• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (if you’re experienced at this genre and played games like Dark Souls/Bloodborne, otherwise it may feel harder)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20 – 40 hours
  • Offline Trophies: 26 (1trophy, 6trophy, 11trophy, 8trophy)
  • Online Trophies: 0 (there is no online mode)
  • Number of missable trophies: 3 (Forever Alone, Life is Suffering, Face Off)
  • Glitched trophies: Nothing Yet
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty selection (same difficulty for everyone)
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 2 recommended
  • Free-Roam / Level Select after Story?: After beating the final boss you can choose to go into NG+ or return to Fallgrim to stay in the current playthrough
  • Release Date: August 18, 2020




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Welcome to the Mortal Shell Trophy Guide! Mortal Shell is an action RPG made by indie studio Cold Symmetry as their first game. The game pulls heavily from other influences in the Souls-like genre, while bringing some changes of its own such as a class-based ability setup and unique combat mechanics. The trophy list requires players to basically find all items and lore in a normal playthrough, but then also completing the game without using any shells which means you die in one hit at all times.


Step 1: Complete first playthrough finding all Lore, Items, and Shells

First step is to just play through the game normally, finding all Shells, Items and Secret Lore possible and getting used to the game and its combat. You will want to pick one shell to use for a while, at least until you get enough tar and glimpses to fully unlock its abilities so that you can then buy items from Sester Genessa that you need for Bars Tended :silver: . Up until you fight the final boss you can go back through every area and pick up items or lore you missed. If you want you can work on beating Hadern in the tutorial at this start of this first playthrough, but the item given for beating them isn’t required for Bars Tended so it’s not a big deal if you want to do it on the no shell playthrough instead.

Step 2: Complete any missed miscellaneous trophies or clean up missed items in New Game+

After you’ve done your first playthrough you will be in New Game+ and can grab any items or lore again, or keep grinding for trophies such as 50,000 tar spent with Vlas.

Step 3: No Shell + Obsidian Dark Form playthrough

Once you’ve finished everything else, you can start working on your no shell playthrough, while also making sure to renounce humanity and be in Obsidian Dark Form since that requires playing without a shell anyway. This is for the trophies :gold: Forever Alone :gold: & :gold: Life is Suffering. Having no shell might seem very daunting to start as you die in one hit, but this is made up by the fact you have a lot of stamina and your attacks and dodging uses very little, so you can run through everything relatively quick and only worry about fighting the 5 bosses required to progress through the game.


Obtain all other trophies.
Earn all other trophies in Mortal Shell to unlock platinum (DLC not required)!
Forever Alone
Beat the game without ever bonding with a shell.
There are 4 Shells in the game (basically your “character classes”). For this you may not interact with any of them, meaning you have to beat the entire game while “naked”. However, you can run past most enemies and even run past some bosses without fighting them. It’s not recommended to do this on the first playthrough because you die in 1 single hit without a shell.  General tips for how to get through the game are:

