-Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.5/10
-Offline: 44
-Online: None
-Approximate time: 15-20 hours (mainly Crest collecting)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (the game technically never ends)
-Glitched trophies: None

Road Map

Since this game has an Endless Day after completing the main adventure, I recommend finishing the main adventure as soon as you can, and then go back to get the rest of the trophies. While completing the main adventure, keep track of the crests you pick up, so that when you go back through the castle after the main adventure, you will already know which crest you have, thus making it easier to find the ones you don’t have with the help of this guide.

Aside from finding all of the Crests, the only other trophies that might give you some problems are the Potions and Flying ones. In the Potions making, you will be at a table with a cauldron in the middle, an assortment of ingredients around the cauldron, and a list on the right of the screen showing what ingredient tour pour into the cauldron to make it a certain color, what color to heat the potion to (alternate right stick up and down), or what color to stir the potion to (rotate the right stick clockwise).

With Flying, it’s a little easier. You will either be controlling Harry or Ginny (Ravenclaw game/practice only) on a broomstick, and your main goal is to capture the Golden Snitch. While doing this, you will be required to fly through stars to keep your time bar filled (not shown, but the stars change color based on time left; green means plenty, yellow means about half, red means fly through another star asap). In addition to flying through the stars, you will occasionally have to contend with the rival Seeker. These guys will leave after you have bumped into them a few times, so after every star you’ve flown through, just ram into the other Seeker until they fly off.


Platinum Trophy
Earned all trophies
Toughest trophies here will be collecting all the Crests and top grades in Potions and Flying

Grime Buster
Clean up after Fred and George at The Burrow
Use Wingardium Leviosa (right stick up, left, right, left) to lift the cauldrons, the use Depulso (right stick up 2x) to send them into the pond.

Used the Pensieve
View Dumbledore’s first memory of Tom Riddle in the Pensieve
After the Gryffindor Dueling, you will be asked to see Dumbledore. Exit through the double doors and head to your right where there should be an eagle statue. Approach the statue and a cut scene will ensue. Trophy is yours after the cut scene.

Quidditch Captain
Assemble the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Follow Katie Bell to the Quidditch Stadium and complete the Flying practice.

Great Party
Create a great Christmas party for Slughorn
Successfully make a Christmas Punch for Slughorn’s Party. The process here is the same as putting together a potion. Select the correct ingredient, pour in the correct amount, and stir until the Punch is the right color.

The Burrow Defender
Protect the Burrow
Defeat Bellatrix Lestrange(2x) and Fenrir Greyback outside of the Burrow in a duel. If you want an easy, but still legit, way of quickly defeating these two Death Eaters, here’s what you can do. Since you don’t yet have the spell Levicorpus, the next best thing would be to use Expelliarmus (tilt left stick left, tilt right stick right) and start charging up a Stupefy (right stick hold down) as you walk up to the Death Eater. When they recover, blast them with Stupefy (flick right stick up). This should cause them to be knocked down again, giving you a window to repeat with the charged Stupefy.

Good Deed
Help the student retrieve her stolen Gobstone
From Dumbledore’s Office, head into the courtyard and go to the far corner. Defeat the Slytherin student in a duel to retrieve the Gobstone, then return to Dumbledore’s Office.

Great Mate
Help Ron avoid Lavender
Using Wingardium Leviosa (right stick up, left, right, left), levitate Lavender’s bag and guide it around the room until you catch all of her books.

Hidden the Book
Hide the Half-Blood Prince’s Potions Book
After talking to Katey Bell, follow Draco to the bathroom. After the duel, a series of cut scenes ensue, and the trophy will be yours.

Mystery Solved
Retrieve Slughorn’s missing memory
After Harry has taken the Felix Felicis, watch as he makes his way towards Hagrid’s Hut, defeating Crabbe and Goyle in a duel along the way. After the duel, you be required to make some Fertilizer. After making the Fertilizer, you head to Hagrid’s Hut, upon which a cut scene ensues. Trophy is yours after the scene.

Quidditch Champion
Win the Quidditch Cup
Win the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. Since you will not be graded during the story line Quidditch matches, just use this time to get the hang of flying as close to the center of the stars, that way you will be prepared when going for you “Master Of Flying” trophy.

