Estimated Difficulty: 7
Offline Trophies: 49
Online Trophies: 2
Approximate Time: 30-50 hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 full run + certain levels (see roadmap)
Missable Trophies: 0 (levels can all be replayed)
Glitched Trophies: 0
Cheats Disable Trophies?: No Known Cheats
Difficulty Affect Trophies: Only 1 set difficulty

Trophy Breakdown: 42 , 5 , 3 , 1

Trophy Guide:

Naughtyrificness! (Platinum Trophy )
Got all the trophies in Naughty Bear.

Single Mission Related Trophies:

Come Out and Play (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the First Episode and got a taste at Naughtiness.

Story Related Can’t be missed. This episode is extremely easy since there are no special bears and almost none of them have any guns.

Vote Naughty: Don’t Get Killed (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the Second Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. Similar to episode 1 but this time more have guns. We also see Ninja bears. They die easily but have a lot of speed and follow you in the grass so it’s best to focus on them first so you can then safely make use of the grass

Get Your Privacy Back (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the Third Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. This episode introduces the military bears. They are armed with magnum’s and SMG’s so you’ll want to be weary about approaching a large group of them.

The Moans Have Stopped (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the Fourth Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. Here we start to see the Zombears. They carry bone clubs so you have no worry about guns but they do have a lot of health so going into melee fights will waste your health. If you are having trouble on some of the levels take a military costume (Captain Naughty or Colonel Ketchup). If you attack the Zombears and there are military bears nearby they will start to fight eachother which gives you lots of points and also takes their focus off you.

Oily Moily! (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the Fifth Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. Here we see bears armed with silenced pistols. Rather a joke really as they do very little damage so I’d not think anyone will struggle on this level. Be aware that they do follow you into the grass and can swarm you.

Threat Terminated (Bronze Trophy )
Completed the Sixth Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. Another new bear is introduced here, robot bears. They have a lot of health and their melee attacks are really strong but they are slow so again it’s not anything too difficult.

Get off my Planet! (Gold Trophy )
Completed the Final Episode.

Story Related Can’t be missed. By far the hardest of the levels. Here we see the start of alien bears. They are armed with Ray guns which do a huge amount of damage. You will definitely want to stick to the grass as much as possible and make use of things like traps and boo’s and sabotage to rack up points and drive them crazy or kill them with an object kill. Don’t waste your time trying to melee you will just die.

If you are having trouble with any of the missions remember to stick to the grass where the bears can’t see you (however the zombie, guard and the ninja bears can see you/can move through the grass so keep a note of this when you are doing episodes 3, 4 and 5). Make use of the costumes available to you. Many give you natural camouflage so that the bears won’t attack you until you attack them or they see you sabotaging something. Make use of this to sabotage items unseen then you can take out bears with the one hit object kills. Best used on the bears with guns and especially the alien bears with the ray guns

Cup Related Trophies:

Shiny! (Silver Trophy )
Got either 28 Bronze, 16 Silver, 8 Gold or 4 Platinum Naughty Cups.

See Nutter!!!!!

Throphillific!! (Silver Trophy )
Got either 28 Silver, 16 Gold or 8 Platinum Naughty Cups.

See Nutter!!!!!

Oh my GOLD!!! (Silver Trophy )
Got either 28 Gold or 16 Platinum Naughty Cups.

See Nutter!!!!!

Nutter!!!!! (Gold Trophy )
Got 28 Platinum Naughty Cups.

I am currently working on a list which shows the required points needed for both gold and platinum. As it still needs finishing please feel free to tell me any scores you reach that have not already been worked out. You can find the thread here:…-progress.html

