FIFA 2009

Overview (Not Including DLC)

+Platinum Difficulty Rating: 5.7/10
+Offline Trophies: 38
+Online Trophies: 9
+Approximate Time To Platinum: 50-100 hours
+Missable Trophies: None
+Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1 and a half seasons of career mode (maybe 2) + 4 seasons of be a pro matches
+Glitched Trophies: ‘Real World Winner’ **
+Do Cheats Disable Trophies?: No Cheats Available

Total Trophies =301421

** VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!! This trophy is now unnatainable due to EA taking the interactve league servers offline. They have done this because the football season has finished and is therefore no more games to be played. I am not sure whether they will come back up when the new season starts so we will have to wait and see.


FIFA09 is the latest sports game in a very successful series. It allows you to play in the well known football events and leagues from around the world. You can choose which team you wish to be from a wide range available. You will then compete in the chosen teams leagues and cup matches & be able to fight for promotion or for survival form being relegated.

You can then see if you have what it takes to play in the real world by challenging people online in ranked & unranked matches. There are plenty of different modes to choose from so the chances are you wont probably get bored of this game after too long. In my opinion this is the best football game out at the moment with the quality graphics to match.

The trophies related to this game are mixed difficulty for both online and offline. At times you will be getting easy trophies and the next you may be tearing your hair out 😛 (especially for the online ones).

Step 1: Career Mode & Be A Pro Mode

There are plenty of trophies involved with both of these game modes. Career mode has more and may require 1 and a half playthroughs of a season. They are not difficult as long as you know how to do them and know the best methods on how to do them, therefore i would recommend referring to the guide beforehand.

Step 2: Online


The online trophies within this game will be extremely difficult if you don’t boost. The reason for this is because one is near impossible to obtain and requires alot of co-operation from other online players, many have found another one to be glitched as sometimes it doesn’t register your wins. The names of these two are Duo-Hedgeidecimal & Real World Winner.


To save yourself from enormous amounts of hassle i would recommend boosting on ALL of the online trophies to all people who are going for the platinum. This will make the trophies much easier to achieve and will drastically cut down the time you will be playing. I would recommend using the boosting threads located in this game forum, they are extremely helpful because they helped me get my platinum. Duo-Hedgeidecimal is the hardest online trophy to get. This requires 20 people to enter a FIFA09 clubs match at the same time.

I have entered a link at the bottom of this roadmap for a thread that helps with this. Just add people to your friends list & organise a date that suits you all for when you can attempt this.

TIP: When I achieved this trophy we had two teams of 10. I don’t know if this following method works on a regular basis but it can’t hurt to try it. We designated two people (one from each team) to talk over msn and press X at the same time to search for a game. We hoped it would kind of sync it so we would enter a match against each other. This worked on about the 5th time trying.

Step 3: Exra Trophies

The last few trophies that aren’t related to the online modes and career modes can be achieved through setting up your own tournaments and matches. They are all quite easy and are not time consuming with the exception of one or two in my opinion ‘see below’. You can play against the computer on whatever difficulty you wish because there are no trophies relating to computer difficulty.

Time Consuming Trophy 1 – The Peterson – Play For Over 50 Hours:

This is not at all hard it will just take ages (50 hours to be precise :P). You can rack up minutes/hours through playing manager mode/be a pro mode & by playing online ranked matches.

TIP: Set up a ‘be a pro match’ on 20 minutes each half. Then just put your controller down and let the computer play by themselves. This way you will get alot of hours without being too bored!

Time Consuming Trophy 2 – Frequent Flyer – Win In Every Stadium In The Game:

Once again this is not a hard trophy to get it will just take time to achieve. There are checklists of each stadium on so i would recommend using one of these. If you start an exhibition match you can choose which stadium to play in, once you have won in that stadium just tick it off on your checklist.

NOTE!! Most checklists i have seen miss out one stadium which is needed for this trophy. THIS INCLUDES THE ONE IN THIS GUIDE!! The stadium in question is the FIWC STADIUM. To save yourself confusion i would make sure you win in this stadium first.


Gimme Five – Score Five Goals In The Arena

For those who don’t know, the arena is the place where it is just you as a player against the computer who is the keeper. You can just practice in here if you want when you aren’t playing a game. You also enter the arena when the game you are about to play is loading. You can change your arena player at any time by going to the main menu & going in ‘My FIFA 09’ from there just go to ‘arena player selection’.

