In Destroy All Humans (2020 PS4 Remake) all Missions have Optional Objectives. This guide shows how to complete all Optional Objectives unlocks The Mandatory Option trophy or achievement.

Nothing is missable, you can still do this after the story by replaying missions (in your Mothership click on Archives – Holopox Deck).

All optional objectives will be displayed during the missions. Instead of golden markers they have blue markers and are shown on the left side of the screen.

Mission 1: Destination Earth

Drown a cow in the lake

When prompted to use PK to kill the cows, grab one and throw it into the water nearby.

Kill the Farmer’s Wife using Chicken

The Farmer’s Wife is the woman that is standing near one of the police officers that you are prompted to kill. Grab a chicken from nearby, then throw it at her to kill her. If you are doing this before having upgraded PK powers it will likely take two hits to kill her, but you can just grab the same chicken and throw it again even if it’s dead from the first throw.

Mission 2: Earth Women are Delicious

Escort Miss Rockwell disguised as the Mayor

Hide behind the nearby food stand, then Holobob off the mayor standing on the podium. Then you can follow the mission objective to escort Miss Rockwell

Destroy buildings with the Abduct-O-Beam

When prompted to destroy the fair, use the Abduct-O-Beam to grab vehicles and throw them at 3 buildings.

Mission 3: Citizen Crypto

Kill a scientist using an explosive cow

The cows that it prompts you to scan right at the start of the mission are radioactive and explode when thrown using PK. When prompted to kill scientists and destroy radioactive substances, grab one of the cows and take it over the fence with you, then throw it at a scientist.

Scan humans at the Gathering

When sneaking into the Mayor’s gathering using a disguise, make sure to scan the thoughts of at least 3 humans using Triangle who are in front of the mayor’s podium, before you go back and Holobob the mayor

Mission 4: Alien Pool Party

Drown Party-goers

When prompted to kill humans at the pool party, throw 5 of them into the pools to kill them

Destroy Police cars

When given the Disintegrator Ray and prompted to use it on enemies, make sure to destroy 5 police cars in the area before killing the required number of enemies with it

Mission 5: Televisions of Doom

Destroy the car using explosives

While chasing the car right at the start of the mission, don’t shoot the car right away. Watch along the sides of the path for explosive barrels or cylinders. Grab then with PK and throw them at the car to destroy it. This should take two direct hits

Drown Sleepy Ernst in the ocean

When prompted to kill Sleepy Ernst and destroy his car, first grab him using PK and take him and throw him into the ocean nearby.

Don’t touch the ground

When your objective is to bend the antenna, you will need to do so without touching the ground. This isn’t difficult at all to do, just make sure to use your jump pack to go between each rooftop in the area.

Mission 6: Aliens Stole my Brain Stem

Use the Anal Probe on humans

Right at the start of the mission, you are given access to the Anal Probe. Use this on 8 humans in the area while collecting brain stems, before you collect all the overloaded DNA required to progress the mission.

Mission 7: This Island Suburbia

Destroy Army assets

When you are in your saucer and the objective is to destroy the Ice Cream Vans, you first want to destroy the army vehicles and launchers that will have red dots on your minimap.  You aren’t required to destroy all of them on the map, just enough to fill up the objective bar.

Mission 8: Teenage Zombies from Outer Space

Kill Agent with a Cop

While the film is playing, you will be tasked with guarding the projector from incoming enemies. It will spawn waves of Police as well as Agents, and for this and the below objective, you need to kill one using this other. This can be done by grabbing one with PK, then tossing them at the other repeatedly to kill them.

Kill Cop with an Agent

Same as above, but killing in the opposite way.

Mission 9: South by Southwest

Destroy a car using a human

Right when you start the mission, your objective is to Kill Humans and Destroy Vehicles. Right away you want to start by weakening a car using your Zap-o-Matic, then when it is almost destroyed grab a human using PK and throw it at the car to blow it up.