  • Don’t worry about defeating Hadern in the tutorial unless you’re doing it this run for the trophy. You can’t actually use the glimpse you acquire for beating it (or any glimpses for that matter).
  • When traveling between areas remember you have a massive amount of stamina compared to with a shell, so you can constantly be sprinting and rolling everywhere to avoid attacks.
  • The same applies for boss fights, because of how generous the dodging i-frames are it is almost always better to actually dodge away from attacks than to harden and risk being hit.
  • Right at the start go talk to Sester Genessa in the tower, then grab the Tarnished Seal, then run over and activate Obsidian Dark Form at the altar.
  • In Fallgrim, you can choose to ignore Grisha, but defeating it is helpful to grab the item for the first Hollowed Sword upgrade. You can stick with the Hollowed Sword through the entire playthrough, its jumping attack is very good for all bosses, and the first weapon ability stuns all bosses and makes you invulnerable through the entire animation so it is very helpful. After grabbing this, go grab the Quenching Acid in the chest by the entrance to Shrine of Ash from the brigand camp. Do not bother buying either of the weapon upgrades from Vlas, unless you feel like grinding tar in Fallgrim.
  • Go through Shrine of Ash first. You can sprint totally through and grab both weapon damage upgrades, go back and upgrade the weapon to at least +3, then deal with the boss relatively easily by playing safe with jumping attacks.
  • On the way back into Fallgrim grab the Quenching  Acid from the chest in front of Fallgrim Tower to upgrade the Hollowed Sword to at least +4. Grind yourself 500 tar, then go to the Corrupted Sester, use a Nascent Tar, then use your 3000 tar to buy the Forbidden Offering. This makes you gain resolve extremely fast, so you can use your weapon ability often.
  • Go through Seat of Infinity next, grabbing either of the weapon upgrades here to upgrade your sword to +5 if needed. Roll through all the way to the boss, making sure to constantly dodge while you are near the crossbow enemies, as one bolt hit will kill you. After killing the boss roll your way back to Fallgrim.
  • Lastly, go through the Crypt of Martyrs area. You can roll through the entire first area to reach Enslaved Grisha, but then you have to fight it to progress. In the next area, you need to actually go down the correct path to the bottom, you can’t skip by just dropping down because it kills you.
  • After it is defeated head back to Fallgrim for the last time to deal with the final boss. The biggest thing to remember during the final boss is that you have tons of stamina, so you should be constantly rolling if possible to avoid its attacks. Try to be aggressive to push it through the fight and avoid it spawning the waves of weak enemies, because they are risky to deal with when a single hit from any of them will kill you. When the boss jumps around and spawns the waves in the water be sure to dodge through them to avoid them because if one knocks you over you will instantly die.
  • If you need help with bosses, refer to the Mortal Shell – Boss Guide (All Bosses, No Shell/No Damage). Each boss video in the guide shows fighting the boss while doing the no shell run, so you can view them to see the safe attacks to go during and what to avoid.
Face Off
Defeat Hadern in the tutorial.

Hadern is the tutorial boss at the start of the game, and like games that Mortal Shell borrows from you can either beat them for a bonus, or lose to them and continue the game.  You can also only do this right at the start of a NG playthrough, it doesn’t let you fight Hadern at the start of NG+, so if you need to restart you have to make a new save.

Hadern is relatively basic to fight, as they have the exact same moveset that you do. Swings when you are close like your light attack, thrust when you’re farther away like your heavy attack. They will also harden to bait attacks from you, though this is what makes the fight simple to do a specific way. The basic idea is to walk Hadern in circles around the area, waiting for them to start an attack and then harden. Y0ur goal is never to swing at them before then, as if they block your attack with harden they’ll get free damage on you. Once they harden, back up and wait for them to follow through with their attack, then do a running attack at them right when they finish the attack animation. After your attack connects, you want to harden (after starting a light attack swing if you can) because they will immediately swing at after you hit them. When you are hardened, them hitting you will stun them for a moment, allowing you to get a couple more swings in. You then back up and wait to bait them into hardening again. Repeat this for the entire fight, for a somewhat slow buy very safe strategy for beating Hadern.

Seeker of False Truths
Unlock all secret lore.
» Mortal Shell – All Secret Lore Locations
Fun Guy
Pick 50 mushrooms.
Mushrooms are found around the game world in two varieties: Weltcap or Tarspore, which are used to regain health or gain immunity to poison respectively. These can be picked repeatedly after a respawn timer, and always appear in the same spots so you can know where to get them again. Make sure to always grab them as you go by, and after picking 50 total you will earn this trophy.
Step Goal
Kill an enemy with bear trap.
Bear traps can be found strewn around the ground in some areas, especially early on in the forest. When stepped on by you or an enemy, they deal a minor amount of damage and trap the victim for a short period. For this trophy you need to kill an enemy using the damage from a bear trap. This is done easily enough in the very first area with enemies. In the first open forest area go forward to the area of tents where there will be a number of enemies sitting around. Take out them if needed so that there is only one enemy, then lead it back and forth through a bear trap until it is killed by the damage from it.
Life is Suffering
Beat the game in obsidian dark form.
Obsidian Dark Form is basically a skin you acquire by agreeing to renounce your humanity at the shrine mentioned in the Nihilist trophy. This is still the same as playing without a shell, but you also have the “Recollection of Knowledge” shell ability which allows you to harden in the air and do a plunging attack.You should combine this trophy with Forever Alone, as you can enable Obsidian Dark Form without having interacted with any shells.
Brigand Life
Waste your life away with Baghead.
Baghead is an NPC that can be found in the Fallgrim area. He sits by himself on a hill and talks to you about what’s going on in the game world. To get to him from the point you first enter Fallgrim, go to the right into the swamp area, then through the tunnel with Gorf the frog and then take an immediate left onto a path. At the end of the path you can find Baghead sitting by a locked chest.