For this trophy all you have to do is score 5 goals against the computer. It doesn’t matter if you score a penalty, a free kick or by playing normally, they all count!

Time You Played A Match? – Score Twenty Goals In The Arena

This is almost the same as the ‘gimme five’ trophy, only here you have to score 20 goals.
NOTE: For the above two trophies you do not have to score 5/20 goals in one arena session. It can be done over multiple so if a game loads by the time you have scored 20 then don’t worry you will have another opportunity.

Hero – Save A Penalty

This is a very easy trophy. All you have to do is save a penalty when playing against the computer or when playing against a friend. I would just pick any corner when against the computer, but if you want to boost it with your friend then just tell them to shoot down the middle and then all you have to do is stand still.
If you want this quickly then I wouldn’t bother waiting for a match to go to 0-0. I would suggest playing with a friend and get him to go into your area and foul him on purpose.

Eat My Chip – Score By Chipping The Keeper In A Match.

A chip in this game can sometimes get frustrating. This is because sometimes you may not put enough power on the chip so it floats straight into the keeper’s arms or you may put to much power on the chip which will make it fly high over the bar.

To perform a chip simply press and hold L1 and tap circle. The best opportunities to do this are when you see the keeper come off of his line a little bit. If you are looking for an easy way to get this then luckily for you it is boostable with a 2nd controller. Just get a friend to bring the keeper out to the edge of the box and simply chip the ball over him.

Screamer! – Score From Over 30 Yards Out In A Match

There are two ways in which you can try to get this:

1) Trying to be utter fluke and just hit one from the halfway line
2) Just use a second controller

Using the first method is obviously very hard and it may take you hours to get it. This is why I recommend method 2 because it is so much easier & you will be able to get it within a couple of seconds.

Just get your partner to bring the keeper out on the 2nd controller by keep hold of triangle. Then when the keeper is almost at the halfway line press the circle button to shoot, simple!

TIP: Some players can rarely get the shot on target from that far out. I suggest using Christiano Ronaldo because he has one of the best shot accuracy stats in the game.

On The Spot – Score From A Penalty In A Match

This is very similar to the ‘hero’ trophy except this time you have to score a penalty instead of having to save one. If you ever get a penalty in a match the computer will just dive randomly so luck is involved a small bit. If you put enough power on the shot however it may still go in even if the keeper did guess right.

This is also boostable with a second controller! Just go into your friend’s penalty area and get him to foul you on purpose. Tell him to stand still and then all you have to do is plant the ball in either corner.

Like On The Training Field – Score From A Corner

I was confused with this trophy at first, unlike the description sounds you don’t actually have to score directly from a corner kick. All you have to do is cross the ball in and get any one of your players to score. I think this trophy will come over time, there is no particular way in which it will make it easier. I think it is mostly luck at where your player is at the time of the delivery into the box, a header/chest/volley all count towards this trophy.

If you want you can choose to do this with two players. Just get your partner to kick the ball out at their end so it gives you an easy corner. You will get loads more corners doing it this way and will therefore have a better opportunity to score.

NOTE: I got mine a few seconds after the corner. The defender cleared the ball straight to me when I was on the edge of the box, all I done then was press circle to shoot. I scored and the trophy pooped up, so just keep going and keep trying even if the ball gets cleared. I would suggest doing a match like MAN U vs. Accrington Stanley, the players for MAN U are too big and strong and will always out muscle the opposition when challenging for the ball.

Wing Play – Score From A Cross

Once again there is really no one set way of doing this and scoring every time. All this requires you to do is run down the wing with any one of your players and cross the ball into the area, the person who is hopefully on the end of the ball has to score straight off otherwise it wont count. If you cross a ball into the area and it bounces then this doesn’t matter, just shoot anyway and if you score you will get the trophy because this is how I got mine!

This can be done using a second controller. Just get the keeper to come out to the halfway line when you have to the ball. Try and make sure you have a fast and just run past the keeper down the line, hopefully one of your other players will be in the box before the keeper giving you enough time to pick him out and slot the ball home.

Last Gasp Goal – Score In The 89th Minute

Normally in real world football the 89th minute would really be the 88th + however much has been played. But on this game the 89th minute actually means the 89th. Therefore you are required to score in between the times of 89:00 up to 89.59. This can be tricky if you don’t have the ball when the 89th minute comes around.