The way to get platinum will depend on the level type. This method won’t work for speed levels and I feel you will struggle with untouchable levels doing this to. However for the main episodes, killer, insanity and friendly you can do like this. Start the level using the costume of preference (for me it’s Master Miyagi (or Master Naughty if you don’t have him) or Colonel Ketchup (or Captain Naughty if you don’t have him). The Ninja costume is best since you make no noise moving as well as being unnoticed by other bears. Start the level by sabotaging all objects that are out in the open (things like the barbecue, coolers and power boxes). Go into the rooms of the houses when no bears are in there and smash up everything inside it. Now you’ve set this up attack one bear or shout boo this will get them all started. When they are running around going through the houses they will see all the smashed objects which gives a large amount of points. Whenever you see them trying to repair the outside objects or escape in the car/boat pull them out with L2 rather than killing them. If they are trying to ring for help let them do it to bring more bears. Try to keep in the grass but near to where lots of bears are. Every now and then run out and hit 1 with your weapon or shout boo. They will all see it, hear the cry of help etc so plenty of points. You can also do this on insanity just make sure they are not injured or your hit will kill them! Using traps and waiting for bears to come free them is a way to keep getting L2 context boo’s in. While they are all running around discovering what you sabotaged and that you scared them make your way to a freezer. You should have got 100x bonus and straight away move to the statue/frogs and fluffs (you simply need to learn the maps to know where they are). Killing these when on a 100x combo will give a huge amount of points. When they are all insane you can kill them with a L2 context. At 100x combo you get 50,000 for finishing them off like this even if you do it to 7-8 bears in a row. If during a level a unibear appears stop what you are doing and go and kill it. This is a lot of free points.

In untouchable this works also however you have to be a lot more careful since 1 hit and you fail (this includes if you walk into a trap you laid out but not a mine). In Invisible you can adapt this as well but you will have to get context kills rather than boo’s since they will see you if you just boo them.
In Speed run you just have to storm in and smash everything as you are hitting them and boo’ing at the same time. You don’t have the time to do the methodical method I outlined.
In Friendly DON’T HIT THEM. Just use the method above without any melee attacks (context kills and traps is ok)
In Insanity you are allowed to melee them but you MUST NOT kill them in any way. Even if another bear kills a bear it counts as a kill for you which means mission failed. Whatever you do use a neutral costume (I used naughticorn for the speed) so that the bears don’t start killing eachother (happens if you play as the ninja or soldier or robot) – thanks Bucket for pointing this out –

The following are 3 parts of a youtube movie that I put together demonstrating what I’ve written above in episode 5 where I got over 6,000,000 points with a platinum cup needing only 4,800,000. It highlights how there are plenty of points to be gotten so you should have no difficulty reaching the target. Simply adjust the method in the movie to use on the other levels as well.

Point Score Related Trophies:

Millionaire Club (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 1,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this as you play through the single player first time.

Multi-Millionaire Club (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 10,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this as you play through the single player first time.

Freak Club (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 25,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this as you play through the single player first time.

Under-bed Creeper Clubb (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 75,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this working on getting platinum cups and all other trophies out the way.

Closet Monster Club (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 50,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this as you play through the single player first time.

Naughty Club (Bronze Trophy )
Scored a Total of 100,000,000 Naughty Points.

You will earn this working on getting platinum cups and all other trophies out the way.

Naughtiest Naughty Club (Gold Trophy )
Scored a Total of 250,000,000 Naughty Points.

When you are grinding out the last points for this trophy find whichever level you are most comfortable with and keep redoing it. I would recommend a speed level since this will allow you to earn the most points in a short amount of time (it’s easy to get carried away when you are not under a timed pressure)

Miscellaneous Trophy:

Full Wardrobe (Silver Trophy )
Unlocked all the Costumes.

The following are all the costumes and the requirements to unlock them

1. Naughty – Default
2. Hat: Naughty the Party Animal – Complete Chapter 1
3. Hat: Mayor Naughty – Complete Chapter 2
4. Hat: Peacekeeper Naughty – Complete Chapter 3
5. Hat: Cordon Bleu Naughty – Complete Chapter 4
6. Hat: Prospector Naughty – Complete Chapter 5
7. Hat: Doctor Naughty – Complete Chapter 6
8. Hat: Conspiracy Naughty – Complete Chapter 7
9. Hat: Cop Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 1
10. Hat: Adept Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 2
11. Hat: General Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 3
12. Hat: Zumbo-Jumbo Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 4
13. Hat: Tactical Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 5
14. Hat: Tech-Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 6
15. Hat: Astro-Naughty – Get Gold on Episode 7
16. Sherrif Naughty – Get Bronze on 1-1, 1-2, 1-3
17. Master Naughty – Get Bronze on 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
18. Captain Naughty – Get Bronze on 3-1, 3-2, 3-3
19. Zombear Naughty – Get Bronze on 4-1, 4-2, 4-3
20. N.O.T.Y – Get Bronze on 5-1, 5-2, 5-3
21. R0B0-N4UGH7Y – Get Bronze on 6-1, 6-2, 6-3
22. Xnothy – Get Bronze on 7-1, 7-2, 7-3
23. Cop Gordon – Get Gold on 1-1, 1-2, 1-3
24. Master Miyagi – Get Gold on 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
25. Colonel Ketchup – Get Gold on 3-1, 3-2, 3-3
26. Zombear Oodoo – Get Gold on 4-1, 4-2, 4-3
27. E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney – Get Gold on 5-1, 5-2, 5-3
28. R0B0-PR1M3 – Get Gold on 6-1, 6-2, 6-3
29. Emperor Xoon – Get Gold on 7-1, 7-2, 7-3
30. Naughticorn – Get a Total Score of 100,000,000
31. Hat: Epic Naughty – Get Gold on All Top Hat Challenges

