, (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot, Body) move on to the next map.

Dude Abides Bronze Trophy Use The Dude to score 30 Strikes in Bowling (Grind)

The first thing you need to do is to unlock The Dude if you haven’t already. Check the in game trophy description for how to do this. Once you have The Dude, use the same easy strike method to get 30 more. It should only take a handful of games to get.
Gettin’™ Hoff Gold Trophy Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode (Grind)(Add)

This trophy requires a few steps to get, but it’s a pretty easy gold, either way. First, you need to purchase The Hoff (and if you want to make it easier, The Abusement Park) from the PSN Store or from the Pain Main Menu. Next, using The Hoff, you need to get a score of 6,900,069 in one run to unlock Tuxedo Hoff. One of the easiest ways to do this is to play in the Abusement Park

Finally, using Tuxedo Hoff, you need to get a cumulative 69 million points on any of the downtown maps. Use this towards the Affliction Addiction trophy, so whenever you’re working on getting a high score on the downtown map, use Tuxedo Hoff.

Trill Silver Trophy Get Painful Bullseye Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo add-on characters (Grind)(Diff)(Add)

First you need to buy either Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo from the PSN Store or from the Pain Store. Next, you need to unlock the Painful difficulty level of Mime Toss if you haven’t already. Finally, you need to get the Painful Bullseye in game trophy using the character you puchased. See the in game trophy for help. You need this trophy in order to get King of Pain.

Grenade-a-Maid Bronze Trophy Get Exploded 200 times with any female launchable add-on character (Grind)(Add)

First you need to buy any of the female characters from the PSN Store or the Pain Store. Next, play Fun with Explosives using your purchased character, until you’ve blown up 200 times. This is one of the trophies you need for King of Pain.

Glass Lass Bronze Trophy Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss (Grind)(Add)

You only need one female character to do both Grenade-a-Maid and Glass Lass, so if you’ve already purchased one for G-a-M, just use her. Pick a level of Mime Toss using your purchased character, and just ignore the mime. Launch through each pane of glass until the game is over, and start over. Your score will be something like 5 minutes, but each broken pane of glass counts.
Pain in the Park Bronze Trophy Get 2,000,000 score in Abusement and After Hours (Add)

In order to get this, you need to have purchased the Abusement Park map from the PSN store or the Pain store in the main menu. Then, just like in D-Town Destruction, you’ll need to get a score of 2,000,000 points in a single run on both the Abusement and After Hours maps. Use the same method shown in the video for getting Tuxedo Hoff to get this score.

2 Mill Club Silver Trophy Get Pain in the Park and D-Town Destruction (Add)

Once you’ve unlocked the D-Town Destruction and Pain in the Park trophies, this will unlock automatically.

Ninja pwn Silver Trophy Hit the Target Stuffed Ninja in every Amusement Park Mode (Diff)(Add)

This is one of the harder trophies in the game if you find Clown Toss and Hot ‘N’ Cold difficult. First you need to have purchased the Abusement Park from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, you will need to have access to the following maps:

-Abusement Park
-After Hours
-Clown Toss Normal
-Clown Toss Hard
-Clown Toss Painful
-Clown Toss Platinum
-Trauma Normal
-Trauma After Hours
-Call Da Shot
-Fun With Explosives
-Hot ‘N’ Cold Normal
-Hot ‘N’ Cold Hard
-Hot ‘N’ Cold Painful
-Hot ‘N’ Cold Platinum

Most of these will be available to you right away, but for Clown Toss and Hot ‘N’ Cold, you’ll need to get a Platinum score on the Normal, Hard and Painful levels to unlock the Platinum level. Once you’ve gained access to the above 14 maps, you’ll need to find a stuffed ninja hidden in every level, and hit him. Once you’ve hit all 14 ninjas, the trophy will unlock. Here are the 14 locations:

Abusement Park: Inside the water tower on the left side of the map. Grab the roof of the water tower and ooch it off, and then launch yourself inside the tower to hit him.

After Hours: Behind the volcano on the left side. Try to land on the rocks right beside the volcano and ooch over.

Clown Toss Normal: Behind the Tilt A Hurl sign on the ground.

Clown Toss Hard: Underneath the launcher in the Fast and the Prepubescent line right next to the race track.

Clown Toss Painful: On top of the roller coaster track, right near the hole that the roller coaster disappears into.

Clown Toss Platinum: Standing in front of the bridge at the base of the volcano. Hit a barrel right by the eating area and fly backwards.

Trauma Normal: In the tunnel right by the Da Bomb sign. Break through the barrier and slide down the tunnel until the ninja flies out.