There are two ways I recommend trying to get this:

1) Setting the time to maximum (20 minutes each way).

The more minutes you play each way the slower the timer is. So if you have the maximum time each way you will get more seconds within the 89th minute.

2) Boosting with a partner.

Just make sure your partner’s keeper has the ball at about the 85th minute. Get him to run out of the goal and let you tackle him. Then just simply slot the ball away making sure you are within the 89:00 – 89:59 time on the clock.

In Off – Score Off The Woodwork In A Match

There is no need to actually try and get this trophy in a specific way. It will most likely come without you expecting it to. All it requires is for you to take a shot at goal and get the ball to hit off of the post or crossbar before going in. For this platinum you will be playing hundreds of games so eventually you will get it.

What A Beauty! – Score On The Volley In A Match

This is another tricky one because there is really no way to get it every time. All I can say is to run down the wing with one of your players and cross it into the box, from then shoot normally or double tap CIRCLE. Try to get a lot of distance onto your cross so it can reach the player without it bouncing.

One Goal A Season – Score With A Defender In A Match

If you press start and go to team management you can see which of your players are defenders and they are in yellow. There are 8 possible positions for your defenders and these are: LB, LWB, RB, RWB, SW and CB. Depending on how your formation is set up you will also have the positions; RCB and LCB.

The best way to try and get this is to play with a partner. Give the ball to the opposition’s keeper and then tell your partner to bring him out. Select a defender as your primary player and tackle the keeper to take the ball form him, all you have to do now is to run up the pitch and score. Try not to shoot from far out because all of the defenders normally have low shot accuracy and you will most likely miss.

NOTE: You cannot move a defender and put him as a midfielder or striker. The game will just count the player as a midfielder/striker.

Fling Yourself At It – Score With A Diving Header In A Match

This is a hard trophy. Once again like other trophies there is no particular way to guarantee a diving header everytime. A popular way of getting a diving header is to run down the wing with one of your players, when he gets near to the end quickly hold L1 & double tap square. This should put in a hard and low cross which is the perfect height for a striker or midfielder to go for a diving header. When the ball comes near your striker double tap circle and fingers crossed he will perform a diving header.

I got this trophy by crossing a ball normally to my strikers, so there is no particular way to get this and it should come over time.

For more help with this trophy please watch this video

Good Head On Your Shoulders – Score With A Header In A Match

This is an easy trophy to obtain. Run down the wing with a striker/midfielder and cross a ball into the box. Try and keep hold of square for longer when crossing because this will ensure the ball is still high in the air when it gets into the box. Just press circle when the ball is near your striker and he should head it towards goal.

This can be done with a partner. I would recommend your partner getting the keeper to run out near to the halfway line. Now pick the ball up with your winger and try to get the ball into the box before the keeper manages to get back, your striker should end up with an empty goal to score in.

Director In The Making – Upload A Video To EA Sports™ Football World

This is one of the easiest trophies in the game. I got this trophy by playing in the arena, so here’s how I did it.

I just ran with my player towards the goal and slotted it home. Wait for the replay to come on and press square to go to instant replay. A little bar will now appear on the bottom of your screen, now press triangle to upload the video.

A few boxes will appear with empty next to them, just choose an empty slot and press x.

This can also be done whilst playing a normal match. Just press start and go down to instant relay. You should see the same box appear from the one that was in the arena, now press triangle & find an empty slot to upload your video.

The ol’ Switcheroo – Successfully Perform A Pass That Switches The Play From One Flank To The Other

This is another very very easy trophy. Just give the ball to either one of your wingers. Turn to face the opposite side of the pitch and keep hold of square to perform a long cross. If your teammate gets it without it being intercepted then this trophy should pop up. If it doesn’t work it may be because you are not kicking it far enough so all you have to do is put more power on your cross.

This can also be done with your left sided defender or right sided defender.

Sparkly Clean – Keep A Clean sSeet

All you have to do is keep a clean sheet in any game in any game mode. Keeping a clean sheet just means do not let the opposition score against you. You do not have to win the game but it does mean you need it to finish 0-0. If it finishes 0-0 just select to end the game as a draw and return to the arena.

This can be done with a partner so simply just tell him/her not to score against you on purpose.