Ironic Kill Related Trophies:

Party Thrasher! (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 1 or its Challenges, Punish Daddles with the Disco’s Turntable!

Try to kill off a couple of bears to start with then simply keep sabotaging the turntable and eventually Daddles will be the one who tries to fix it then use an R2 kill to finish him off.

Drowning Politics! (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 2 or its Challenges, Punish Chubby with the Disco’s Toilet!

Same idea as Party Thrasher! but with the toilet this time. There are 3 or 4 in the room to the right of the disco turntable so sabotage them all and he’ll eventually deal with it. If you are struggling to get him in there try to get him to follow you into the room then run out a window and run away so hopefully he notices the toilet and deals with it.

Watch THIS Cozy! (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 3 or its Challenges, Punish Cozy with the Cabin’s Telly!

Same idea as Party Thrasher! but with the Telly. There are 3 TV’s inside the cabin so it shouldn’t be hard to get him to try to repair it. More than once when I started the level and went into this area he was using the TV so I went right in and got him. If he isn’t using the TV go into the cabin and sabotage one then rush straight out. Hopefully Cozy will notice and fix it before he leaves the cabin. If you are having no luck getting him to fix the TV restart the level a few times and eventually he will be standing over the TV when you enter the area.

Keeping a cool head! (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 4 or its Challenges, Punish Nibbles with the Cabin’s Fridge!

Same idea as Party Thrasher!. When you get into the starting area Nibbles is already in the fridge. On my 2nd attempt I found him using the freezer without having to do anything. I suggest firstly waiting around a little to see if he opens the freezer himself. If not sabotage it and hope he tries to fix it. Unfortunately the Zombears will make it hard for you and kill the bears so you will probably have to restart this a couple of times.

Trembles’ Energy Problem! (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 5 or its Challenges, Punish Trembles with the Cabin’s Power Box!

The same idea as Party Thrasher!. You’ll find the power box on the outside wall of the cabin. Wait for Trembles to be close to the area so he spots the broken power box. If another bear starts to fix it either scare him with L2 or if you don’t want to get attention wait for him to fix it, walk away then you can sabotage it again.

Gear Head (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 6 or its Challenges, Punish Fluffy with the Factory’s Conveyor Belt!

The same idea as Party Thrasher!. When at the barbecue facing towards the two buildings walk into the left building then take a left and you’ll come to 2 conveyor belts.

Hot as the Sun (Bronze Trophy )
Ironic Kill: In Episode 7 or its Challenges, Punish Sunbeam with the Campfire!

This one is tricky. As you can not sabotage the camp fire or force sunbeam to be over it you have to wait for him to go and stand over it then kill him with the R2 context attack. I found that on my third try he walked over there himself after about 15 seconds so just keep trying and eventually he will walk over there himself. Note – at no point did any of them see me, I think it’s best if you keep out of view or you will distract him and he won’t move towards the fire.

Secret Mission Related Trophies:

Maximum Security (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 1, get the Entire Police Force on the Island.

Each area can get a maximum of 2 cop bears and there are 2 areas so that means 4 cop bears. You need to have the 4 of them alive to qualify – thanks Razorhoof78 -. Simply scare the bears in the first area and let them escape/call for help and once you have 2 cop bears move on to the last area. Here firstly kill Daddles so he does not escape and cause you to fail. Then wait for the bears to call for help/escape and you’ll get 2 more cops. After this you should receive the trophy.

Harakiri (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 2, get the 4 ninja-Bears to Kill Themselves.

For this you need 1 of the ninja’s on the level to call for help. When they call for help 2 ninja’s will get dropped in. Drive all 4 of them insane then use an L2 context boo to finish them off and the trophy is yours.