After talking to him once, he’ll ask you for some items if you have them in your inventory.

  1. One Roasted Rat
  2. One Superior Moonshine

After you have given him the Moonshine, the next time you speak he will ask you if you want to hang out with him forever. When you agree, you’ll get a cutscene and then the credits of the game will play, awarding the trophy. When you reload the game it will put you back as if you hadn’t agreed to his final question, so you don’t lose any progress and it doesn’t count as an “actual” game ending.

Bars Tended
Become familiar with all items.
Item familiarity is a level most items have, where after you use them a specific number of times you gain a bonus at maximum familiarity level. Refer to the guide below for all item locations.

» Mortal Shell – All Item Locations

Flesh and Instinct
Find your first Shell.
You can find your first shell at the very start of the game. Immediately after the tutorial boss you’ll be teleported to a new area. Go straight ahead to climb through a tunnel. After that there’s a split in the path, go left to the dead-end to find the Harros shell and earn this trophy.
Is This a Sparta?
Kill an enemy by kicking them off a platform.
The kick is an ability you can unlock on all 4 shells, called “Recollection of Strength”. When unlocked, this allows you to perform a kick attack with :square: for 1 resolve charge, knocking back and stunning an enemy that it connects with. Using this, you need to kick any enemy to their death off a platform. Any normal size enemy will work for this, and there are many spots through the game that you can do it in each area.
Bring the Glands Back to Me
Bring a gland to Dark Father.
After you defeat your first of the three main story bosses, you will acquire one of three gland key items. You then need to take these with you back to Fallgrim Tower and give them to the Old Prisoner, which after the first time will award you this trophy.
The Good Times are Killing Me
Jam with a brigand.
In the first area of the game, you are able to obtain a lute either from chests, picking up off enemies, or purchased from Vlas. When you have a lute you can use it from your inventory to sit on the ground and play (at varying levels of proficiency depending on your familiarity level with it). Around Fallgrim, you can sometimes find enemies sitting on the ground also playing the lute. Get near to one of them slowly, then pull out your lute and play at the same time to earn this trophy.
Sugar Baby
Spend over 50,000 Tar in the Vlas’s Shop.
Vlas is the vendor for the game, who is located up the outer stairs of Fallgrim Tower. For this trophy, you need to spend over 50,000 total tar with him one one save, which is a fairly significant amount. You cannot sell things to him either, so you can’t earn this trophy just by purchasing then reselling to get tar back. You will need to actually obtain that much tar from enemies or consumables to spend with him. For this trophy, it would be recommended you wait until you have fully upgraded at least 1 shell so you also have access to Sester Genessa’s vendor inventory before spending tar on Vlas just to get this trophy. If you wish you could also aim to do this on your no shell playthrough, as there isn’t anything you would spend tar on other than Vlas as you have no shell upgrades to purchase.
Parry over 100 attacks.
Once you obtain the Tarnished Seal by interacting with the Old Prisoner in Fallgrim Tower, you gain the ability to parry attacks using it. Parry attacks a total of 100 times to earn this trophy.
You Seem Different…
Unlock all of the Shells in the game.
This trophy is awarded once you find all 4 shells on one save. All 4 are found in the initial area of Fallgrim and can be found right when you start the game after the tutorial.