Kill Agents with Ion Detonator

The Ion Detonator is the weapon you are given at the start of the mission that shoots the large remote explosives. After the prior objective where you kill Humans and destroy cars, you will need to do $20,000 worth of damage to Majestic property. While doing this make sure you kill at least 5 Agents using the Ion Detonator. This objective doesn’t go away until you get into your Saucer after doing the damage, so you can still work on it if you need to if you do the damage before managing to kill 5 Agents with the Ion Detonator.

Destroy a building with a Majestic Agent

While in your saucer, you are tasked with killing Agents and destroying more Majestic Assets that are marked as objectives. While doing this, grab one of the Majestic Agents using your Abduct-O-Ray, then throw them at the silver trailer to destroy it instead of using your other weapons. This should take two throws, and counts even if the Agent has already died from the first throw.

Mission 10: Foreign Correspondent

Get all hints from the Crackpot

At the start of the mission, you are tasked with following a human as he says he can help you find your target. While doing so, brain scan him 5 times with :tr: to get hints from him about how to get in.

Reach Bert Wither undetected

You are now tasked with getting in the TV station to get to Bert Wither. The easiest way to do this is to Holobob the nearby Cook marked on the map, as he is allowed into the entire area where you need to go.  Just make sure to watch the EMP mines and continually refresh your Holobob length by scanning thoughts as you go. You can explode the EMP mines while in Holobob form and you won’t be detected at all as well.

Kill several soldiers using explosives

Your next task is to deliver Burt Wither back to your saucer. On your way out there will be many soldiers and agents that will attack you if you are spotted (and for this you want to be spotted). Use any nearby explosive items or your Ion Detonator to kill at least 10 soldiers for this objective.

Mission 11: Suburbs of the Damned

Kill Soldiers using explosive barrels

This mission requires you to defend the broadcast station from attacking soldiers. Around the area, you can find explosive barrels to toss at the soldiers. For this objective, you need to kill 5 total through the first defense period. This is most easily done right when the mission starts, as the soldiers coming in are all bunched up so you can take out a large number with a single barrel throw.

Kill Soldiers using rockets

During the second defense period, there will be tanks that roll in to attack, along with more soldiers using rocket launchers. for this objective you need to grab rockets as they are shot at you, then throw them at enemies to kill them. The rockets move slow so you have quite a bit of time to grab them before they hit you.  Kill 2 soldiers using rockets to complete this objective.

Kill Soldiers using grenades

During the third defense period, there will be two large robots that start out right in front of you and are going to attack the transmission towers. Deal with them, and while you are doing so watch for soldiers throwing grenades at you (the robots will also shoot out grenades onto the ground in front of them). When they do there will be a large orange circle on the ground showing the explosive area of them, and during this, you need to grab them with PK. After grabbing them throw them at 2 soldiers to kill them and complete this objective.

Mission 12: Whatever Happened to Crypto 136

Extract some human brains

After collecting the 6 pieces of Furon tech, you will need to scan the minds of people inside the base. Before doing that, suck the brains out of 13 people around the area.

Kill a bunch of humans

After destroying the items in the lab you will be tasked with returning to your saucer. On the way back, make sure to just kill a bunch of people to complete the objective.

Mission 13: The Mutant Menace

Reach the lab without being detected

At the start of the mission, you are attempting to sneak into the Majestics lab. For this objective, you need to do it without being spotted by any enemies on the way in. The easiest way is to Holobob the worker directly in front of where you start, then make your way in avoiding the EMP areas shown on your minimap so that you can keep the Holobob up the entire time.   In the main base area go around it counter-clockwise to the entrance you need to go through. You will know you have failed the objective if it goes red, at which time you can restart the mission to try again.

Trash the lab

Once you go through the elevator and are in the underground lab, your main objective is to kill the mutant human. Around this area, there are 5 total terminals that you can blow up.  Destroy all 5 before going back in the elevator to complete this objective.

Destroy buildings using Sonic Boom

When you get back in your saucer, your main objective is to destroy the buildings in the area. For this optional objective, you just need to make sure to destroy 6 of them using your Sonic Boom weapon instead of the Death Ray.