Trauma After Hours: Aim at the top of the volcano and launch. Keep ooching up and super ooch into the volcano, and fall down the left side. You should fly out the tunnel that the ninja is inside. Use the replay camera to look inside the tunnels to see which one the ninja is in.

Call Da Shot: Smash into the security stand on the right side of the map. It should break the stand, causing the ninja to fall.

Fun with Explosives: Behind the Fun Spot sign.

Hot ‘N’ Cold Normal: The tunnel under the Green dinosaur on the left side of the map. Go through the hay and you’ll hit the ninja.

Hot ‘N’ Cold Hard: Turn the launcher 180 degrees and launch into the Fun Spot sign. You’ll need to ooch up over the sign and land between the two rightmost fans. You can also launch straight ahead and aim for a bear to knock you backwards.

Hot ‘N’ Cold Painful: Standing on a beam in the Fast and the Prepubescent hut. Launch with as little power as possible and try to hit him on the way down.

Hot ‘N’ Cold Platinum: Launch with full power over the roller coaster, landing on a metal grate above and to the right of the water tower. From there, you need to ooch to the right, behind the big billboard. This is a tough one, so keep trying.

Rodeo Clown Silver Trophy Use Ed to Explode 500 barrels in Clown Toss (Grind)(Add)

First you need to have purchased the Abusement Park in the PSN store or the Pain store. Next you will need to have unlocked Ed. See above if you don’t know how. Finally, you need to play as Ed and throw the Clown into 500 barrels. Nothing tricky here, but incredibly time consuming.

Horsin’ a Clown Bronze Trophy Take the Clown for a ride on the Roller Coaster (Add)

First you need to have purchased the Abusement Park in the PSN store or the Pain store. In order to get this, you need to get it so the clown is launched into the roller coaster track so he’s hit by the coaster as it comes by. There are a couple methods of doing this, but this seems to be the easiest. Blow up a few barrels, collecting a handful of Pimp Slaps in the process. Keep away from the rocket ride when you’re doing this. Next, you want to throw the clown so that he falls in front of the spinning rockets, so they launch him into the air. Use the Pimp Slaps to guide him onto the track. Once he’s lying on the track, the coaster will come by and hit him. You can also try to time it so that the clown hits the coaster in the air as it passes, but landing him on the track is easier.

Glutton Bronze Trophy Make 30 Eat It! shots in Call da Shot (Grind)(Add)

First, you need to have purchased the Abusement Park. Next, start a two player game of Glutton, either with two people or by yourself with two controllers. Have player one pick two objects to hit. The two easiest I found were the go karts and the log ride. Have the first person miss his shot, and then select eat it. Next, launch with the least amount of power and land on the race track, let a go kart hit you and ooch onto the log ride to hit a log. Once you successfully complete the Eat it shot, repeat 29 more times.

Buzzmonkey Silver Trophy Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey Painful with Buzz (Diff)(Add)

First, you’ll need to have purchased the Movie Studio level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, you’ll need to unlock After Party by destroying every movie set in the level. Once you’ve unlocked After Party, you need to get a score of 3 million to unlock Buzz. Once you have Buzz, you’ll need to unlock Spank the Monkey Painful, which you may have already done if you were working on King of Pain. Finally, you need to hit 60 monkeys on the Painful level to get the trophy. This will take a while to learn where all the monkeys pop up, and you’ll need to get as many of them in one run as possible at the start to give yourself enough time to get the harder ones later.

Helmet PI Bronze Trophy Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car (Add)

First, you’ll need to have purchased the Movie Studio level from the PSN store or the Pain store. One of the launchers is right next to the Roman Gladiator movie set. Use that launcher to grab the Gladiator off his chariot as he rides around the movie set. While holding the Gladiator, ooch towards the opening at the back of the set, which will eventually throw you back out the way you came. Ooch off the edge of the movie set onto the road, and wait for the red sports car to hit the Gladiator.

Camera Boom Bronze Trophy Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions (Add)

First, you need to have purchased the Movie Studio level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Use the same launcher you used to get Helmet PI. Along the edge of the Gladiator movie set, there is a camera on a long track. Launch at it and grab the camera. You should start spinning around the camera while it starts moving down the track. Ooch it down the track until it hits the explosive crates at the end of the track. Make sure the camera hits the crates and not you, and make sure the crates explode. Do this 50 times.

Blockbuster Bronze Trophy Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower (Add)

First, you’ll need to have purchased the Movie Studio level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Use the second launcher, and turn it around so it’s aiming at the tank against the wall. Launch at it and hit the barrels that are balancing on the top of it. Hitting them will launch the tank’s cannon, which will blow up the castle.