» Mortal Shell – All Shell Locations

Different Kinds of Grisha
Defeat all different versions of Grisha in the game.
Grisha is a unique enemy type that basically functions as a miniboss for the game. There are three different versions you need to defeat for this trophy:

  • “Normal” Grisha: This one is found in a cave in the Fallgrim area (woods), you basically need to deal with it to get to the Solomon shell. The fight with this one takes place in a relatively small cave, so you don’t have much room to move around. When it does its swipe attacks it will always be in groups of two, with either one or both arms to the side, then again to the other side. If you see the prompt from the tarnished seal about an unparryable attack, it will either be slamming one arm into the ground or stabbing one arm forward. When it slams one into the ground you can harden to block it if needed, but you then don’t want to be near it’s front when it pulls its arm out as that animation will damage you. If it does the stab animation you do not want to harden against it, as it will hit your right through the harden, doing a grab attack that will likely kill you unless you have full health on the shells. While fighting you basically can just wait for it to do its swing attack, then do jumping attacks at it, then dodge away. If you have time you can get extra hits in then harden through a swing attack, then get some more hits then dodge away. Repeat until dead.

  • “Weak” Grisha: There are actually two of these Grisha that appear when you have enabled the fog in Fallgrim after acquiring one gland. These are mechanically about the same as the “normal” Grisha, but they are regular enemies and not bosses, so have way less health.
  • Enslaved Grisha: This one is found in Crypt of Martyrs at the end of the Abandonded Chamber area. You need to defeat it to continue farther into this area, so it’s not possible to miss this version.  It has basically the same entire moveset as the normal Grisha, but it will also do charging attacks at you if you are farther away, and will bash its head directly into the ground if you are close. The head bash will have the unparryable flash from the seal when it is about to happen, but the charges won’t, so just be aware that it might charge when it’s farther away from you. Otherwise you can fight it the same as normal Grisha, doing jumping attacks and hardening through its normal swipes. If you have upgraded a weapon to +5 already this should go down even faster than normal Grisha.

Crossed the Threshold
Complete Mortal Shell.
This trophy is awarded for completing the game after you choose to ascend when you defeat the final boss.
Faded the Fire
Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.

This trophy is awarded for defeating Imrod, the Unrepentant, which is the boss located at the end of the Shrine of Ash area.  Imrod is a tall humanoid enemy that wields a large club. It primarily does swings and slams with the club that are easy to get in after with jumping attacks. It is also thankfully very predictable in how you can get it to do its specific attacks as well.  The main trick you can use to deal with this boss very safely, is to just back away from it and get it to do the attack where it charges towards you, then swings its club twice around its head. Once it does the second swing it will be open for a few seconds, so you can get easy jumping attacks on it every time. During the second phase of the boss fight it still does this without a followup to the second swing.

The other attacks it does are slams or large swings. These are easily avoided by dodging away from it, then you can hit it with a followup jumping attack if you feel confident.  If you are close to it it will sometimes breathe fire in an area in front, which you can also just back away from and wait for it to finish the animation. Sometimes it will walk away from you and pick up bodies off the ground, then light them on fire before throwing them at you. If it does this you can go in and attack it in the back, and if you have enough resolve perform a weapon ability to stun it. During the second phase, it will follow up its larger swings with a kick that will knock you down, so it’s generally not worth going for jumping attacks during the second phase after attacks other than the charge one if you are trying to be really safe.  If you end up too close to the boss when it is starting an attack, you can harden through all of them then safely dodge backwards immediately after to get away.

Matryr’d the Martyr
Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.

This trophy is awarded for defeating Tarsus, the First Martyr, which is the boss located at the end of the Crypt of Martyrs area. This boss has very drastically different fight phases, so they will be explained separately. Do note that for this boss arena you cannot go near the outer edges or you will take damage, so try to stay mostly in the center of the area.

As soon as you spawn into the boss area, you won’t be able to see where the boss is. It will immediately start sliding towards you from somewhere around the arena, swinging the sword once as it goes by then disappearing again. If will normally do this three times, then spawn in normally. You can harden through the attack, but you can’t get your harden charge back before the next swing, so you’re better dodging to avoid the swings. After it finishes them it will then be walking around normal and doesn’t do those slides again. During the rest of the first phase it largely does large horizontal swings in pairs of two which you can dodge away from. These will be after the boss disappears, then reappears shortly nearby. After the second swing it is safe to attack it, but watch for if it swings the sword around itself slightly more, as it will then do a vertical slim in front of it. Otherwise during the first phase, if it doesn’t disappear but looks like it is raising the sword above its head it will throw the sword towards you, then slide forward to grab it and do a large tracking swing which you don’t want to be near. Lastly, it will sometimes plant its sword in the ground, then there will start appearing a white circle on the ground around it. After a while the area will white out and obscure your vision or freeze you, so you want to be outside the circle. If you have a resolve charge to do a weapon ability or want to risk it you can put enough damage into the boss to stun it out of the attack, allowing you to get more hits in.

