-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
-Trophy Breakdown: 16 (12 4 0)
-Offline (breakdown): 10 4 0
-Online (breakdown): 2 0 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Only one play through needed. But if you miss anything you can use Level select to go back on certain levels to gain the stars you have missing)
-Number of missable trophies: N/A
-Glitched trophies: N/A
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Trophy Guide

Get 1 level combo star.

This trophy is achieved by stringing as many combos together as you can in one trick. You will know when a combo has been stringed as the x2 will increase to x3, x4 and so on. If you stop your combo will end and reset. For this trophy you need to string together a combo that basically lasts the whole race and tops x19.

The first time you will come across this star is in ‘Second Tour: Comeback Tour, Third Event: The V’ – it is pretty easily achieved there.

See the trophy TRICK MASTER for more details.

Get 1 time star.

A time star is achieved by hitting all targets and finishing the race without running out of time. If you miss a target and forget to collect them all, but finish the race in time, then the star won’t unlock and neither will the trophy.

The easiest way to get this is on ‘Second Tour: Comeback Tour, First Event: Mostly Dangerous’. There are 5 targets to hit and the time to do it in is 33.0 seconds. This is easily achievable and you should get it on your first playthrough. You don’t need to collect all of the mini-stars or hidden star to get this trophy.

Find 3 hidden stars.

These are usually bigger Golden Stars that are out of view or not in the path you take and these stars have to be found. The quickest way to get this is:

1st Hidden Star – ‘Second Tour: Comeback Tour, First Event: Mostly Dangerous’: This Star is located on the second building Structure. You will bounce over a Arrow block and hit a target, then drive up to a spring which will have stars leading to another spring and then stars from that leading up to the top of the building block. After bouncing on that second spring, instead of following the stars bounce in the opposite direction – the Hidden Star is located on the top of four boxes.

2nd Hidden Star – ‘Fourth Tour: High Voltage, First Event: The Edge’: Don’t change lanes throughout the whole event to get this Hidden Star. This Star is located just before the first western town. It’s near where you get the A to spell “DANGER”. If you go up the ramp and drop off the edge you’ll find a spring – you’ll have to reverse up to it and hold while doing so. When you hit the spring release and you will get on top of the roof of the western town. Now all you have to do is drive along, jump again using and the Star should be at the end.

3rd Hidden Star – ‘Fourth Tour: High Voltage, First Event: The Edge’: Don’t change lanes throughout the whole event to get this Hidden Star. Just after the second one you got above you’ll come to a desert fort-looking building. Drive through it until you come to a spring. There will be stars in the air above it. Use the same process for this one as for Star 2. Hold and you will see the Star on top of the tower.
down and as you hit the spring release it. You now need to just drive forward through the air using
Finish the race and if you’ve followed this guide you should have the trophy.

Get a DANGER star.

A DANGER star is achieved by collecting every letter of the word “danger” within one event. So you’re looking for a total of six letters; these are located randomly around the track. You will come across the letters in the order it’s spelled, i.e. D first, A second and so on. The first chance to get this is on ‘Second Tour: Comeback Tour, Second Event: The Warthog’.

D – On top of the huge pile of pink cars you jump across. Can’t miss it.

A – Just after getting D you’ll come to a ramp where you will have to go up and jump through a circle across a bed of spikes. A is located above the spikes. Can’t miss it.

N – Further on you’ll come to a jump that has a spring where you jump onto a school bus, then onto another spring over a sharkpool and onto yet another school bus. The N is located above the sharkpool and has mini-stars leading to it. Again, can’t be missed.

G – This letter is further along the way from N and this time there’s a ramp that has 2 shark pools in front of it. This one is slightly harder to get than the first three letters. You won’t get this by just riding the jump. Hold down and ride the jump. Before leaving the ramp release to get higher air time – you then should receive G if done properly.

E + R – These two letters are both next to each other. You’ll come to a pile of light blue pickup trucks piled on top of two school buses. The first pickup has a spring where you will bounce straight up into E. From there you’ll bounce to a higher pickup with another spring on it, which will bounce you into the final letter, R.

Finish the race to receive the trophy and the Star.

Get 5 coin dash stars.

A coin dash is when you see a red coin and you go through it – this will unveil gold coins in the path ahead. Collecting these gold coins before the timer runs out will earn you a Coin Dash Star at the end of the race. You have to collect 5 of these stars throughout your career to receive this trophy.

Get 5 target stars.