Judas – Beat Your Favourite Team With Their Rival

All you are required to do here is beat your favourite team with their closest rivals, just like a derby match.

To see/change your favourite team go to ‘My FIFA09’ under the main menu, now go into ‘FIFA09 Profile’ and finally into ‘Profile Manager. You will now see where you can change your favourite team, this also gives you the option of changing that team’s rival. Here is a list of the more common teams and their rivals:

Arsenal vs. Spurs
Liverpool vs. Everton
Manchester United vs. Man City
Chelsea vs. Arsenal
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

The Kwong – Score A Headed Goal With The Shortest Created Player

The shortest player is not a player that is currently in a game you are playing, you need to go and create a player and set him to the smallest height. Go into the main menu and go to ‘Manage Teams’ next go into ‘Creation Zone’ and click on ‘Create Player’. Do not worry about the name because this makes no difference. Press R1 to go across into ‘Appearance’ and at the top of the list is ‘Height’. Just keep pressing left until the height gets to the smallest available which is 4’11”. Press L1 to go back to ‘Player Info’ and put the player into whatever team you desire.

Now set up a game and right before you press play match go to team management & squad. Go to the bottom to find the player you just created and put him as a striker. Now all you need to do is cross the ball to him and hope he scores with a header.

TIP: To give you a little bit more of an advantage you can choose to adjust the created players attributes. I would suggest lowering any skills he won’t need like all of the goalkeeping ones etc, I would then suggest raising his:

– Heading Accuracy
– Finishing
– Jumping
– Strength
– Reactions
– Positioning

All of these will hopefully get him to the ball quicker than the defenders and will increase his chances of getting up for a header and getting that header on target.

Provider – Perform A Cross For A Friend Who Scores From It. (Co-Op Trophy)

The only way to get this trophy is to play with a friend. Just set up any match and both choose to play on the same side. Make sure YOU pick up the ball with your winger and run down the line, when your partner is in the box cross the ball in. It doesn’t matter whether it is a high or low cross so long as it goes to your team-mate and he/she scores straightaway. Your teammate can score with a shot, volley or a header.

To make it a tiny bit easier than it already is you can play with a 3rd person but have him control the other team. Get him to bring the keeper out near the halfway line whilst you run down the wing and cross the ball in for your team-mate to score.

The Gipson Curse – Go Into An Online Match After Choosing Your Own Arena Player

For this trophy you need to change your arena player and then straight away go into an online match. To change your arena player follow these steps:

– Start at the main menu
– Go to ‘My FIFA09’
– Go on ‘Arena Player Selection’

Now you have the option to choose any player you want that is on the game. When you have done this just keep pressing circle to go back to the main menu, now go to ‘online game modes’ and start a ranked match. The trophy should pop up when you are in the arena waiting for the game to load, mine came when I was in the game.

Optimus Chung – Win A Game With Adidas Live Season Enabled

Firstly to enable live season you have to go to ‘Adidas Live Season’ in the main menu and then go on ‘League Selection’. Now choose which league you want your live season to be enabled for, you will be asked for a free trial code & you can find this on the back of your FIFA09 manual booklet.

Now go to the main menu & into ‘My Fifa09’, ‘Settings’, ‘Advanced’ and press R2 to go all the way to the end for the Adidas Live Season options. Turn all 3 headings on and head back to the main menu. All you have to do now is play a normal match or an online game & win it.

The Venhola Ice – Win A FIFA 09 Clubs Match With Your Club

Just win an online game with a FIFA09 club that you are in. You can create a club or join a club. To begin a game you have to have atleast 3 players in the dressing room with you. It can be tricky if you don’t play as a team to win so always pass and don’t be greedy.


The Poon Sang – Win With A Team Of 11 Created Players In An Unranked Online Match

For this trophy you need to create 11 new players from scratch. So, go to the main menu and into ‘Manage Teams’ then into ‘Creation Zone’ & ‘Create Player’.

The players can have whatever stats you wish and whatever names you wish. Just make sure when creating the players that you put them all into the same side. Also make sure you change the players position & role when creating him, you will need:

– 1 Goalkeeper
– 4 Defenders
– 4 Midfielders
– 2 Strikers

Once this stage is complete go back to the main menu and go into ‘Manage Teams’ and from there into ‘Team Management’. Go to the team you just put all your created players in and move them all into the first team from the reserves.