Sore Spotting Gold Trophy Find and hit the alien artifact in both PAIN Reunion and Sports Day and the sports trophy in both PROBE and Afterglow (Diff)(Add)

This one can be frustrating, but as Pain Gold trophies go, it’s a piece of cake. First, you need to have purchased the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, you’ll need to unlock Sports Day and Afterglow. For Sports day, you need to enter both locker rooms and the coach’s office in one run. Start by launching into the far right locker room, and when you’re launched back out, start ooching towards the far left locker room. Finally, once you’ve been launched back out, ooch your way towards the office (the big room in between the locker rooms) and break through the glass to unlock Sports Day. For Afterglow, launch to the right of the space ship and the ramp, where you will find a large green alien performing an autopsy. Grab him and ooch to the left towards a big tube. Once you and the alien get sucked into the tube, Afterglow will unlock. Now you need to find the Alien Artifact in PAIN Reunion and Sports Day, and the sports trophy in PROBE and Afterglow:

PAIN Reunion: The artifact is on a bookcase in the coach’s office, against the wall by the windows you break through. The best method is to grab the edge of the window as you enter the office, and ooch to the artifact.

Sports Day: The artifact is sitting on top of the scoreboard, behind the launcher. Launch at the far backboard, and as it starts moving, let go to get launched into the air. You need to be launched over the metal girders for this to work. Ooch yourself at the scoreboard as you get close, and aim for the artifact on the right side.

PROBE: The trophy is in the office on the right behind the shelves. You need to launch throught the glass and grab the shelves , swinging you towards the sports trophy.

Afterglow: This is annoying as hell. On the right side of this map, there is a large blue beam coming out of the floor. At the very top of the area with the beam, there is a shelving unit with the trophy on it. The beam will levitate you towards the ceiling, but it will also push you from the center of the beam to the outside, causing you to fall. When you launch yourself, you need to get on the side of the beam where the trophy is (the far side) and when you get to the same height as the trophy, you need to ooch along the platform and either grab the trophy or grab the shelving and pull it into the beam, allowing you to grab the trophy.

Once you have these four items, the trophy unlocks.

Secret Santa Silver Trophy Open all the unlocked lockers in PAIN Reunion using Santa (Add)

First, you need to have purchased the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, you need to purchase Santa from the same store. In PAIN reunion, you need to launch yourself at all the lockers on the upper level that have an X painted on them. Each contains an exploding crate which needs to blow up for the trophy to count. Once all of the lockers have exploded, the trophy will unlock. Some people have had trouble getting this trophy to unlock, but usually it’s just a case of a crate not exploding or a locker getting missed. Keep trying and it’ll work.

Handy-Capped Silver Trophy Complete Mad Science! PAINful without grabbing (Add)

First, you need to have purchaded the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, you’ll need to unlock the Painful difficulty level of Mad Science! Once you’ve done that, you need to complete the level without grabbing. You can take as long as you want, which makes it pretty easy. Start by knocking all of the crates down from the upper level by dropkicking them off the ledge. Then it’s just a matter of knocking two colors together until they’re all gone.

Lo Touch Bronze Trophy Grab teleporting Hung Lo in PAIN Reunion (Add)

First, you need to have purchased the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. In the PAIN reunion map, all of the game’s characters are standing around doing different things, and Hung Lo is teleporting from place to place. The areas he teleports to aren’t random, so just pick a spot you see him in and wait for him to appear, and then grab him.

Everyone’s a Winner Bronze Trophy Get a negative distance on the Anvil Toss in PAINalympics (Add)

First, you need to have purchased the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. Next, start a two player game of PAINalympics either with two people or by yourself with two controllers. Select Anvil Toss as the first event. Launch with as little power as you can while still making it to the anvil, and immediately start ooching backwards. once you see that you have a negative score, you will have done it. You need to get a negative score on your first run for it to work.

It’s Full of Cars Bronze Trophy Send the black sedan through the portal in PROBE (Add)

First, you will need to have purchased the Sore Spots level from the PSN store or the Pain store. In the PROBE level, there will be a black sedan parked on a ramp next to the space ship. Start by blowing up everything between the sedan and the portal to the right of the car. Once that’s done, launch over the hood of the sedan and grab the red metal thing which is stopping the car from rolling down the ramp. Ooch it out from underneath the car to get the sedan to roll down the ramp and head for the portal. With everything blown up, there should be nothing stopping the sedan from going through the portal, which will unlock the trophy.

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