Give me Peace! (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 3, Destroy every Bird-cam of the Level.

This is the simplest of the secret mission trophies. You will want to use a gun as they will fly away if you get too close (don’t worry if they fly off just back up and they come back again). There is 1 in the first area, 3 in the next and 3 in the final area. You will find them on the roof or on the ground but they are not really hidden.

Death Race (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 4, don’t let Zombears Kill other Bears! They’re Yours!

The Zombears will start to kill the other bears and you simply have to get there first and you’ll get the trophy. You can either focus on taking out all the Zombears so there is no threat to the normal bears or whenever you see zombears attacking the normal ones move in and get the final hit.

Elite Chumps (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 5, Kill Every B.E.A.R with an Object Kill.

Simply sabotage objects and wait for the B.E.A.R to start to repair it then come in for the R2 context kill. I had a problem keeping them all sane and used a trap/mine then did an R2 kill and still got the trophy. It’s been confirmed you can just use traps and still get the trophy – thanks Tparsons5150 -.

Rebellion (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 6, get the R0B0-B34RS to Kill their Master, Fluffy.

By wearing a robot costume you can start to attack the regular bears and this will cause the robot bears to join in and start to fight the bears as well. Eventually the robot bears will kill Fluffy.

Disintegration (Bronze Trophy )
Secret Mission: In Episode 7, Destroy Every Alien-Bear with the Raygun Ultra-kill

Because the ray guns cause a lot of damage my suggestion is to use a trap. Once the alien has been trapped use L2 for a super scare (don’t use R2 when they are in a trap since you will break their neck rather than use a Raygun Ultra-kill) and they will be injured – thanks Bucket -. Then you can go up to them and use R2 while you have a raygun in your hand to do the Ultra-kill. If you want a ray gun start as an alien costume or look around the map there is always a ray gun on the floor somewhere to allow you to attempt this trophy. In the first area there is one in the corner near the hut towards the boat they can use to escape – thanks Bucket -.

Costume Kill Related Trophies:

Twin Fight (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill Cop Gordon with the Cop Gordon Costume by the Revolver Ultra-Kill.

Once you have unlocked the costume go into episode one and into one of the areas where there is a boat jetty. Stir up the bears and allow them to call for back up. The cop that comes is random but there are only 4 so you might get him first or fourth. He is the cop with a large hat and gold badge on it. Use a trap to injure them and while using a gun as a weapon use the R2 context kill.

Chain of Command (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill Colonel Ketchup with the Captain Naughty Costume by the Oozy Ultra Kill.

Colonel Ketchup can be found in the Cabin in episode 3. He has the hat and sun glasses on. You will want to get an Oozy (the SMG) as a weapon, use a trap to injure Colonel Ketchup then finish him off with an R2 context kill. When you get the bear into a trap use L2 to super scare them and they will get injured right away. Use this for all the costume kill trophies.

Evil Resident in Bearcity (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill 4 Cops in One Level with the Zombear Oodoo Costume by the Bone Ultra-Kill.

This is easiest achieved in episode 1. Stir up trouble again and get the cops on the island. The Bone is the starting weapon of Zombear Oodoo so use the R2 context kill on them once you have injured them with a trap. The way to do this is to let the bears escape/call for help and when 2 cops are in the first area kill them with the R2 bone kill. After this move into the final zone and do the same (kill Daddles first because if he is the one that escapes you fail). This will give you another 2 cops. After R2 bone killing the 4th cop (2 in first area 2 in second) the trophy will come.

Probing New Technologies (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill R0B0-PR1M3 with the Emperor Xoon Costume by the Raygun Ultra-Kill.

R0B0-PR1M3 is found in episode 6. He is the robot with the white/red helmet visor. Using Emperor Xoon’s starting costume raygun get R0B0-PR1M3 injured then finish him with an R2 context kill.

Chi Vs Voodoo (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill Oodoo with the Master Miyagi Costume by the Ninja-To Ultra-kill.

This is found in episode 4. As with the other costume kills simply use Master Miyagi’s starting weapon and after injuring Oodoo get an R2 context kill with that weapon. Oodoo is the zombear with the strange headdress.