During the second phase, the boss will now be skating around and moving faster. It will now largely be doing sliding stabs and swings, and has an attack that is much easier to bait constantly. If you do a jumping attack towards the boss, it will dodge backward, then wind up to do a slide at you. After you land from the jumping attack, dodge backward to avoid its stab, then you can get a guaranteed jumping attack after. Be careful not to do the second attack to fast, because landing on the enemy’s sword before it starts pulling it away it will damage you. For the remainder of the fight it will not disappear again, it will constantly just skate towards you and do sliding attacks. If it does a sword plant during the second phase it will summon a large field of ice spikes around it. If it does this you should get far away from it outside the area they appear in, it’s not worth trying to avoid them inside the field or stun it out of the attack, as the spikes will freeze you or kill you if you don’t have a shell on.

Tragic Loss
Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.

This trophy is awarded for defeating Crucix, the Twiceborn, which is the boss located at the end of the Seat of Infinity area. Note for this boss that when you select the chalice to challenge the boss it doesn’t warp you to the boss room, it drops you through the floor into it, so you need to harden before you land to avoid dying from the fall.

Crucix is a large humanoid enemy like Imrod, and largely has similar predictable attacks. The first phase is probably really harder than the second because the boss has its conjoined twin still alive, which will allow it to hit you with ranged attacks. For melee attacks it basically only does three swing combos at you, which you can just stay away from. if it swings just its hammer first the third attack will be a poke with the spear, but if it swings both arms together the third attack will be a very delayed downward slam with the hammer that you should wait for before jumping at it.  If it dodges backward away from you and crouches down it will start shooting crossbow bolts at you, which you need to get closer to it to have it stop doing by dodging towards it to avoid the shots.  If it dodges backwards from you and the unparryable flash from the seal goes off it is going to jump into the air them slam down towards you will shooting bolts, so in either case when it dodges back you are generally best off just immediately hardening and waiting to see what it does, because the bolts along don’t break harden, and you can take the hit from the slam then dodge away immediately.

During the second phase the conjoined twin will no longer be shooting at you, which generally makes the boss easier because it only does melee combos at you. If it swings near you without a unparryable flash it will normally do a three swing combo with the last attack being slamming the spear into the ground, which you can do a jumping attack after. If you get an unparryable flash and the boss jumps slightly back you will want to back up slightly. It will then lunge forward with the spear, then slam the hammer down on the ground a couple of times, then after a slight delay it will do a kick. Wait for the kick to occur, then you can get in with a jumping attack.

Felled the Glandfather
Defeat The Unchained.

This trophy is awarded for defeating The Unchained, which is the final boss of the game. This boss is basically only one long phase, but the explanation will be broken up based on normal attacks and then things that start happening when it is around half health.  This boss differs from the others in that you basically want to play aggressive and almost always try to be near it, because most of its normal swings are easily avoided by dodging directly towards or away from it, and you want to force the fight to go as quickly as possible because this allows you to stop the boss doing some annoying things during the fight. Also note that for this bosses stun animation it will drop its head onto the ground, and the drop animation will actually damage you if you are right beside it, so you’re better being to the side or waiting for the animation to finish before attacking.