Target Stars are achieved by hitting every target in an event. If you hit all targets then you will recieve a Star at the the end of the event. Collect 5 Target Stars throughout your career to receive this trophy. Below are five levels that I think are easiest to do for this trophy:

1st Star: First Tour: Stunt Weekly (Newspaper), Third Event: Joe Danger Rides Again

2nd Star: Second Tour: Comeback Tour, First Event: Mostly Dangerous

3rd Star: Fourth Tour: High Voltage, Second Event: Knuckles

4th Star: Fifth Tour: Explosive Tour, Third Event: Star Power

5th Star: Sixth Tour: Shock Hazard, First Event: Quad Damage

Collect all mini stars on 8 levels.

In different events you will come across mini stars. There are about 40-80 mini stars in an event that you will have to collect, but they are not found in every event. If you collect all the mini stars in one run you will recieve a star for collecting them all. When you collect 8 mini star stars on 8 levels you will receive the trophy.

Complete the first tour.

For this Trophy you have to complete the first Tour. While in the main menu outside Joe’s trailer, select Career. From there you will be taken to Tour select. The first Tour is a Newspaper on the table. Press on this and it will bring you to the Tour featuring 4 events. You have to complete every event to receive the Trophy. You don’t have to get Gold in every event, you just have to complete the objectives for each event to unlock the next tour.

Send 1 level to a friend.

For this trophy you have to send your level to someone on your friends list. First create a level in the Sandbox mode and save it. Once saved, upload the level and a message will appear with the game data attached. Choose a friend to send it to. It can be anyone, they don’t even have to have the game. Once sent the trophy will pop up.

Receive 1 level from a friend.

This one is similar to SHARE THE FUN! but someone has to send you a level. This time you have to have someone on your friends list who has Joe Danger. Get them to send you a level, then go to Download in the Sandbox mode and select their message. The level will download and the trophy should pop up. If no one you know has Joe Danger, then see this thread to find someone to boost it with: Trophy Boosting Thread

Get a x100 combo.

Self-explanatory. You have to string together a combo until it reaches x100. This can be done on any level but there are only a few levels where this is achievable. For more info see TRICK MASTER!

There is an alternative way of getting this:

“A super easy way of getting this is by going to the Track Editor and creating, saving, then testing a long empty track. I put in a coin at the end of the track just so i’d know when it was done. Now play the track, switching from wheelies (left on the L-stick) to ollies (right on the L-stick) till you build up a 100x combo. When i completed the track, I went in to a single player track and the Trophy popped up.” – Thanks to Solace for this tip.

Get 4 stars in one run.

This basically means collect all 4 stars in one event. This is obviously impossible to do if the event only offers 3 stars, but some events offer up to 7+ stars, such as ‘Fourth Tour: High Voltage, First Event: The Edge’. You can easily get 4 stars here, such as a Danger Star, 2 Hidden Stars, and time limit or combo Stars. Some you can’t do to them being in different lanes. There are other events where this is achievable besides the one listed above – there may be another that is easier for you.

This trophy is also achievable within Sandbox mode. Create a very short level, add a few mini stars, coins to collect, a ramp, a target and a finish line. If you start the race on this custom track by pulling a wheelie all the way to the finish line, collecting all stars and dash coins, and landing on the target, you will get 4 stars and the trophy.

Get all of the time stars.

Time Stars are achieved by finishing an event before time runs out. If you finish under the time limit stated you will receive a Time Star at the the end of the event. Collect all of the Time Stars throughout the career to achieve this trophy.

Get all of the combo stars.

This trophy is achieved by collecting all the 100% Combo Stars throughout your career. They are found on different events. Below are some tips to achieving them.

My Tips:

  • Start by pulling a wheelie and doing this whenever you aren’t hitting the ramps. Wheelies in conjunction with ramp tricks will string together your combo nicely.
  • When hitting ramps try to use as many tricks as possible. I try to spin as often as I can and while spinning, use and to do tricks. Quickly tap them to perform different tricks as well as holding them.
  • Both and don’t have to be tapped together – you can just use but I find it easier to use both.
  • Remember not to be too ambitious to the point where Joe’s face is smacking the pavement.
  • Make sure to perform as many moves as possible and don’t let that combo die and reset.

Finish all levels.

For this trophy you will have to play every tour and event in the game. To complete a level you must fulfill a number of certain objectives, like receive a certain number of stars, etc. Some levels require stars in order to enter them so make sure you unlock as many stars as possible so you can progress through every level.

Get all the stars in the game.

This trophy requires you to achieve all the stars in the game, i.e. within every event. Stars include:

  • mini stars
  • hidden stars
  • danger stars
  • 100% combo stars
  • time stars
  • target stars
  • coin dash stars

You must collect every star in every trial within every event to receive this trophy.

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