Now go into the online game modes to search for an unranked online match. All you have to do now is win the game.

TIP: I would recommend boosting this with someone online. This is because your team will be pretty rubbish and this will make it much easier to win.

Club God – Reach Legendary Status For Your Club

To obtain this trophy you need to play in the ‘Be A Pro’ game mode. There are 4 seasons in here but this trophy should unlock after finishing the 2nd season.

TIP: There is a common way that people get this trophy. All you have to do is put a decent amount of players into any team within the Australian A-League. Then you can simulate all of the games, and because your team will be made out of superstars you should win everytime.

Here is how to put players into your team:

Start at the main menu and go into ‘Manage Teams’ then go into ‘Transfers’ & ‘Club Transfers’. Now pick a team where the player you want is and select him from the player list, all you have to do now is choose a team where you want him to be moved to.

Here is a common list of players that you should put into your team:

GK – Casillas – (Real Madrid)
DEF – Javier Zanetti – (Inter Milan)
DEF – Lucio – (Bayern Munchen)
DEF – Alessandro Nesta – (AC Milan)
DEF – Phillip Lahm – (Bayern Munchen)
DEF – Carles Puyol – (Barcelona)
MID – Cristiano Ronaldo – (Manchester United)
MID – Franck Ribery – (Bayern Munchen)
MID – Kaka – (AC Milan)
ST – Zlatan Ibrahimovic – (Inter Milan)
ST – Lionel Messi – (Barcelona)

When you have done this go back to the main menu and into ‘Manage Teams’ & ‘Team Management’. Got to the team where you just put all your players in and go into squad to move them around so they all become the starting 11. Now quickly go into ‘Player Roles’ and put Christiano Ronaldo as captain.

(This captain will be need for the ‘Living legend’ trophy later on).

Now all you have to do is start a season with your team of superstars. Simulate all the games until the end of the 2nd season when you should get this.

IMPORTANT!! The ‘Living Legend’ trophy can be obtained directly after this so please see the description underneath that trophy.

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words – Upload 5 Screenshots To EA Sports™ Football World

This is just like the ‘Director in the making’ trophy where you have to upload something to EA Sports. Anytime during the match press the start button and go down to instant replay. Now press R3 to take a screenshot and put it into an empty slot. If you want you can upload the same screenshot 5 times or you can upload 5 different ones, it doesn’t matter!

1st Time Out– Win An Online League Match

For this trophy you need to be involved in an online league, you can join someone else’s league or create your own. When another person is online that is in your league just invite them to a game. Win that game and you should get your trophy.

You can boost this with someone online, just ask for boosting partners off of the forum here and you should get it no problems.

Manual Labour – Win A Match With Fully Manual Settings (No Assistance Can Be Switched On)

To find the manual settings go to the main menu and into ‘My FIFA 09’ from here go into ‘Settings’ & finally ‘Wireless Controller Settings’.

You will see a list of settings that you have to change, here is what you have to change them to:

Auto Switching: Press left on the D-pad so the white bar goes down all the way
Pass Assistance: Manual
Through Pass Assistance: Manual
Shot Assistance: Manual
Cross Assistance: Manual
Lob Pass Assistance: Manual

When you have finished doing this make sure you save these settings so they don’t go back to normal when you leave here. Now go back to the main menu and set up an exhibition match. Now all you have to do is win the game.

TIP: This can be hard because the pass and shots can go nowhere near where you want them to. So if you are having any problems just change the computers difficulty to amateur. This will allow you to just take it pass them with ease and you will be able to get closer to the goal to take a shot.

Ranked Winner – Win A Ranked Online Match

Once again this is an easy trophy. Just go into online game modes and start up an online ranked match. Simply win the first match you go into to achieve this trophy. If you don’t win first time that doesn’t matter, just keep playing matches until you win one.

If you are still having problems then check out the boosting thread for boosting partners to help you.

FIFA Fair Play –Play 5 Consecutive Matches Without Getting Any Cards (Bookings Must Be Enabled In The Settings)

This trophy is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is play 5 normal matches in a row without earning any yellow or red cards. Just try not to slide tackle at all and you should do this easily. There are two alternative tackles that will not get you a booking and they are to keep hold of circle or X

Giant Killer – Beat A Five Star Team With A Half Star Team

This again is easier than it may sound. You have to set up an exhibition match with any two teams you want, but making sure you control the team with half a star & the computers team is rated 5 stars. To make it easier for you to win, you can set the computers difficulty to amateur.