Right from the start of the fight, the boss will be far away from you, and will slide quickly towards you and swing with the arm to your right. It does this attack lots after jumping away from you, so you need to learn how to avoid it. The best way, in general, is to dodge directly towards the boss when it gets close and starts the swing. If you are very close to it then it will appear like it is normally swinging its tail to either side to attack. If it’s swinging to your left, you can take one side step to the right, but if it’s swinging to your right you want to dodge backward and to away. If you are directly under its head, it will sometimes drive its nose into the ground, which you can dodge to either side to avoid. Sometimes it will jump far away from you, and you need to watch for waves moving out in a circle from where it landed. You need to either dodge through (recommended) or harden (only in an emergency) to stop being affected by the waves. If you sit in one too long it will knock you over, which deals damage and will instantly kill you if you are doing no shell. There will be two circular waves, then the boss might either do the slide and swing towards you again, or it will dive into the water. If it dives into the water, you need to start moving sideways quickly and dodging constantly if possible. The boss will either go in the air then try and land on top of you, or it will drop two large orbs then land farther away. Both these attacks can be avoided by going sideways.  At times if you are directly underneath the boss, it might do either an attack when it spins around violently in a circle, or rolls back and forth on the ground twice. If either of these starts happening your are best just dodging directly away from the boss until either animation finishes.

When the boss reaches around half health, it will sometimes jump back once without spawning waves, then slam its right arm into the ground in front of it. What happens now is a number of shellless Foundling copies will start spawning from outside the arena and run towards you. It will typically spawn around 7 – 8 of these during one of these waves, and you need to deal with them while the boss is still trying to attack you. The enemies all die in a single hit, but they all just sprint straight towards you constantly, and will normally try jump attacks if they are sprinting. The most effective way to deal with them is to wait for the boss to do a sliding attack towards you, then walk constantly away from it while also leading around enemies. The boss typically won’t attack while you are walking away, it will still just follow along with you, you just need to watch for it to jump away again because it will perform another sliding attack. The other enemies you can deal with either by doing jumping attacks to hit them far away, or start an attack then harden to bait them into attacking and you will hit them after the harden is broken. If you are quick enough with damage you can avoid the boss spawning these extra waves of enemies, which is part of why you want to be aggressive because this makes the boss take a while if you need to deal with multiple waves of the enemies.

The other big thing that happens is around a third of its health left the boss will dive into the water, and a large whirlpool will appear in the middle of the area. A number of the enemies will spawn from the opposite side of the whirlpool from you, and will start getting sucked in. Each one that sucks in heals the boss for a small amount of health, where if all get sucked in it will be healed to just over half. When this is happening you can try to kill some of the enemies to make it heal less, but it’s generally safer to just wait it out. When the whirlpool goes away the boss won’t spawn it again, it will go back to repeating the same attacks as before. It does seem more likely to jump away much more often though, so be sure to be chasing towards it through the waves.

Nailed It
Kill Two or more enemies with one shot from the ballistazooka.
The Ballistazooka is a ranged gun that you can obtain during the game. To acquire it, you first need to purchase “Tools” from Vlas in Fallgrim Tower for 8,000 tar. After you have purchased them, go over to the weapon upgrade bench, where you can use them to fix and acquire the Ballistazooka.

After you have acquired it, you then need to use it to kill two enemies using only one bolt. This is most easily accomplished on the normal human enemies hanging around Fallgrim. Go near two of them so that they start trying to attack you then lead them around a bit to get them lined up with each other. Then pull out your Ballistazooka and shoot them with it, and if you kill both in one shot you will earn this trophy. If you need more bolts you can purchase them from Vlas.

It’s a me
Kill an enemy with a hardened plunge.
A hardened plunge is an ability you can unlock on each shell (or that you have by default in Obsidian Dark Form) where you harden while dropping and will deal a large amount to damage to anything you happen to land on. There are various areas you can accomplish this, but there are a few spots around Fallgrim such as the log leading from the upper level over the top of some humans. Drop off any ledge and harden, then if you land on an enemy you’ll explode them into a large number of pieces and earn this trophy.
The Nihilist
Renounce humankind.
Located in the Fallgrim area, there is a sort of shrine you can interact with. It is located through the swampy area, past Gorf the frog into the far wall through a crawl hole.

Interacting with it will make you lose all current shells and their upgrades, and turn you into Obsidian Dark Form which is needed for the trophy Life is Suffering. This can be done at any time, even if you don’t have any current shells.

Pet Vlas’s Cat.
Vlas is the vendor for the game, who is located up the outer stairs in Fallgrim Tower. Directly beside him, there is a cat you can interact with to earn this trophy.
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