Escaped the Cave
Escape the Cave
Fight off three rounds of Inferi until a cut scene with Dumbledore is shown. When you are fighting the Inferi, don’t stand still and try and aim at each Inferi as they come out of the water. This tactic may get you through the first round, but more start coming after you in the second and third rounds. Instead, immediately begin strafing left and right, firing off Stupefy (flick up on right stick) spells, regardless of if you see any Inferi. The Stupefy spells will keep the Inferi back long enough to advance through the three rounds. However, once you make it to the third round, you will probably have to start doing half strafes to one side, then immediately head to the other side because the Inferi on round three come out faster then previous to rounds, and with more coming at you at once.
– Thanks to MikeMan54

Portrait Novice
Used your first portrait shortcut
You will get this on your way to the Gryffindor Dueling Club after completing Potions Class.

Portrait Pro
Use all of the portrait shortcuts
You will get this during the course of the game if you follow Nearly Headless Nick at every opportune moment.

Adventure Completed
Conclude the adventure
You will get this trophy after a cut scene with Severus Snape at the end of the game.

Crest Collector 1
Complete Crest Collector Level 1
Collect 3 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 2
Complete Crest Collector Level 2
Collect 8 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 3
Complete Crest Collector Level 3
Collect 14 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 4
Complete Crest Collector Level 4
Collect 21 Crests. Unlocks Stink Bombs. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 5
Complete Crest Collector Level 5
Collect 29 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 6
Complete Crest Collector Level 6
Collect 38 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 7
Complete Crest Collector Level 7
Collect 48 Crests. Unlocks Exploding Cauldrons. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 8
Complete Crest Collector Level 8
Collect 59 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 9
Complete Crest Collector Level 9
Collect 71 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 10
Complete Crest Collector Level 10
Collect 84 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 11
Complete Crest Collector Level 11
Collect 98 Crests. Unlocks Wizards Wheeze: Love Potion. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 12
Complete Crest Collector Level 12
Collect 113 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 13
Complete Crest Collector Level 13
Collect 129 Crests. See “Crest Collector 14”

Crest Collector 14
Complete Crest Collector Level 14
Collect all 150 Crest. Collecting the Crests can be a very long task, but hopefully my Crest Locations guide shortens that time for you

Standalone Crests

Walk With Luna
1-3. In the beginning of the game you walk straight passed these.

Quidditch Locker Room
1. On pedestal straight ahead.

Quidditch Tower
1. High on the tower on the right with the Hufflepuff flags.
2. On the staircase to the Training Grounds, behind the bench.

Training Grounds
1. At the top of the steps from the Quidditch Stadium, turn right. It’s inside a plant.
2. From the Hufflepuff Dueling board, head around the outside of the fence.
3. Covered by plant on the wall to the left of the Herbology entrance.
4. From previous crest, walk along the wall towards Herbology and climb up the small stairs.
5. In the gate to the left of the Herbology entrance – break the pieces then levitate through the gate, repair
6. Same as previous, but to the right
7. From previous Crest, walk to the right until you come to a doorway with a vase inside. Crest is above the doorway.
8. From previous Crest, walk along the wall and around to the right. Crest is inside spiderwebs
9. On a rock just outside the Herbology entrance.

1. Upon entering from Training Grounds, turn around and check above and to left of the door.
2. Head into the greenhouse on the left. Use Wingardium Leviosa in the corner to your left.
3. In the greenhouse with Potions Club, head all the way to the back room.
4. Straight back between the two greenhouses, next to a box of dung bombs. You will need to repair it.
5. Head to the door that leads to the Transfiguration Corridor. Go through it, and in a pot to your right will be the Crest.

Transfiguration Courtyard
1. In the doorway to (I presume) Ravenclaw Tower.
2. On the wall to the right of the Transfiguration Classroom.
3. From the portrait, enter the courtyard to the right, turn around and check the wall to left of the archway
4. On a bench just outside the doorway leading to Herbology.

Transfiguration Classroom
1. Right above doorway.

1. Head to the Restricted Section in the back. The Crest is visible in the fence.
2. On your way to the back of the Library, a Crest is between two bookshelves on the right.
3. Out in the corridor, right next to the desk. You need to repair this one.
4. From previous Crest, head down to the end of the hall. It’s up on the wall.
5. From previous Crest, head to the stairway on your left. Crest is high up on the wall straight ahead as you walk in.

Viaduct Entrance
1. Above the huge double doors.
2. Above the entrance to the Potions Dungeon.
3. Behind the boar statue.
4. Head up the stairs and into the next corridor. Check behind some spiderwebs on your left.
5. Keep following the hall to the next door. Crest is above door.

Hospital Wing Corridor
1. On the wall to the left of the Hospital Wing.