Mission 13.5: The Wrong Stuff

Drop a crate onto a scientist

The scientist to the North-West is walking back and forth underneath a large crate held up by a crane. For this objective, you need to activate the panel on the side fo the crane at the same time he walks underneath and have it fall and kill him.

Lure a scientist into a minefield

The scientist to the west is standing in an area with a bunch of mines on the ground. To complete this objective use your :right: FOLLOW command, then lead him over top of one of the mines on the ground. (The voice lines say they’re the boxes, but it’s the cylinders with the red tips that are actually the mines).

Cause a BBQ accident

The scientist to the East is using a barbeque. For this objective you just need to interact with the gas tank right beside him, causing it to explode and kill him.

Mission 14: Duck and Cover

Kill soldiers using cows

While escorting the nuclear device, you will reach a point where the road is blocked by the radioactive cows you’ve dealt with before. Grab the cows using PK and throw them and kill 3 soldiers. You will want to stand in front of the truck while moving cows, otherwise it just drives straight into them and blows up instantly.

Kill soldiers using rocks

Down the road a bit more there will be a number of large rocks blocking the path. Grab these with PK to move them out of the way, and throw them at the soldiers that come down the road, making sure to kill at least 3.

Kill soldiers using landmines

Just after the rocks, the truck will stop because there are a number of landmines on the road. Make sure to stand in front of the truck again to stop it just driving right through them, and while doing that grab the landmines with PK and kill 3 soldiers with them.  If you are lucky the group of soldiers might even walk into the landmines themselves which also counts.

Kill soldiers using rockets

Once you reach the airfield and activate the nuclear bomb, you need to defend it from waves of soldiers for a period of time. During this period, you need to catch rockets shot at you and then throw them back at soldiers, killing at least 3. The soldiers carrying the rockets take a bit to show up, and come out of one of the hangers.

Mission 15: It’s a Wonderful Armageddon

Destroy a gun turret

When you reach the first marked location in the mission, you will be tasked with protecting a drone. During this, destroy the nearby military gun turret to complete this optional objective.

Destroy a SAM launcher

After the first scan, you will move to a nearby location for the second one.  At the North-East corner of the plaza area will be a SAM turret that you need to destroy for this objective. If it was destroyed during the prior scan, you can die or let the drone be destroyed and it will restart you at the start of the second scan, but with the turret respawned.

Destroy military defense structures

After getting back in your saucer, you are tasked with destroying Santa Modesta. Before starting to work on the buildings and structures for the main objective, go around and destroy 10 of the turrets placed around on the ground.

Mission 16: Furon Down!

Take on a human disguise

Right from the start of the mission, you will be locked in a cage and need to get out. Take the scientist in front as a disguise, then get yourself out of the cage. From there, move behind the panel so the scientist won’t be able to see you, then repeatedly Holobob the two agents in the door to complete the optional objective before proceeding.

Drown Majestic agents

After reaching your Saucer and dropping it from the crane, you need to get power cells from around the area. Now you can drop your disguise because you need to jetpack around, and while grabbing the power cells you need to toss 6 Majestic agents into the water.

Mission 17: Mr. Crypto Goes to Capitol City

Reach the Octagon undetected

Right from the start, make sure you get into Holobob disguise and then never break it. You can use any human at the start, just make sure you stay out of EMP zones and don’t go into the restricted area if you don’t have a military or agent disguise.  You’ll go to the Whitehouse area, then tail a scientist. After grabbing the scientist for Holobob, be sure to actually correctly command the gate guard to open the gate, and not accidentally trigger anything behind them. After that, it’s pretty straight into the Octagon area. Remember you can blow up the EMP mines and it won’t trigger alarms. When you get to the gate guard, use the password “Blue Rider”.  When the objective is to reach the vantage point, you can turn off Holobob and fly up to the rooftop as long as you are close to the destroyed building.