If you want you can do this with two players. Just get your partner to let you win the match.

Bend It Like A Pro– Score From A Free Kick In A Match

This can be a hard trophy depending on how good you are at free kicks and whether you know the best methods. If you are close to the edge of the box the best method would be to press L1 and keep hold of circle until 1/2 of the power bar is full. This will put plenty of power on the shot so it should fly straight into the top corner.

Here is a video on how to score a free kick

On Yer Bike! – Score With A Bicycle Kick

This was one of the hardest trophies in the game until a good method was found. This method requires you to be playing with a partner and will work almost every time. Here is the video on how to do this

A Man Down – Win A Game When Down One Man

Being a man down is referring to having 10 men on the pitch instead of the normal 11, therefore you need to get a man sent off. The best way to do this is to constantly foul with the same player until he gets a straight red or two yellow cards. The best way to get a straight red card is to foul the opposition in your penalty area when you are the last man.

You can boost this trophy with a partner. Just get him to stand still and let you foul him with the same player. Alternatively you can tell him to wait in your penalty area and then let you foul him in there.

Custom Sixty Four Winner – Win A Created Tournament That Starts With Sixty Four Teams

This is an easy trophy to obtain. All you have to do is create your own tournament and adjust the settings so there are 64 teams involved. Then win this tournament to get your trophy.

To create a tournament start in the main menu and go to ‘Game Modes’ then ‘Tournament Mode’ and ‘Create Tournament’. At the top of the page is where you can change the tournament type, I would suggest going for knockout because it is the easiest and the quickest.

Now enter these following settings:

– Number Of Teams = 64
– Auto Fill Teams = YES: You can choose no to enter your own but as long as you set the difficulty on amateur you will definitely win.*
– Tournament Name = This doesn’t really matter
– Advanced Settings = ON **

Press X to go to the next screen which is where you can decide to change any teams if you wish. You now have to pick your team who you will play as. I suggest picking a good team to make it much easier throughout the tournament. Just press triangle on any team to replace it and now choose your own, press X on the team who you want to be.

*If you have auto fill teams on you can still choose where to fill them from e.g. international & you can still choose whether you want them to be less than 2 stars or not. Auto fill saves you a lot of time!

** On advanced settings make sure you change the number of fixtures against each team to 1.

One Star Winners – Win A Tournament That Starts With Sixteen Teams, With A One Star Rated Team.

Just follow the steps above on the last trophy to set up a tournament. This time however make sure there are only 16 teams involved. Now there are only 16 teams involved it would be good to enter all of your own teams that are 1-2 stars. This will again make it easier for you whilst playing against the computer. Once again you can replace any team and put the one you want to be in, this can be someone good like Barcelona or Man U etc.

I wouldn’t try to simulate this just incase there is a fluke win and you get knocked out of the tournament.

Huge Investment – Buy A Player In Manager Mode For 50 Million Of Your Chosen Currency

For this trophy you have to start a new manager mode and buy a player for 50 million of any currency. I would suggest using dollars because the amount of money you have automatically goes up. Here is the best method for getting this trophy:

From the main menu got to ‘Game Modes’, ‘Manager Mode’ & ‘New Manager Mode’. Now choose Barcelona as your team and set the currency to dollars.

Unfortunately the Spanish transfer window is not open straight away so you will have to sim a lot of games until it opens. I found doing it with anyone else other than Barcelona was hard because most players saw a move as a step down and therefore declined my transfer offers.

Now when the transfer window is open go from the ‘Central HUB’ to ‘Transfer Central’ and into ‘Transfer Market’. Now do a detailed search making sure you change the min overall to 85. This will bring up the best players where some are over 50 million, if they aren’t do not worry because if you up the bid some will go over 50 million.

So from here just put a bid in for any player making sure you offer 50+ million, also up the players wages to give him extra reason to join your club. Sim the next game and hopefully when the transfer news comes up you bid will have been accepted. If it hasn’t then just keep bidding for other players over 50 million until one of them accepts.

Spending Spree – Buy 50 Players In Your Career In Manager Mode

I would suggest starting a whole new manager mode with Barcelona. Change the currency to dollars, this way you get a lot more money than before.