Stone Bridge
1. Above one of the two doors.
2. On the ledge next to the door opposite the one with the crest.
3. Head through the door with the crest, follow the hall until given the option to go left. Check above the door down that hall.

Suspension Bridge
1. Above the door next to the Crest Statue

Grand Staircase
1. Proceed straight out of Gryffindor Tower and down the stairs to the left. Look at the wall at the bottom of the next set of steps.
2. When exiting the Library portrait, head up the stairs to your right.
3. Head all the way to the bottom of the stairs. Check underneath the stairs.
4. From previous crest, head up the nearby stairs, and instead of going right, keep going straight until you hit a dead end with the crest. – credit to MikeMan54

Floor 1 off Grand Staircase
1. Follow the curved hall, turning right after passing through an archway. Follow that hall to a door. Turn around after going through the door and check above the door

Floor 3 off Grand Staircase
1. Head down the stairs and into the curved hallway. Halfway through there will be a statue to your left holding a Crest.
2. Continue down the hall, and then down the stairs.Crest is in a gate beneath the stairs.

Floor 5 off Grand Staircase
1. Head down the stairs and through the door and turn around to check above the door.

Floor 7 off Grand Staircase
1. A Crest is in an alcove to the left of where the student drops the brass scales during your visit to find Malfoy.
2. Follow the hallway around until you see a Crest on the wall in front of you.
3. Double back and take the previous right. Go left down the next hall. Check the wall in the alcove to your right
4. Head back to where you got Crest one and proceed through the door. The statue standing above the stairs has a Crest.
5. From previous Crest, check the bottom of the stairs for a Crest sitting beside the fire.
6. From previous Crest, head into the cave. Halfway through there will be a Crest on the rocks to your right.
7. Further into the cave. Usually get on your trip with Luna.

Gryffindor Tower
1-2. On the walls in the common room.
3. Up in the boys dormitory.

Entrance Courtyard
1-2. One to the left and one to the right of the castle entrance.
3. Head out of the courtyard towards the Viaduct Entrance, but instead head into the alcove on the left and repair the broken Crest
4. From previous crest, head towards the Paved Courtyard. It will be on the wall on your left, covered by a plant.
5. Just outside and to the right of the Viaduct Entrance door.
6. Head to the stairs leading down to the Boathouse. When you reach the first turn in the stairs, turn around. Crest will be sitting on the ledge behind the window.

Paved Courtyard
1. When entering from the Grand Staircase, go into the curved corridor and turn around. Check above the door.
2. Keep following the corridor to reach the Paved Courtyard. Keep going straight and turn at the far corner. Crest is broken and straight ahead of you.
3. Head up the stairs in the courtyard and follow the path around to the next Crest. It’s behind another plant on the wall.
4. In the tunnel leading to the Boathouse, on the wall to the left.
5. About halfway to the Boathouse from the Paved Courtyard there will be a Crest on the cliff to the left, covered by a plant

1. On the wall behind the Boathouse.
2. From previous Crest, above door at the base of the stairs to the left.
3. Halfway up the stairs leading back to the castle.
4. A little ways up the slope to the Paved Courtyard, there will be a crest hidden in a bush to the left

Hogwarts Grounds
1.Above the archway leading to the bridge.
2. When facing the bridge, look to the left. It’s in a plant.
3. In a plant to the left of Hagrid’s Hut.
4. On top of Hagrid’s Hut.
5. Halfway across the bridge. You will get this while heading to the Quidditch tryouts.
6. On the left side of the path heading to the Owlery. Will get on your way to Quidditch tryouts.
7. Next to a tree a short ways behind Hagrid’s Hut.
8. From Hagrid’s Hut, head straight up the hill. The Crest is in a wooded alcove to the left.

1. On the wall outside.
2. Behind the stairs when you first enter.
3. Head upstairs. Behind the stairs on the first platform.
4. Keep going upstairs. In the cage at the top

Quidditch Cave
1. On the wall straight ahead when entering beneath the Owlery.
2. On the ground just as you are coming to the underground pond place.
3. Head deeper into the cave. Eventually you will see it on the wall in front of you.

Clock Tower
1. Straight ahead, just behind the bells. Stand to the left and use Wingardium Leviosa.
2. From previous Crest, turn around. It’s in a little alcove at the top of the steps.

Clock Tower Courtyard
1. Behind the ticker of the clock.
2. In pieces in the corner with the purple tree.
3. When facing the clock tower, in an alcove to the left.
4. When facing the bridge, on the wall to the left, covered by a plant.