Kill Soldiers using explosives

After spying on the General, you will need to return to your ship. You can not worry about disguise now, you just need to get back there. On the way, be sure to kill 5 Soldiers using explosives for this optional objective. Using the Ion Detonator is the easiest way to do it.  On the bridge you came across there are the most soldiers so easiest to do it before crossing there.

Mission 18: Armquist vs. the Furons

Sabotage Majestic listening posts

At the start of the mission, get yourself onto the rooftop across the way, and stay on the rooftops. After moving forward a bit you’ll be told about listening antennas that have been placed around the area, which there are 5 of that you need to destroy for this objective. Stay on the rooftops following the car, and all of the antennas will be basically in your way. Just watch for the larger icon on the minimap that shows their locations.

Collect ammo spawning during the fight

During the fight with robot Armquist, you need to collect Ion Detonator ammo 6 times. This is done by using :sq: to transmogrify the items that are scattered around the area, then hoping it gives you Ion Detonator ammo instead of Disintegrator Ray ammo.

Mission 19: The Lone Gunman

Don’t alert the police

From the start of the mission, your objective is to reach the president’s motorcade, and optionally do it without alerting the police. You can start out jumping across the rooftops fo the buildings to the other side of the area, thenHolobob one of the nearby humans to start following the motorcade. From here you can just walk along beside it, making sure to refresh your disguise when needed, and don’t walk too close as the area around the cars is an EMP zone and will drain your disguise much quicker. If you can get in a soldier for the duration you can then just walk into the restricted area at the end as well.

Drown soldiers

When you reach the final area, you will be ambushed by enemies. While dealing with them, be sure to throw 6 soldiers in the water before killing the other marked enemies to finish the objective.

Kill the President with an explosive

After the ambush, you will need to go over to a press conference to kill the president. Behind him you can see an explosive box, the easiest way to finish this is to just blow up that box, instantly completing the objective.

Mission 20: The Furon Filibuster

Collect senatorial craniums

At the start of the mission, your goal is to kill the senators before they can get in and vote. While doing so, make sure to collect the brains from them when you kill them. The easiest way to do that is to just make sure you kill them using either the probe or the extract power. Don’t worry that there are more craniums needed than the first objective, as there is another group you need to deal with after the first one.

Kill senators using explosives

After the first two groups, you will be tasked with stopping more senators from reaching the building while you stand in front. The optional objective here is to kill 10 of them with explosives. Like before, the easiest way to go about this is just shooting them with your Ion Detonator.

Mission 21: Shocking Developments

Electrocute Scientists with tesla coils

The objective for this mission is to take out 6 tesla coils spread around the area. For the 4 that are on the ground, there will be two scientists hanging around them. What you need to do for these is before destroying the coils, grab the scientists using PK, and move them close to the coils to activate them, which will kill the scientist. Make sure that you kill 3 before destroying all 4 coils on ground level.

Kill Tesla Coil Inventors

After destroying the first 6 coils, you will be tasked with getting back in your saucer and using it to destroy tesla coils. During this, you also need to kill 3 specific humans that are the Tesla Coil inventors.  These will be marked on your minimap with the blue icon (and even have it shown above their head on the ground to help you out). Just make sure to kill all 3 of these humans before destroying the 5 remaining coils.

Mission 22: Attack of the 50-Foot President!

Hit the weak spot on Robo-Prez’ chest

Once you are in your saucer and the fight starts, get in front of the robot and just aim your beam right at the glowing spot on its chest. Shoot it for a short period to complete this objective. You do have the entire duration of this fight to do this objective, so if you don’t get it right away don’t be worried too much about it.

Shoot Silhouette out of the air

After your fight with Robo-Prez, you then have to fight Silhouette on foot. During the fight, she will sometimes jump into the air. When she does, you need to start shooting her with your Disintegrator Ray to knock her to the ground.

That’s all of the missions and their optional objectives in Destroy All Humans. You should now earn The Mandatory Option trophy or achievement if you did all of them. If you missed something, replay it via the Holopox Deck in the Mothership’s Archive section.

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