Unfortunately the transfer season is closed at this point so just keep simming all of your games until the transfer period arrives. Do not worry about whether you win or lose your games because this season is purely for this trophy.

Now go to the transfer list and put all or most of your players up for sale. Now go into the transfer market and find anyone who is below 5 million and put a bid in for them. Sim your next game and continue until you get to the offers page. Accept as many offers as you want for your players. You will also see here whether your bid for a player has been successful. Just keep doing this and keep putting bids in for players until the transfer window closes.

Now once again keep simming all of your games until the transfer window comes back around. Now follow the same steps above for buying and selling players. This took me about 3-4 seasons to eventually buy 50 players. It is not hard but may just take a while.

The Peterson – Play For Over Fifty Hours

This is the most time consuming trophy in the whole game. As the description says you have to play for over 50 hour’s total. You rack up minutes by playing offline in manager mode/be a pro mode and normal exhibition matches etc. You also rack up minutes by playing against people online. I would suggest not to concentrate on this as you go through the game and leave it until the end. This is because you will get minutes when going for other trophies.

Eventually this will be one of the last trophies you need. So just go to ‘Kick-Off’ from the main menu and go to ‘Be A Pro Match’. Before you go into the match change the game settings to 20 minute halfs.

Because you are in be a pro mode you are only controlling one player, this means the computer will play by themselves whether you get involved or not. All you have to press X for is to begin the second half after the 1st half has finished.

This way is easiest but can be quite boring & eventually it will come.

Frequent Flyer – Win In Every Stadium
For this trophy you have to set up and win a match in each of the 49 stadiums in the game. To set up a game go to the main menu and into ‘Kick-Off’ from there go to ‘Exhibition Match’. Now pick your side and what team you want the computer to be.IMPORTANT: Before pressing X on play match, go down to ‘Game Settings’. From here go down to ‘Stadium’ now press left or right to choose the stadium you want to play in.Here is a list of all the stadiums available:

Allianz Arena
Aloha Park
Camp Nou
Crown Lane
El Bombastico
El Medio
El Reducto
Emirates Stadium
Estadio Azteca
Estadio De Las Artes
Estadio Del Pueblo
Estadio Latino
Estadio Mestalla
Estasio Vincente Calderon
Euro Arena
Euro Park
Football Ground
FIWC Stadium – This stadium is commonly missed
HSH Nordbank Arena
Ivy Lane
Millenium Stadium
O Dromo
Old Trafford
Olimpico Generico
Parc Des Princes
San Siro
Signal Iduna Park
Square Ground
St James’ Park
Stade Gerland
Stade Kokoto
Stade Municipal
Stade Velodrome
Stadio Classico
Stadio Delle Alpi
Stadio Olimpico
Stadion 23. Maj
Stadion Europa
Stadion Hanguk
Stadion Neder
Stadion Olympik
Stamford Bridge
Town Park
Veltins Arena
Wembley Stadium

I suggest copying this list and printing it out. You can then cross each one out as you win in the stadium.

Jonzo’s Lounge – Score 2500 Points And Win 5 Badges In A Single Lounge Mode Match

I’m not really sure what this mode is about but this is an easy trophy to get. To enter a lounge mode you have to go into ‘Game Modes’ from the main menu and then enter ‘Lounge Mode’.

When playing a game you have to achieve certain tasks to get points towards your 2500 total. Here is a list of tasks that you will need to do:

Lighting Foot – Score in the first 5 minutes
Lead By Example – The captain is the leading goal scorer
Hat Trick Hero – Score a Hat-Trick
Free Kick King – Score by a Free Kick
Distance Master – Score from 30+ meters
The Clean One – Commit No fouls & Get No Bookings
Stamina King – Keep the starting 11 on for at least 85 Minutes
I Like Boxes – Only score inside the 18-yard box
Patient Monkey – Scoring in the 89th+ minute
Corner Saviour – Score from a corner kick

I think you have to get about 6 of these badges to get 2500. You also have to make sure you do this in your very first match. If you don’t manage this then you will have to quit to the main menu and enter lounge mode again.

TIP: I managed to boost this by myself. All I done was enter a game with a second controller turned on and put it down. Now all I had to do was go and score as many goals as I could with my captain. You can also bring the keeper out with the second controller to help you get the 30+ yards badge.

The trophy should pop up when you are back in the lounge.