Astronomy Tower
1. In the gate behind you when facing the corridor.
2. On the wall above the sliding bookcase.
3. Head out into the corridor and follow it around the far corner. Check above door.
4. From previous crest, head up the stairs. Head down the next set. Check behind the statur at the bottom.
5. From previous Crest, head into the hall and take a right. Follow the hall till you come to a door. Crest is in an alcove on your right.

Charms Classroom
1. On the wall to the right when entering.
2. In the seats to the left when entering.

Potions Dungeon
1. From the portrait, head to the room on the far right. Crest is inside the gate.
2. From previous Crest, head back out and take a left. Go left down the short steps then turn around. Crest is to the left of the center archway.
3. Head back through the archway then down to the left to the dead end. Crest (Slytherins Common Room is behind this wall)
4. To the right of the Slytherins Common Room is a spiderweb with a Crest behind it.

Firework Boxes:

Training Grounds on wall to the left of the Hufflepuff Dueling Board
Clock Tower Courtyard platfrom between the four statues
Hogwarts Grounds on your right just before entering the Quidditch Cave
Paved Courtyard up the steps on your way to Crest 3
See Paved Courtyard Crest 5 a little ways down, the box will be on your right


Transfiguration Corridor start from entrance to Herbology
Transfiguration Courtyard from Transfiguration Corridor entrance, head all the way down the hall and turn right
See Viaduct Entrance Crest 4 turn around and hit the banners
See Floor 7 Crest 2 hit the banners as you proceed back down the hall
From Slughorn’s Office on the 6th Floor head down the hall and turn right when given the chance. banners run down the hall on your next left


Transfiguration Courtyard girl to the right of the portrait (when using portrait) – need to make a potion
Transfiguration Corridor guy by wall opposite statue – need to make potion
Library girl by the right bookcases in front of the portrait – need to make potion
Astronomy Tower Corridor girl close to door opposite statue – need to make a potion
Clock Tower Courtyard guy close to the portrait – need to make potion
Hagrid’s Hut two students short way behind hut – duel
Training Grounds from Herbology entrance, run around the castle to the left and look for two students – duel
Clock Tower, Middle Floor head towards the Hospital Wing and look for two students – duel
Suspension Bridge look for two students – duel
Entrance Courtyard look for two students – duel

Final Mini-Crest Count Needed for the remaining 25 Crests:


Potions Beginner’s Luck Badge
Earn the Potions Beginner’s Luck Badge
Successfully brew a potion. Can’t pass Potions class without getting this trophy.

Speedy Brewer Badge
Earn the Speedy Brewer Badge
Make a potion in less than 35 seconds. Easiest when making the Wit-Sharpening Potion.

Potions Club Star
Earn the Potions Club Star Badge
Receive the top grade for 3 potions. See “Master Potioneer Badge”

Potions Club Veteran
Earn the Potions Club Veteran Badge
Complete all Potions Club challenges. The Grade for each doesn’t matter for this trophy. I found the hardest potion to make to be the Stamina Game. The stirring required for that one is ridiculous. See “Master Potioneer Badge” for more advice.

Master Potioneer Badge
Earn the Master Potioneer Badge
Get top grades in all potions. Again, the hardest one I came across was the Stamina Game. Best advice I can give for obtaining this trophy is to practice getting your potions into the cauldron as quickly as you can without spilling any onto the table. You receive more points for having more time on the clock after adding all ingredients and by how accurately you were able to get the ingredients into the cauldron. The following scores are all approximate scores for getting the top grade. You may be able to score a few points less than what is posted and still achieve top grade. These are just the scores I personally got. (When you see a little white flame appear on the table, pour some potion on it. This will give you a time boost without breaking your combo – thanks to MikeMan54)
1. Volubilis Potion – 1830
2. Shrinking Solution – 1738
3. Wit-Sharpening Potion – 1066
4. Cure For Boils – 1636
5. Draught Of Living Death – 2195
6. Girding Potion – 2233
7. Antidote To Common Poisons – 2908
8. Draught of Peace – 2291
9. Oculus Potion – 1843
10. Wizard Wheezes: Love Potion (Crest Level 11 required) – 2860
11. Polyjuice Potion – 2163
12. Elixir To Induce Euphoria – 2193
13. Love Potion Antidote – 2629
14. Fertilizer – 3230
15. Stamina Game – 3550
16. Wiggenweld Potion – 3053

Dueling Beginner
Earn the Dueling Beginner’s Luck Badge
Join the Gryffindor Dueling Club. This happens naturally during playthrough.