Assassin’s Assassination (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill Miyagi with the E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney Costume by the Silenced Pistol Ultra-kill

Once again on episode 2 this time, injure Miyagi then finish him off with an R2 context kill using E.L.I.T.E Mahoney’s Costume starting weapon the Silenced pistol.

Noisy Vs Silent (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Kill E.L.I.T.E Mahoney with the R0B0-PR1M3 Costume by the Power-Fist Ultra-Kill.

E.L.I.T.E Mahoney is found on episode 5. Using R0B0-PR1M3’s starting weapon (the power fist), injure Mahoney then finish him off with an R2 context kill.

Vengeance! (Bronze Trophy )
Costume Shenanigan: Destory Emperor Xoon with the Naughticorn Costume by Hornification.

In episode 7 using the Naughticorn costume you want to injure Emperor Xoon then finish him off with an R2 context kill using the horn (it is the default starting attack which is unarmed).

Challenge Related Trophies:

Truly Invisible! (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: Finish an Invisible Challenge Without Being Seen Once.

This is best done in 3-2 because none of the bears can go in the grass. You want to keep out of sight at all times (use a ninja costume so you make no sound as you walk). Go about sabotaging objects and when a bear starts to fix it use an R2 context kill to finish them off. You can also use traps and mines but make sure you approach from behind so they don’t see you. Lastly make sure no other bear can see you as you kill their friends because you make a sound when you kill them and they will notice you. Using Colonel Ketchup costume is the best for this as the bears don’t notice you and you can stand in the grass firing the Oozy building up points without being seen. Remember you only need to get the required points to move on you don’t actually have to kill all the bears.

Fistful of Rage! (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: Finish an Untouchable Challenge Without Using a Weapon.

The way to go about doing this is to sabotage all the objects outside and performing an R2 context kill when a bear tries to fix it. Don’t bother with traps since you’re likely to accidentally walk into it and then fail the mission. This trophy requires you to not use a weapon at all that means you can’t hit a bear at all only use context kills.

Killin’ with Style (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: Finish a Killer Challenge Without Killing with a Weapon.

Similar to Fistful of Rage but this time you don’t need to worry about being hit so you can make use of the traps. R2 context kills are the easiest so just sabotage everything you come across. 1-1 is the first time you can do this and they bears are the easiest here so just do it.

Merciful (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: Finish an Insane Challenge with Every Bear Still Alive.

Very simple, drive all the bears mad, fastest is by sabotaging objects then doing an L2 super scare when they are repairing it. Mix in a lot of regular boo’s as well. When a bear goes insane leave him be and work on the rest. After the first area don’t kill the bears just move on and do the same in the next area. This is best done in 1-3 where the bears are not so strong.

Trap-tacular! (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: In a Friendly Challenge, injure every Bear

In 1-2 use a trap and super scare them and they will then be injured. As long as you don’t do an object R2 kill you will get this trophy. Make sure you don’t hit them with a weapon. The level only requires you to earn X points so there is no reason to use a weapon or even kill them.

Tight One! (Bronze Trophy )
Challenge Challenge: Finish a Speedrun Challenge with 1 Second Left on the Timer.

Very simple, run through a speed challenge until you get to the final door and wait for the timer to count down. when it reaches 0:01 enter it to finish the level and you’ll get the trophy.

Multiplayer Related Trophies:

Leader of the Pack (Bronze Trophy )
Multiplayer Madness: Finished First in a Multiplayer Match and Shouted:”HAZELNUT!” at the Losers.

You will get this when you do Gloriosity!. The trophy description is misleading however as you don’t have to shout HAZELNUT! in a headset you simply have to win a multiplayer match.

Gloriosity! (Silver Trophy )
Multiplayer Madness: Finished an Assault Match Without Losing a Single Unibear Statue.

An assault round consists of 1 round of attacking and 1 of defending. It is easiest to simply boost this trophy with another person. Take it in turns with your partner and for 1 full round (attack + defend) firstly destroy your partners statue or have your partner do nothing if it starts with you defending then swap over. While doing this you will get the Leader of the Pack trophy as well.

Secret Trophy:

Unibear! (Bronze Trophy )
Killed or Pop! a Unibear.

You will get an announcement when a unibear appears on the map. It will show a little picture on the top right on the screen showing his location. You want to stop what you are doing and rush to him and kill him (or scare hence the Pop!). This nets you the secret trophy. Note that he only hangs around for 10 seconds or so so you really have to get there fast.

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