Discipline of the RatSilver Trophy
Perform 50 finishing moves. Check in the “Book of Wisdom”. The row of question marks at the bottom (3rd row) are your finishing moves. Scroll down and highlight any box. It will give you a description on how to unlock that finishing move. Once you have a few unlocked engage in a fight and just before the guy dies you will see a button above his head (don’t attack him at this point) press the button it shows and that’s it.

Nobleness of the DragonSilver Trophy
Complete Story Mode. Goes by really fast when you got someone to help.

Determination of the OxSilver Trophy
Kill 5000 enemies.

Heavenly TrophySilver Trophy
Kill 200 Stone Warriors in 1 game. This will take place on the last chapter of the last map (The Emperor’s Tomb). Fight your way thru the chapters till you get to the boss chapter. Now run down and hit the boss a few times, fall down to the lowest level in the map then climb up to the top. The boss should stay on the lower level and it should be just you and stone warriors. Keep killing them until the trophy pops up. It should take 10-15 min.

Inquisitiveness of the MonkeyBronze Trophy
Very simple. Just complete the first level.

Righteousness of the RamBronze Trophy
Get a gold in time Trial game. You have to beat all chapters of the map you pick as well as the end boss. Every map has its own time limit. Very hard trophy.

Stubbornness of the HorseBronze Trophy
Survive 10 minutes of Endurance Mode. This will be awarded at the end of the round, it doesnt matter if you win or loose just stay alive for more than 10 min.

Loyalty of the DogBronze Trophy
Complete a Co-op level. Simple as that.

Patience of the PigBronze Trophy
Kill 1 of every enemy. You will get this on “The Emperor’s Tomb” (the last level). When you kill your first Stone Warrior the trophy will pop up.

Perfection of the RoosterBronze Trophy
Use every combo type.

List of Combos:
Serpene’s Snare – down, [] [] [] /
Fire Monkey – down [] / /
Ancestor’s Fury – down / / []
River of Face – down / [] []

Mantis Kick – [] [] /
Locus Rain – [] / /
Fist of Knowledge – / / []
Dragon’s Vengeance / [] []

Wisdom of the SnakeBronze Trophy
Use a smart bomb. While you play you will notice “Marked men”, they can be identified by the masks floating above their heads. Defeat a “Marked man” and drop the collected soul off at the shining dragon. Press “O” and the soul will be dropped off. Do this 3 times. You will know its full when you can not drop any more souls off. Now press “R2” and there ya go.

Thoroughness of the RabbitBronze Trophy
Throw 30 barrels during any game play. Doesn’t have to be all in 1 game.

Recklessness of the TigerBronze Trophy
Just die 100 times. I just watched TV and hit “X” once every 5 sec.

Night TrophyBronze Trophy
Have 10 vampires active at once. This will take place on the “Harbor” level (3rd level). Battle your way thru to the end of the level. Once your at the vampire an icon will pop up showing you witch bell to go to. Run over to that bell and press “o”. The bell will stun the vampire and you will be able to strike it. Keep doing this till the health of the vampire is around %25. Once the vampires health is down dont kill anyone. Just keep running around and ringing the bell. Every time the zombie passes by a ninja it will turn that ninja into a mini vampire. So keep dodging these things till there are 9 mini vampires. Once there are 9 mini vampires and 1 king vampire the trophy will pop up.

Blood Trophy Help
The red line in your health bar is where you want your health to be before you activate Hyper State

Blood TrophyBronze Trophy
Unleash Hyper state while at less than 5 percent health. Wait for your ying yang bar to fill up then your able to use it. Activate it by pressing R1.

Water TrophyBronze Trophy
Use your meditation 100 times. Easy, just comes with time. Press L1 when your health is not full.

Lightning TrophyBronze Trophy
Complete the Waterfall level without getting hit by a single fan. Its very hard but its best done in a co-op mode. Your able to share the load of the twins.

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