Reflex Badge
Earn the Reflex Badge
Win a duel without being hit. If you make it up to the point where you take the Felix Felicis and you haven’t gotten this trophy yet, don’t worry. In the duels you have with Crabbe and Goyle shortly after, you will not be hit, due to the effects of the Felix Felicis, and you will get your trophy after the first duel.

Dueling Champion
Earn the Dueling Club Champion Badge
Become the Champion of any dueling club. I found it easiest just to get it out of the way with Gryffindor at the beginning of the game, since they are naturally the weakest duelers. If you are still having problems, go join the other three clubs (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin) and upon doing so you will learn the rest of your dueling spells. If that doesn’t help, collect some more Crests to increase your dueling health bar. You gain more dueling power for each of the Champions you beat (one time each)

Dueling Veteran
Earn the Dueling Veteran Badge
Achieved a top grade in 10 duels. Best advice I can give you for these are fully charge up the Stupefy (hold right stick down) at the beginning of the duel, and dodge until you get an open shot, then release (double tap right stick up). Hopefully this will have knocked them down, at which time you can fire a Levicorpus (left and right sticks tap left) which will immobilize them in the air. You should have enough time to fire off a fully charged Stupefy and a couple weaker ones before they either regain their composure or lose the duel. Repeat as necessary. The following are the scores I achieved. I couldn’t tell you which ones got me the top grade, but there are ten in there, so aim for these scores and you will get this trophy.
1. Gryffindor Junior Duel – 1547
2. Gryffindor Senior Duel 1 – 2003
3. Gryffindor Senior Duel 2 – 1656
4. Gryffindor Champion Duel – 1771
5. Hufflepuff Junior Duel – 1502
6. Hufflepuff Senior Duel 1 – 2597
7. Hufflepuff Senior Duel 2 – 2381
8. Hufflepuff Champion Duel – 2311
9. Ravenclaw Junior Duel – 2025
10. Ravenclaw Senior Duel 1 – 2825
11. Ravenclaw Senior Duel 2 – 2851
12. Ravenclaw Champion Duel – 2726
13. Slytherin Junior Duel – 2347
14. Slytherin Senior Duel 1 – 2643
15. Slytherin Senior Duel 2 – 2024
16. Slytherin Champion Duel – 2866

With the Duels, My technique is – as soon as the duel starts cast Levicorpus (while dodging). Then charge up a Stupify to the max, And hit them point blank. While they are on the ground, cast as many normal Stupifies as possible. Guaranteed 5 star rating, everytime – MikeMan54

Master Duelist Badge
Earn the Master Duelist Badge
Become the Champion of all four Dueling Clubs. They are Gryffindor (Great Hall), Hufflepuff (Training Grounds), Ravenclaw (Transfiguration Courtyard) and Slytherin (Paved Courtyard). All you need to do is beat all 16 duelist, top grades not counting toward the trophy.

Quidditch Beginner
Earn the Quidditch Beginner’s Luck Badge
You get this trophy at the beginning of the game after the flying lesson with Ginny.

Precision Flyer Badge
Earn the Precision Flyer Badge
Hit all of the stars in a Hogwarts Flying event (practices or games)

Combo Flyer Badge
Earn the Combo Flyer Badge
Complete a chain of 20 stars (practice or game)

Keen Flyer Badge
Earn the Keen Flyer Badge
Played each Flying Club game. Best place to do this is in the main menu. Click clubs, scroll to Flying Club, and from there you are able to replay the Quidditch Matches, which need to be replayed to count towards this trophy.

Master Of Flying
Earn the Master Of Flying Badge
Achieve top grade in all of the Flying Club games (including the Quidditch Matches). Some advice is to fly through the center of the stars as often as possible. You get more points for a Great pass through as opposed to a Good pass through (you can hear the difference when you pass through a star). Also, keep as big of a streak as you can. In the pregame practices and the Gryffindor tryouts, hit as many of the practice dummies as you can. They help with your time. And when all else fails, mute your TV. Multiple playings of the Quidditch games can get annoying, particularly with Lee Jordan’s commentary. As with the Master Potioneer and Dueling Veteran trophies, here are approximate scores to get you top grades in each Flying game. (all of the 8000’s are clearly the minimums)
1. Gryffindor Tryouts – 8640
2. Slytherin Match Practice – 9700
3. Gryffindor Practice – 8260
4. Hufflepuff Match Practice – 10,710
5. Ravenclaw Match Practice – 8900
6. Quidditch vs Slytherin – 11380
7. Quidditch vs Hufflepuff – 8310
8. Quidditch vs Ravenclaw – 11,920

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