Duo-Hedgeidecimal – Enter A Match With 20 People In A FIFA 09 Clubs Match

This is notoriously known as the hardest trophy in FIFA09. For this trophy you have to be involved in a club with atleast 10 people in. Now all 10 of you have to go into the dressing at the same time and search for a match.

To get to the dressing room start in the main menu and go into ‘Online Game Modes’ then into the other ‘Online Game Modes’ enter ‘FIFA09 Clubs’ and finally ‘Dressing Room’.

Make sure you have 10 with you before you search for your game. You will find another team online with more people in their club. The club you join has to have 10 people in aswell, if it doesn’t have 10 then quit back to the lobby straight away. You will have to keep doing this loads and loads of times until the other team has 10 people in.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! When you finally have two teams of 10 you will go into an area where you can pick a position you want to play in. EVERYONE has to pick a position, even the people on the other team. Make sure NO-ONE chooses ‘ANY’. If one person chooses any you will not earn the trophy.

If everything was done right and everyone picked a position then the trophy will pop up just as you go into the game.

TIP: When I achieved this trophy we had two teams of 10. I don’t know if this following method works on a regular basis but it can’t hurt to try it. We designated two people (one from each team) to talk over msn and press X at the same time to search for a game. We hoped it would kind of sync it so we would enter a match against each other. This worked on about the 5th time trying.

Living Legend – Reach Legendary Status For Your Country

This trophy can be achieved directly after the ‘Club God’ trophy so please see the description underneath there before going for this one.

So you should of achieved the ‘Club God’ trophy after the second season in your be a pro mode. You have two more seasons to go until you will acquire the ‘Living Legend’ trophy.

At the end of the 4 seasons there is a Be-A-Pro world cup. You have to win this cup to get this trophy. I would strongly suggest you play these matches just incase you lose if you sim one. At the end of the cup you should get your trophy.

NOTE: Remember you have to be a player that is captain of their national team so stick with Christiano Ronaldo.

Real World Winner – Win 5 Interactive League Matches

This is not as simple as it sounds. This trophy is glitchy as hell which makes it one of the hardest to obtain in the game.

To enter an interactive league match start off in the main menu and go to ‘Online Game Modes’ from there go in ‘Online Game Modes’ & finally ‘Interactive Leagues’. Now pick what league you want to play a match in and pick what team you want to play as.

The problem when going into a game is that it doesn’t always count the game as an interactive league match, here is how you can tell whether it is proper or not:

– When you are in the game and you have the ball press the start button. Look at the bottom of the main menu and if it says ‘quit to the arena’ this is NOT an interactive league match.

– Set up another game choose who you want to be and go into a match. Press start again and look at the bottom of the menu. This time if it says ‘Quit To The Interactive League Community’ then this match is a proper interactive league game and will count towards your 5 if you win it. Keep on doing this method until you get 5 wins and hopefully get the trophy.

– I have found a pattern that shows if you quit a game the next one you play is normally a proper interactive league game.

If you do not get the trophy after 5 wins you will have to keep doing this until the trophy pops up.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE!! This trophy is now unnatainable due to EA taking the interactve league servers offline. They have done this because the football season has finished and is therefore no more games to be played. I am not sure whether they will come back up when the new season starts so we will have to wait and see.

Huge Return – Sell A Player In Manager Mode For 50 Million Of Your Chosen Currency
Start a new manager mode and pick Manchester United as your Team. Change your currency to dollars because you get much more money doing this.Once you have finished doing this and picking your sponsorship contract you should be in the central hub. Press triangle to open the menu and now go into ‘Transfer Central’ & finally ‘Transfer List’.Scroll down your list until you get to Christiano Ronaldo, select him and put him up for sale. Now go all the way back to the central hub and sim the game you are on. When the simming has finished you should get an offer from a club for Ronaldo, make sure the bid is over 50 million and accept it. The trophy should now unlock.

The Purist – Complete A Manager Mode Season Without Simming Any Games

For this trophy you have to start a new season and play all games including any cup games you may have. Please note you CANNOT sim any games.

I suggest starting a manager mode in the Australian A-League because it only has 24 games in total. Set each game to 4 minute halfs and you could get this finished in no time.

Football Legend – Unlock All Other Trophies (Excluding Additional Content Trophies)

Simply unlock all other trophies within FIFA09 to get this trophy. You DO NOT need the DLC for the platinum.

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